The day began at 5:30 AM. I awoke and began setting out my junk... er... stuff out in the front yard for the sale. 2 streets down I could hear the Terrace Block sale was already in full swing. In fact, it was the sound of cars in the neighborhood that woke me... probably yard-sale addicts roving around for that great early buy.

Scary Squirrel Man arrived with his goods at about 6:30. The "boys" shortly after. We were all set and ready to go within 20 minutes. Parking spaces on the street was being snapped up fast. Business was slow at first but by 10:30 both SSM and I had completed most of our sales for the day. Each of us made about... perhaps I'll leave out the actual figure in case the watchful Mr. Taxman is reading this post. Lets just say we did OK. We packed up by 12:30 with the promise that a meat burning would occur at 4 to celebrate the profitable morning.

My first 2 cukes of the season! Posted by Hello

At 3:10 PM SSM and I head to Albertson's to buy grub for the meat burning. We decided that we would roast chickens in the barbecue. I prep the marinade and rub the birds as SSM puts his arson skills to good use firing up the coals. We are eventually joined by Mr. CJ, Jag & Devon and the 2 Johns. I show off my vegetable garden and pick the first cucumber of the season.

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Admittedly they are a couple of "screamers" sizewise. Scary Squirrel Man manhandles my cuke as I attempt to get photographic evidence of the size of this sucker. that could explain why he looks like this. As the evening rolls along the beers are flowing, conversation is buzzing and a strange wind is blowing dipping the tempretures to a nipple hardening point. By 9 PM we retire inside to warm up and view the latest version of "Merchant of Venice." I hit the sack by midnight. A good long fun Saturday and great start to a 3 day weekend.

Scary Squirrel Man molesting my cuke... or trying to augment his inadequacy
Posted by Hello

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Interesting that so few of you commented on the Nude Yoga/Yoda posts.

Anyhoo... Scary Squirrel Man and I are having a yardsale tomorrow. If you are going to be out and about for the Terrace Block Sale (which is the grand-daddy of block sales in this town - going on 50 years - a cultural event in itself)... come up 2 streets to 416 E. Brown. A yard sale with tons of movies (Video &DVD)

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hunky be me...mmmm Posted by Hello
Just having a little fun with Photoshop last night.

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thats a stretch Posted by Hello

I read this post today and laughed my flab off. Hmmmm... Here is the actual article from SFGate.

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Read this story today. I think the title of my post says it all.

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The 4 naked eyeless girls of the Daily Planet whom I broke up with this Saturday. Posted by Hello

Saturday was abuzz with all sorts of activity. Started the morning off by walking the Harvard Avenue Block Sale - the annual 5 block extravaganza of yard-sales just one street south of where I live. Scored some great homemade tamales from an old woman sitting under a tree with a huge ice-chest filled with those delicious corn-husk wraped eats. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.... mmmmm.... smack!

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Got home about 10:30 A.M and proceeded to get one of my students, (who we will call Snoopy) up on the roof to trim the huge Pine tree in front of the house. Its something thats been needed for a long while. I had aquired a pole trimmer (chainsaw on the end of a pole) that I have dubbed my "light saber" and the kid spent an amazing 5 hours trimming the low branches away from the house.

Snoopy trimming the tree. Posted by Hello
By 5 o'clock the deed was done. I drove Snoopy home with $50 in his hot and somewhat grubby hands. I was tired and pretty grubby myself but was pretty resolute about heading out to the Daily Planet for a "last call" as word had filtered through the grapevine that this fixture of the Tower district was closing its doors after 25 years.

On my way home for a much needed shower I even stopped at Scary Squirrel Man's abode to arrange to share a final moment of fellowship at the Planet.

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Drunk shirtless guy about to lick 4 eyeless girls. Posted by Hello

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Granted, I was 20 minutes late for said appointment with SSM. I order a drink and leave a message with him, "Hey man... I'm here. Where are you?"

I order myself a drink. The place is filling up. Mind you, its only 6:50 PM but word had spread like a virus and everyone who were regulars or wanted to be seen were pouring in and being poured at the bar.

7:15: The cell rings as I'm conversing with a sweet but forgetful older lady at the next table. (I remember her asking the same 2 questions 4 times within the span of 10 minutes.) Anyway, it's SSM... drunk off his patootie on the other end. "Hey... I must have just missed you... I was there... they ran out of beer...had 3 Stockholms... I'm home... What? ... Nah, I better stay home... come over..."

