HNT # 12 - the quick and crappy

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OMG... what is this????

It may not be what you think it is... read on...
(Yeah, I'm up early.)

As per request from my cousin, lelly, who also participates in HNT... here is a quick and crappy HNT post. "..can't you do a crap, last minute effort for a change? ;-)" (Believe me, this was a challenge for me.) So, this week there is no music, no witty ditty, no long winded story, no big extravaganza production number with multiple pictures. (For those... go to my previous HNT posts in my sidebar.) Just a simple post on Stan and Sam. (OK... so I got a little creative... I need help, I know!) And the picture above are my heels you sicko gutter minds!

Happy HNT!
If you are confused what this is all about... go to the nifty button on the sidebar.

EDIT: If you missed Flip, Pick & Riff... click here to read how creative some of our HNT folk can get!

94 Responses to “HNT # 12 - the quick and crappy”

  1. Blogger Flygirl 

    You *did* have me guessing... Kinda liked trying to figure it out. I resisted the urge to flip my laptop upside down. :)

  2. Blogger Femi-mommy 

    =) ok i knew it wouldn't be an ass... but i was lost fromt here.

    i used to draw smiley faces on my toes when i was bored in school... ok i've doneit in staff meetings too...

  3. Blogger Ristak 

    Oh my! I was scurrrd for a second there! Hehe

    Happy HNT

  4. Blogger Tracey 

    Hahaha! I certainly would have never guessed it was your heels!

    Happy HNT!

  5. Blogger Just Some Gal 

    I must have a really perverted mind because I wasn't thinking heels...haha

    Happy HNT You creative man!!

  6. Blogger ballin 

    happy hnt

  7. Blogger BTExpress 

    Like femi-mommy, I knew it was your heels. Happy HNT!

  8. Blogger ~*Stephanie*~ 

    LOL well I didn't know yep I am a dork ....Happy HNT!!

  9. Blogger Spinning Girl 


  10. Blogger N@rcissus 

    Very fun! Happy HNT!

  11. Blogger kimmyk 

    I was a bit worried there for a minute.
    Very funny!

    Happy HNT!

  12. Blogger Monica 


  13. Blogger Mz. Naughty 

    uH.. Im not blonde but wtf was the first one.. lol..I actually like the feet thing..
    Happy HNT!!

  14. Blogger Lee Ann 

    OMG! haha, very good! Happy HNT!

  15. Blogger Ariella 

    whoa, dude, you must not be cruel to the HNTers...
    Happy HNT you crazy monkey, and btw, thanks for the "Flip, Pick, Riff" Prize, been savoring it!
    Happy HNT

  16. Blogger addict 

    Wow! It was fun leaving it to my imagination!!! Then I scrolled down :)

  17. Blogger MamaKBear 

    LOL I think it's great!
    Happy HNT!

  18. Blogger bsoholic 

    LMAO! That's brilliant!!!

    Happy HNT!

  19. Blogger gorgeous.insomniac 

    Not crappy, creative! We all need to look at ourselves from other angles sometimes!

    Happy HNT!

  20. Blogger Jessica 

    happy hnt!!

  21. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    Creative ... it looks like a wrinkled set of ... heels (after you read the post.) HHNT

  22. Blogger Stephanie 

    ahhh look at the eyes! awesome!! very impressed. great post.

  23. Blogger Rose-Colored Beer Goggles 

    Man, that wasn't what I thought it was! Nicely done :o) Cheers!

  24. Blogger CheekyMoo 

    I love your HNT. You always make me laugh. I hope you have a great day.

  25. Blogger * ! Libraaaa ! * 

    lmao! oh my im a perv...happy HNT!

  26. Blogger Chelle 

    LOL THAT was cool!! I was thinking WTF there for a second...LOL

    Happy HNT!!! ;)

  27. Blogger The Funky Bee 

    thank god that wasn't what I thought it was but very clever as usual Lecram! Nicely done. Happy HNT!

  28. Blogger Maverick 

    Hee hee! Love that!

    Happy HNT!


    Spitting in a Wishing Well

  29. Blogger Sasha 

    oh! for a while there i thought... dirty little me. :)

  30. Anonymous Furzl 

    lmao . brilliant

    happy HNT

  31. Blogger Tish 

    Cute! Happy HNT! :)

  32. Blogger goobergirl 

    omfg i DO have a gutter mind lol. Good job! Happy HNT!

  33. Blogger ty bluesmith 


  34. Blogger Jillian 

    Very creative, Ya had me going!
    Happy HNT!

  35. Blogger lime 

    i love it! even your crap effort is genius! happy HNT!

  36. Anonymous Anonymous 

    What a little trickster you are! I love it and welcome back! Happy HNT!

  37. Blogger David 

    you kill me... lol.. Happy HNT!

  38. Blogger Lelly 

    Nope, sorry cuz...that aint a crap HNT, its witty and usual! You MUST try harder! :-)
    Happy HNT...good to have you back!

  39. Blogger aughra 

    very nice. There are some fetishists out there who would like those feet better than the prospect of a butt!

  40. Blogger Red 


  41. Blogger muse-in-training 

    Thanks for the chuckle!

    Happy HNT!

  42. Blogger MG 

    LOVE it , as usual...have a great HNT

  43. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    lmao! i love it happy hnt :)

  44. Blogger lo sciocco 

    TOOOOOOO funny!
    I love it.
    Happy HNT!

