I wasn't going to post today but...

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... its my Dad's birthday. He shuffled off this mortal coil when I was 12. In the few years I got to know him he was sickly. Nevertheless, he was a knight. Fighting the fight and yet maintaining courage and dignity throughout with gentle humor.

His stories are what I remember most. Fantabulous tales that he would spin from his sick-bed. My cousins and I would be totally engrossed with the wonder of the worlds he could create. The only man I knew who could send chills through the veins on a sunny afternoon and with the next story weave a tapestry of magic that embraced you with the longing for a lost love.

I raise a toast to Harold Carlos Nunis. I am honored to be your son. Happy Birthday, Dad.

5 Responses to “I wasn't going to post today but...”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    ah, maybe that's when all the storytelling began. Great blog, looking forward to more little glimpses into the lecmarbrain--maybe some of these posts will bloom into a full-on stage production--maybe some of them will just allow a steam vent.
    Whichever and whatever--congrats on the new space and best as always--fellowHammerFan

  2. Anonymous FellowHammerFan 

    ok, this is my first ever (second ever..counting the above...just figuring out how it works...llucky you getting to experience my poking around...now to see if i can be something other than annon---signed(in case this doesnt work i'll sign here)

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Just sign up for a blogger account... its free!

  4. Blogger Lelly 

    Uncle Harold sounds like a he was wonderful man...wish I'd been one of the cousins listening to his stories! Never really knew any of our uncles well, but have very fond memories of our aunts Theo and Rosie (who sadly died last month) Your auntie Cissy (Ma to me!) returned yesterday from a 5 week visit with Theo to:Singapore (for Rosie's funeral) India (her first visit to see our aunt Margie - the nun) and KL for cousin Anna's sons wedding. She's 75 and as spritely as ever...unlike poor dad, who i don't think she's that chuffed to return home to (not that she'd ever say so, of course!)
    Hope THIS response works, did write quite a witty rejoinder (well I thought so anyway!)to your rant regarding suicidal squirrels and roof rats(?) - whatever they are! - but managed to lose it in the ether somehow!
    Cheers serani-boy!

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Hey UKcuz,
    Good that you found the blog. Sorry to hear about Aunty Rosie... I'll let Mum know.

    Will chat soon!

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