Yeah. Whatever. Called Airplanejayne and invited her to join me. Ordered dinner (rack of lamb)... mmmm. Chatted with the regulars. A TV crew shows up to report on the proceedings. It was all sort of like a funky wake. Some bleary eyed. Others misty eyed. Most just plain drunk... and getting drunker by the pour.

Airplanejayne arrives. We spend the rest of the time chatting... and observing the shenannigans as the evening wears on. At 11 we decide that its time to leave.

Walking away into the night I pondered what really made the Planet what it was. The cool Art Deco design? The whiff of swank? The fixed price menu? All said and done... it was the unique fellowship that we found there on any given night. Any place, nomatter how hep or swank, is nothing without the fellowship. That I will miss.

last shot of an open door at the Daily Planet Posted by Hello

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Memories... good or bad are often triggered by some assault of the senses. It still amazes me how the sight of a photograph, the scent of a certain perfume. the special touch of the skin, the taste of a spice... can all`bring us back to a time, place and situation.

This happened to me the other day when in a fleeting moment my ears caught a few bars of this song. It triggered a memory of when I was 5 years old watching one of my aunts dancing around and singing along as it played on the radio. Nothing earth-shattering or particularly significant... simply a memory of a time and place that seemed so long ago.

Anyway, for the past few days I have been obsessed with it. One refrain kept bouncing in an endless loop over and over again in my head.

"Boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, boom, boom! "

Not in a crazy and annoying " It's a small world after all " kinda way... that would have sent me screaming to the loony hut. This was more of the smiley, slightly goofy, bop my head as I walk down the sidewalk, kinda thang. So much so, every situation I've observed for the last 5 days has had that refrain as a perpetual soundtrack in my head. And because of of this, the most mundane thing has become that much more entertaining.

Distinguished man at the cafe spills coffee over his newspaper.
"Boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, boom, boom! "
Student on the cusp of graduating discovers he has a failing grade and only 2 weeks of school left.
"Boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, boom, boom! "
Rolling the garbage out on "pick-up" day.
"Boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, boom, boom! "
Slightly intoxicated man pays his bill and walks out of the bar.
Boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, boom, boom! "
Pretty girl straightens the hem of her skirt and walks into bank.
"Boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, dee, dee, boom, boom, boom! "

See what I mean? So, you got one?

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Went to check out the Fulton Thursday tonight and caught a great set by 40 Watt Hype. I had seen them before and have always been impressed with their eclectic fusion they call Neo Hip-Hop combining elements of Latin, Soul and R&B. Ran into all manner of folk out at the mall and ate some good food. A pleasent evening in the Big 'No.'

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I watched the final episode of Revelations last night and was grossly disappointed. What a wimpy end... bucking for a series in an obvious and pathetic way. They had me going pretty good too... then they wimped out with one of those "there'll always be a tomorrow" endings. Aacckk! They should have just gone with the "limited series" idea .... finished it off with a bang, instead of getting greedy. Oh well.

On a similar topic... a biologist friend of mine once commented " Do you realize that we have finally come to a point in history when the anti-christ can actually be born of the jackal?" She was referring to the cloning technology phenomenon. It did give me pause for thought... actually more on the lines of the possibilities for a screenplay. Hmmm...

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A big THANK YOU to Airplanejayne for hosting the Junkologists yesterday!

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I've been reading and compiling my catalog of plays of late. Looking at them for editing consideration. I think this is going to be a Summer long endevour.

Poster from The Crimson Cobra Posted by Hello
My entire motivation is spurred by the fact that I need to post them on my site "" so that perhaps they will be picked up for production somewhere. This could also mean some royalty money to pay for the odd drink or 2. I've had about 5 of them listed on the now defunct Daramatic Exchange since 1998. Those little gems were produced all around Canada, the US, France, Australia, Scotland and Singapore. Not bad for a 'serani boy' from Kampung Pandan.

I've noticed that I named the protagonist in at least 2 plays, "Jack." An innocous enough name until one gets to the italicized directions (Jack off stage right.) Yes, I'll cop to the fact that I did this on purpose... especially with the "family" musical "Jack:Beyond the Beanstock."

On a totally unrelated subject... talk about a pack rat.

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Came across this post on Stupid Laws that I thought you'd enjoy. Haven't done a fact check but here is an ENTIRE SITE dedicated to dumb laws.