  45. Blogger SignGurl 

    Creative, but I wasn't thinking butt either. *giggles*

  46. Blogger daisyduke 

    you're right!
    it SO wasn't what I thought it may be!


  47. Blogger Wirthy 

    Very sneeky!

    Happy HNT!

  48. Blogger Queen of Ass 

    Heh! Very cool!

    Happy HNT!

  49. Blogger FRITZ 

    Ahhhhh! That's almost as scary as the Halloween HNT! When are you going to build me a monster?

  50. Blogger Jenny 

    Lecram, you don't need to go all out all the time! I thought this weeks was great! I almost spit my McDonald's hash brown all over the place when I saw the first pic!

    Happy HNT :)

  51. Blogger Binsk 

    Very nice! You tricky guy you.

    You should hook up with Clara cause she does a meen footgina.

  52. Blogger TequilaGirl 

    LOL! You had me thinking yes... maybe... nooooo! Hehe!

    Happy HNT!

  53. Blogger halo 

    Consider me fooled. LOL happy HNT!

  54. Blogger NicoleC 

    Yep. You got me!
    Happy HNT!

  55. Blogger snavy 

    OMG!! You totally rock!! Cheers to you and welcome back!!

    Happy HNT!!

  56. Blogger awaterpixie 

    Had me going for a minute. Happy HNT

  57. Blogger Naughty K 

    Cute..very cute.
    Happy HNT

  58. Blogger B.O.B.I. 

    Oh, sir, you've gotten us but good! Simply splendid.

    You, too, have a happy HNT!

  59. Blogger Aisha T. 

    LOL....that was so sweet! Loved the pic (and the moment of HEEEEELLLLLOOOOO!)

  60. Blogger Blither 

    Whoa.. Very Very Tricky Mister! Had me wondering .. "Well.. How did he take that picture.. Mirrors or an Assitant?" Sneeky Pete!

    Gotta give you a 10 for creativity!


  61. Blogger cmhl 

    haha! you are so clever!

  62. Blogger clara* 

    hey!! what should we call that? feetanus? feetrectum? feettock?

    i'm sorry these aren't as catchy as feetgina. i must be off my game. happy hnt!

  63. Blogger The Village Idiot 

    Heels...yeah Heels is what i guessed the first time!

    Crazy Idea I like it

    Happy HNT form your friendly Neighborhood Idiot Gone TO Pieces!

  64. Blogger ~Lil Nance ;> 

    By far the most creative, fantastic HNT I have seen all day!!

    Happy HNT!!!

  65. Blogger Chuck 

    LOL that's damn funny!

  66. Blogger Ms Bees Knees 

    good GAWD man! i though for sure you were showing us some ass. LOL! that was fab.

  67. Blogger Tammy 

    Very creative!!

    Happy HNT!

  68. Blogger Freiya 

    hey, thats good :) i thought it was something else too!
    happy hnt!

  69. Blogger shay v. 

    You totally got me. I would have sworn those were testicles! Good one!

  70. Blogger Scott & Julia 

    Yay, Lecram is back! Woohoo! And you don't pull off crappy too well! Happy HNT!

  71. Blogger Mama Duck 

    Those are some truly happy feet, my friend!

  72. Blogger MacManus 

    I thought it was your elbow ;) I'm guessing you sat there and made them talk to each other for a good while after taking that picture didn't you ;)

    "hello mister foot"

    "Why hi there Mrs foot, hows your day going?"


  73. Blogger me 

    That's great. I totally had that pegged as something dirty at first. Happy HNT!

  74. Blogger Miriam 

    YAY! You have feet up too! :)

  75. Blogger gigi 

    Happy HNT!

  76. Blogger Robyn 

    hehe not what I would have guessed, I'm a bit of a perv tho lol =) Happy HNT!

  77. Blogger JDHaze 

    Happy HNT!

  78. Blogger Dirk the Feeble 

    Best. HNT. Ever.

  79. Blogger Amy 


    Love it! Happy HNT

  80. Blogger Networkchic 

    I was thinking...that's one wrinkled butt...glad it was your heel instead.

  81. Blogger Miladysa 

    LOL! Ab fab!!! Happy HNT :)

  82. Blogger Chris 

    Love it! LOL1
    Happy HNT!

  83. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This was fun!


  84. Blogger Randi 

    Tricky! Didn't know WHAT I was in for! haha. Happy HNT.

  85. Blogger I 

    too cute, too creative! loving it! :)

  86. Blogger FunkyB 

    Well, you fooled me. Damn, I'm a dirty mind. Damn damn damn.
    Happy HNT.

  87. Blogger KellyKline 

    OMG, I SO thought that was a nutsack.

  88. Blogger Chickie 

    Very creative. I am a much bigger pervert than I thought. Happy HNT!

  89. Blogger robmcj 

    disgustingly funny, brilliant

  90. Blogger Schadeboy 

    Gotta admit, at first I did think, with horror mind you, that I was unexpectedly looking at a man's butt.

    I don't like looking at men's butts. I don't even like looking at my own butt.

    So imagine my extreme relief when I realized I was looking at your ankles!

    Thanks for the laugh, and happy HNT!

  91. Blogger DrM2B 

    teehee...had me for a minute :)

  92. Blogger Jodes 

    mee too

  93. Blogger Jaxe 

    I actually thought it was two hamsters spooning ;-) HA! ok ok, you got me. Happy hnt Lecram!!!!

  94. Blogger Dionysus 

    Crack me up! happy belated HNT =D

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