Half-Nekkid Thursday # 7

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Decided not to post a musical one this week. However, I'm still keeping within the theatrical tone. Think of it as a lame form of "shadow puppetry" - with live bodies... sort of.

Posting early as there is "Back To School Night" and an early call tomorrow.

Before I go on... if you need to know what HNT is all about... click the nifty button. You will also find a blogroll there ( the Great Osbasso's blog ) of others participating in Half-Nekkid Thursday.
Now back to our original programming.

HNT with Shades, Cigs, F-M Shorts on Asphalt

I was somewhat at a loss this week as to what I would post for HNT. The only Monty Python song I had left to use was "Every Sperm Is Sacred" ... and that would be a challenging one to keep tasteful. (but if you really need a song to read the rest of this... click the link.) So, I thought I'd go a different route. Pulled my hair back. Whipped out the camera and this is what I got today. Some are just titles... some have stories... sort of.


An old habit that I'm trying to break. I am making headway though... but it's a bitch. And I'll probably be a big one once I completely give it up.

The shadow does look like a smokin stork, doesn't it?


These shorts were given to me by my cousin KN who was on the Malaysian Field Hockey Team in the 1984 LA Olympics. In fact, he gave them to me after the games when he came to visit.

He told me. "Wear them well... I've scored winning goals in them." I can personally attest to that as I did go down to LA to watch him play. Over the years, I've also discovered that the "winning goals" he scored were not limited to field hockey.

There is something about that particular pair of shorts. They have certainly earned their moniker. Enuff said. I don't wear them anymore. Perhaps that's just as well... especially for this post.

OK... pretty lame HNT this time... but I'm just too distracted about going up to SF this weekend for the Fringe Festival. That is going to be a total blast! If you are still jonesin' for a story... check out my latest Picture Daze post.

Oh, since you are here... my friend VERT has inadvertently posted a hnt that involves acupuncture. Also, my workmate JT may be posting one too.

So, do visit them and spread the HNT love!


60 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday # 7”

  1. Blogger MacManus 

    I love it...very creative as usual mate :)

  2. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    great HNT. but it's spelled ass-fault as in where my head is most of the time.

  3. Blogger BTExpress 

    OMG, this is SO good. You had a great idea here!

  4. Blogger cmhl 

    very nice!!! and I love the goal-scoring shorts!! haha.

  5. Blogger aughra 

    These are great! I love your HNT entries so much.

  6. Blogger min 

    Haha! Shadow nekkidity! Too much!

    And wow, we (NYC) just had a Fringe Festival a few weeks ago as well but sadly I was only able to watch one play. Tix sold out so quickly!

  7. Blogger Opaco 

    this was a badass post. but, those shorts are short man, real short. like dangerous short. LOL

    happy HNT!

  8. Blogger Jenny 

    Those weren't lame! Loved the "Shaken Not Stirred" one---and yes, it is probably best that you don't wear those Daisey Dukes anymore :o)

  9. Blogger Belly 

    Even without music a kick-ass post, thanks!

    Happy HNT!

  10. Blogger littlefeet 

    too cool... :)


  11. Blogger Tish 

    LOL! These photos are great! I'm sure they will be on my list of favorite HNT's for the week. Watch for the post tomorrow. ;) Happy HNT! :)

  12. Blogger Femi-mommy 

    lame?! that was kick ass... a man never looked so good in shorty shorts as shadow man does!
    happy hnt!

    my word is hhuln - thought it fit somehow

  13. Blogger Ristak 

    Great Pics..Too funny. Happy HNT!!

  14. Blogger HS 

    LOL...I love it! very well done! Very creative! (as always)

  15. Blogger Southern Sweetheart 

    This is great!!!! I never would have thought of something like this!!! love it dude! Happy HNT!

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    this made me laugh so hard! .. great shorts .. on and off :)

  17. Blogger Mel 

    LOL! Wow! Very, very creative! I'm impressed! Happy HNT!

