Half-Nekkid Thursday # 14 - Coat from Tibet

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Damn, blogger was slow tonight! Anyway, it's time for HNT!

The temps are dropping and it's time to pull out my favorite overcoat for the season - my Tibetan Trench. Not sure if they call it that in Tibet... I do though.

This full length wonder is made out of thick tight weave cotton. (yes, it does come in wool as well) I bought it last year from the "Tibet Shop" in San Francisco mainly because:

a.) I figured the Tibetans know a little something about keeping out the cold.
b.) I thought it was really cool!

jedi Posted by Picasa

Oh, and the cool part... a scarf is built into the collar. So, you can wrap it around the neck... or pull it up over your head and go totally Jedi. And even cooler than cool... it only cost $55 ($109 for the wool one.) Sure, I look scary in it... but when don't I? (Oh, I may return with an extravaganza next week.)

For more on this HNT madness visit the Emperor with half his clothes by clicking the nifty button in the sidebar.


86 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday # 14 - Coat from Tibet”

  1. Blogger Boobabe 

    Hmmmmm....I think you look mysterious. I like a mystery.

    Happy HNT!!

  2. Blogger Tammy 

    Looks so very warm.

    Happy HNT!

  3. Blogger Wenchy 

    You look kinda exotic.. all dark and mysterious like.

    Happy HNT. :)

  4. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    Cool jacket! Happy HNT Lecram!

  5. Blogger Femi-mommy 

    i love hooded things - hooded coats, sweaters, robes, pulling a fucking blanket around my head - i have earned the nickname of OBi wan (sic) among certian drunken spainards... you could join the club =)


  6. Blogger Lee Ann 

    Cool! Happy HNT!

  7. Blogger MomThatsNuts 

    awesome!!! wouldnt want to meet you in a dark alley!!

    Happy HNT


  8. Blogger Jessica 

    I need a coat like that here! It's 14 degrees out and snowing!! Happy HNT!!

  9. Blogger ~*Stephanie*~ 

    What a cool picture~ Happy HNT~

  10. Blogger Ariella 

    So love that coat!
    Happy HNT

  11. Blogger Foxglove 

    I wish I had that coat. Our evil landlady, henceforth known as...Madbrood the Frigid name from Evil Name Generator won't fix our damned windows and while the thermostat reads 70 degrees, the 4 layers of thermal and wool I'm wearing disagree with that reading. Plus bitch won't fix our collapsing ceiling. But back to you, Lecram. I bet the Tibetans do know a lot about keeping warm. You surprise me everytime with your vast (albeit creepy) knowledge about all things- I'm so glad that this blogger thing exists and that I (cyberwise anyway) know you. Blessed be, man!

  12. Blogger Rose-Colored Beer Goggles 

    It's funny - Os hasn't activated his comments and we're still up early and checking each other out! You look as if you're about to tell a secret :o) Cheers & stay warm!

  13. Blogger the_mrs 

    When do you need something like that in California? Send me a wool one, stat! I'm freezing here! LOL

    You do look like a Jedi---a very cool Jedi...now all you need is the Force and you're good to go! :)

  14. Blogger Evilicious Blonde 

    That is totally cool.

  15. Blogger FunkyB 

    My son (who should be in bed right now) just peeked over my shoulder and said, "Is that Criss Angel's blog?"
    hee hee

  16. Blogger Schadeboy 

    Hey, that's cool. I love trench coats. But ones that you can also be a Jedi in are the best.

    Happy HNT!

  17. Blogger FFFrapgirl 


  18. Blogger Queen Of Pink 

    Very Jedi, very mysterious, very cool!


  19. Blogger Belly 

    That is SO jedi! I love it and am also now coveting it....

    Happy HNT!:D

  20. Blogger Mel 

    I like it! I want one! Happy HNT!

  21. Blogger Red 

    Very nice :)

  22. Blogger ThatGirl 

    I dig the Jedi look.
    Happy HNT!

  23. Blogger Just Some Gal 

    I love the Star Wars series!!

    You have beautiful hair too.

    Happy HNT!

  24. Blogger bsoholic 

    Use the force!

    Happy HNT :)

  25. Blogger Butterfly 

    Very snug looking!

    Happy HNT!

  26. Blogger The Funky Bee 

    Great Shot Lecram~ HAPPY HNT!!!

  27. Blogger Maverick 

    That does look scary/cool Mr. Jedi! Happy HNT!

    Spitting in a Wishing Well

  28. Blogger MamaKBear 

    That's an awesome trench! Looks so warm! Happy HNT!

  29. Blogger Aisha T. 

    Go Jedi! GO JEDI! Loved it!

  30. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    Come to the dark side ... Lecram. OK so it doesn't have the same impact but the jacket is bad-ass! HHNT

  31. Blogger lime 

    very cool coat and i like how you are modelling it. happy HNT!

  32. Anonymous Mia 

    I love that coat! Now I have to get one. =)

  33. Blogger Furzl 

    Very cool pic. You look like the wise Oracle. Happy HNT

  34. Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd 

    portrait of a jedi Rocks!

  35. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I always love your HNTs. Thanks for always sharing your creativity.

  36. Blogger Sasha 

    ooooh... jedi indeed. a SEXY jedi with all that black hair... :)

  37. Blogger Shannin 

    that IS cool... and you look EXACTLY like a guy i went to high school with... my eyes hurt i just stared at my screen so long... anyway.. .hhnt! :)

  38. Blogger ty bluesmith 

    whaddup, jedi master?