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The middle of the week and looking forward to the weekend. Not that the weekend presents anything spectacular... I would just rather not be here right now. Today really feels like "hump day" more than any Wednesday in recent weeks. I rather be home cleaning out the office with a single horse hair than be here. For those of you who have experienced the "office" you know what a major task that is.

Perception is interesting. In my youth I remember that Sunday evenings felt like the dawn of impending doom. The butterflies in the tummy... the tightening of the shoulder muscles... the restless anxious grinding of the teeth. All this "drama" because I just knew that some mysterious disaster would pounce on me and change my life for the worst. The sky would implode and fiery bug-eyed demons with halitosis would rain on me. This would be the end of life. Everything I took for granted seemed more and more extraordinary and precious. Heart pounding, breath quickening, the cold sweats... all because I had neglected a piece of homework that was due in school on Monday.

Monday morning came. Bleary eyed from an uneasy sleep the night before I picked up my bag and went to school. Apart from the "F" I got for the homework assignment... life was great.

Oh Yeah... I read somewhere that today is the "Day of the Teacher"... not that anyone would notice around here.

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Sunday. Ahhh… I really needed this 3 day weekend. If for nothing else, to keep some of my sanity intact. The rest of my sanity gave me the pink slip years ago.

There are tomato plants budding all over my vege garden. Little terrorist tomato underground holdovers from last years crop. It’s both cool and annoying. Annoying because they are cropping up all over the place – the random chaos of nature I suppose. I’ll probably pot most of them and give them away to some of my apartment living friends.

vege garden 05 Posted by Hello
The rest of the garden is taking off quite nicely. With the recent unexpected rains the growth rate has accelerated. Have to keep an eye on things... pretty much had a jungle out here last year... an edible one... but a jungle nevetheless. Lets see… I have cilantro, Fresno chilies, burpless cucumbers, sweet peppers, zucchinis, and 2 types of tomatoes. A good salsa or gazpacho garden. Should be getting the first of the produce in June or so.

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The Trike Shop, Thereminman's pop project celebrated the release of their latest "Pop Songs & Kyries" at Club Fred last night. A good boost of PR and a great story in the local rag brought the crowds in.

The evening started off with 2AM Orchestra another fab local band with a great sound. Magill & Schaffer followed up with a duo set of more originals. Then, the main event with Thereminman and gang. And yes... the instrument was featured on stage for several tunes including a spooky SiFi version of "Brazil." Those masters of surf The Neptunes then closed out the night.

Then I hit the sack because I did yard work all day (Yea, I tried out my new electric mower.)
Pics of the evening below.

Thereminman on guitar with said theremin lurking top left of the picture. Posted by Hello

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Magill and Schaffer creating magic while I tried a different setting on my new digital - kinda like this one. Posted by Hello

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Scary Squirrel Man was there - here is a pic of his crotch Posted by Hello

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A fun time was had by all-folks at the bar. Posted by Hello

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Last shot of the band Posted by Hello

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Its rainy and wet and overcast in the Big "No". From all the reports we can expect more of the same over the next few days. This is not normal for the month of May. It's usually sunny with the temp in the mid-80's. This whole season has been pretty strange on the weather front.

Tonight is Art Hop & Cinco de Mayo - a double header. Paint and cactus juice? The galleries should be hoppin and buzzin with food and booze. I'm planning on going... missed the last one due to the farce of "open house" at work. For those of you in the area who are considering this "progressive drunkfest with visual aids" check out the famous listing of activities. I'll be out there... maybe you can pull me out of a ditch.

Watched "Revelations" last night. Actually, I've been following it since it began 3 weeks ago. The production values are good and the story is worth checking out. Probably the best "doom and gloom" on network TV.

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killing flies with a staple gun Posted by Hello

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Been having fun changing colors on the blog... just for the heck of it!

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Scary Squirrel Man pondering as I get finger-shot by the Moadster Posted by Hello

So, thereninman invited us to a shindig celebrating his lovely wife's birthday last Friday. There was food, drink, fellowship and live music supplied by the MOFO Party Band (check out their tunes here.) A fine time was had by all. I think the pic speaks oodles for the evening.

Once again, Thank You thereminman! I had a blast! ooooeeeeoooeeeuuuuu!

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view looking out of the office Posted by Hello

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... spent the weekend redoing the sprinkler system around the house. Got 4 zones done and there are still 2 more to go. Once completed life will be simpler (at least where watering the yard is concerned,) and the neighbors will be happier that I actually have a lawn instead of dirt.

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