  18. Blogger *My_mothers_daughter* 

    Very creative lol i love it

  19. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Dude! You just keep on raising the creative bar around here.

    Great post.

  20. Blogger Leesa 

    Love it!

  21. Blogger addict 

    I love it too! Especially the one in the undies!

  22. Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd 

    I wanna see the real you in those shorts, that would be lurvely, but I like what you've done with the shadows too, very nice.

  23. Blogger Osbasso 

    Damned if you're not one of the more inventive and creative amongst us! Great pics!

  24. Blogger Lavinia 

    Awesome, awesome HNTs. Very funny and creative^_^. Thanks for stopping by mine.

    Happy HNT!

  25. Blogger Lelly 

    I really like shadows, particularly when the sun is low...makes my stubby lil legs look really loooong!:-) Great post and idea as usual Cuz, is KN my cousin too? Whose child is he? Enjoy SF!

  26. Blogger CheekyMoo 

    This is hilarious and creative. Love the shorts! Happy HNT!

  27. Blogger Wenchy 

    VERY creative. Loved it. :o)

  28. Blogger David 

    That is way too cool... way to go!!!

  29. Blogger snavy 

    Very cool!!! Wow!! Happy HNT!!!

  30. Blogger Lucia 

    I am astounded and at a creative loss... fantabulous as usual :)

  31. Blogger techymike 

    Very creative indeed. Nicely done.

    happy HNT!

  32. Blogger brisen 

    and the award for originality goes to...lecram!!!(thunderous applause) love it!!!

  33. Blogger Binsk 

    I LOVE the shadow with shorts one!!!! HOW COOL! Happy HNT!

  34. Blogger art 

    imaginative! love it

  35. Blogger KFarmer 

    very creative! and the shadow knows..

  36. Blogger Princess Steph 

    holy crap- thats awesome!

  37. Blogger Tim 

    very creative. well done.

  38. Blogger Tiger 

    This is completely awesome! :D

  39. Blogger bsoholic 

    That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!

  40. Blogger amygeekgrl 

    very creative! great pics.
    happy hnt!

  41. Blogger Nettie B 

    You are so creative!! Love it! Happy HNT :)

  42. Blogger katehopeeden 

    I love the last pic!
    Happy HNT!

  43. Blogger Heather 

    Lecram! You are a brilliant man. This was so creative! Great job!

    Happy HNT!

  44. Blogger PINKSandROSES 

    i think the last one is the best!
    happy HNT!

  45. Blogger Camy Leon 

    That's such a good idea.
    I should post shadows of my boobies.

  46. Blogger Lizabeth 

    that is absolutely awesome, what a brilliant idea. now if I had my camera I'd go do it myself right now!

  47. Blogger Chick 

    Oh...I love the creativity here...so cool.

  48. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i absolutely love this hnt! so bloody original and cool! dig it!

  49. Blogger ~*Stephanie*~ 

    That is just too darn cool love it !!

    Happy HNT

  50. Blogger sdk 

    I love your creativity!

    Happy HNT!


  51. Blogger just.a.girl 

    one of these days they'll let us use gene therapy.. and i'll get a gene for creativity.. care to donate? :)

  52. Blogger greekchickie 

    You are so creative! I love it!

    Happy HNT to us all ~

  53. Blogger Kristi 

    Oh my gosh...that has got to be the most original HNT yet! Completely hilarious...love the shorts!

  54. Blogger Tequila Red 

    This is my favorite thing I've seen today.

  55. Blogger Spinning Girl 

    hearty applause from the mezzanine!

  56. Blogger FunkyB 

    Wow...that's extremely clever! Great HNT!

  57. Blogger AMS 


  58. Blogger Sha-Kyla 


  59. Anonymous Anonymous 

    this is really fucking cool. oh, i emailed you!!!

  60. Blogger Cece 

    I LOVE this HNT. LOVE IT!

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