  39. Blogger robmcj 

    The built-in hood is something I could really use. The only ones I've ever found are man-made fibres.

    I'll be back to see next week's extravanza.

    PS - Looks like you've made quite an impression on shannin.

  40. Anonymous Unshroud 

    Nice shot for December... looks very cozy under you coat...

  41. Anonymous Tina 

    Ohhh Very Groovy! Happy HNT!

  42. Blogger * ! Libraaaa ! * 

    dark, sexy, & mysterious!
    happy HNT =)

  43. Blogger aughra 

    The force is strong with this one.

    Love it.

    Happy HNT my dear.

  44. Blogger JDHaze 

    Lecram- very mysterious indeed...have a hot ass shot on ours...pls stop by!

    Fire Goddess

  45. Blogger Seamus 

    No Yoda here! HHNT! Kewl coat!

  46. Blogger Natalia 

    Ahhh very intriguing indeed :)


  47. Blogger Chick 

    Wow...you look very theatrical...I'd keep it & walk around all mysterious & moody.

    Happy HNT.

  48. Blogger Flygirl 

    Very jedi!

  49. Blogger halo 

    Love it!! Happy HNT!

  50. Blogger Mark Leslie 

    Wait a minute, I thought YOU were the Emperor when I saw this shot. Now I'm confused. :) Happy HNT

  51. Blogger Happy Hiker 

    May the force be with you! Happy HNT!

  52. Blogger snavy 

    Great picture!! I just love the look in your eye! Mysterious and sexy! Happy HNT & cheers to you!!

  53. Blogger daisyduke 

    's the same thing with Chinese food. Do the Chinese refer to it as such??
    Love the TT!


  54. Blogger warcrygirl 

    Ooooo, I love it! And why do I not have you linked at my site? Because I'm bad, that's why.

    Happy HNT!

  55. Blogger TequilaGirl 

    Very cool coat!

    Happy HNT!

  56. Blogger Lucia 

    i was thinking more like brooding monk ??? :) happy HNT !

  57. Blogger unforgiving b*tch 

    you look all mysterious and stuff! I like! happy hnt!

  58. Blogger Jodes 


  59. Blogger bricotrout 

    there are some tibetan monks who are focused enough to control their body temperature. they have been observed scientifically staying out all night in sub zero temps on muntian tops meditating in only regular clothes while keeping a healthy 98.6.
    and 'jedi' was my forst thought too. cheers

  60. Blogger Lola 

    what is with you people in CA and TX thinking it's cold? Lol... cool coat... you'd still freeze up here in it though!

  61. Blogger N@rcissus 

    I have a similar one in velvet, though I don't look nearly as mysterious. Happy HNT!

  62. Blogger s! 

    that does look pretty warm! :-)

  63. Blogger Lelly 

    5 things I know about Lecram...since reading his blog

    1.)He lives in Fresno with my auntie
    2.)He's younger than me! (and I always thought he was a bit older when we were kids!)
    3.)His Father was an inspiration
    4.)He likes 'burning meat' a LOT.
    5.)He does the most awesome HNT's!

    Happy HNT Obi Wan!

  64. Blogger The Village Idiot 

    Talk to the hand.....I like that overcoat..is the shop online?

    Happy HNT

  65. Blogger LadyJey 

    You look very mysterious...hot!

    Happy HNT!

  66. Blogger awaterpixie 

    Definetly 'sith' ish.... as my little nephew would say... Aunt Mara.. him looks like da Dark Mole!

    Happy HNT

  67. Blogger CyberWarlock 

    I actually have a very similar photo of myself where I was trying to look like Anakin in the scene on the lava planet, which is I think what you were going for as well. Very cool. Happy HNT! :)

  68. Blogger kellywalters 

    I am soooo getting one.

  69. Blogger GhostBoy 

    Freakin' cool dude

  70. Blogger Jillian 

    Awesome photo!!

    Happy HNT!!

  71. Blogger Alice 

    happy hnt! very jedi, yes. you WILL... join the ranks of HNT... *finger waggle*

  72. Blogger Sher 

    You are so set for winter!

  73. Blogger Still Searching... 

    What an interesting HNT...great pic!

  74. Blogger Misha 

    I was going to try and be funny, like saying, "May the warmth be with you..." but I cringed just typing it. :)

    Love the pic!

  75. Blogger clara* 

    looks very warm! like if the undertaker became a jedi. very nice. happy hnt!

  76. Blogger Mama Duck 

    I need me one of those up here in The Land of Snow and Cheese.

    The Kept Woman

  77. Blogger Binsk 

    Nope not scary...cool, with a side of funny. :)

  78. Blogger TiffaneyC 

    Dark and handsome..very nice :)

  79. Blogger deconstructionist 

    May the nekkidness be with you. Happy HNT!

  80. Blogger BTExpress 

    Yeah, you do look scary. Man, you could so play Dracula in that.

  81. Blogger lo sciocco 

    a very mysterious looking hnt...
    great photo!
    happy hnt!

  82. Blogger Queen of Ass 

    Cool shot!


  83. Blogger Tish 

    Great pic! But why am I now picturing you as the Grim Reaper? *LOL* Don't come knocking on my door! ;) Happy HNT!

  84. Blogger Shay 

    Ooo! I like the scarf built in feature

    But I don't know if cotton would cut it up here. *brrrrrr*

  85. Blogger Heather 

    best lookin Jedi I ever saw! Stay warm! HHNT!

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