On blogging and Half-Nekkid Thursdays (plus my favorite)

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This continues my review of the year from my last 2 posts. If you are here just for the HNT... slide on down to the end of this post for it.

On Blogging
I explained blogging to someone once as "a virtual daily meeting at the fountain of the town square"... and I still find that to be true. I began blogging in March purely out of curiosity. I figured that it would help me get my writing chops back. In the beginning there was a small pod of friends who were also blogging and we would comment on each other's blogs. (This included my long lost cousin, lelly, who I haven't seen in 36 years.) As time has rolled on some have continued posting regularly and some haven't.

As I continued writing (on my own blog) and reading other blogs (there are a great many I enjoy reading everyday) I began exploring blogging as an Art Form. Afterall, it is a form of expression... so, why not? I have been most satisfied with my HNT and Picture Daze posts. HNT for allowing me to attempt a virtual theatrical form and Picture Daze for helping me chronicle snippets from my life... past and present. (Incidentally, you can find all those posts linked in the sidebar.)

General Observations: 1.) Blogging can be bloody addictive. 2.) Kinda like life... bloggers float in and out of yours. 3.) I have revealed quite a lot of myself through my blog... which I really don't mind! I think I will continue blogging. For those of you who have visited... THANK YOU and hope you visit again... soon!

On Half-Nekkid Thursdays
I ran across Aughra's blog while I was surfing and saw my first HNT. I followed the links and discovered a whole slew of bloggers participating. I chatted with SSM about it and decided to throw my hat into the ring. What it did for me was widen my sphere for a potential audience. After posting the first few... I finally realized that this was also an execellent opportunity to REALLY explore blogging as an Art Form.

The Great Emperor Os deserves all the kudos for starting (and maintaining) this delightful insanity. I am enriched by all the wonderful people I have met through HNT. Let's continue mutually visiting for a long time to come!

My Favorite HNT post
Os has set a theme for today. Coincidentally, I had been planning to do this anyway... so here goes. To tell you the truth... I do like all the ones I have posted. (It's an old playwright code - if you don't like it, don't expect others to love it.) Yes, I've had a tendency to post the "epic extavaganza HNT". If you haven't noticed already... I love playing around with genres. For instance "old monster movies" with the Franken-HNT, or "cooking show" with Half-Nekkid Chef, or "graphic novel ala Frank Miller" as in Adventures Of Jimmy.

I chose this one mainly because it was the first in the epic style and paid homage to one of my favorite genres... the detective noir. Also, I got the idea at 4 PM and a series of fortuitous events occurred (including my friend, Dragonfly making a surprise visit) that allowed me to take the original spark I had and realize it in complete form within a short span of time. From writing to photoshoot to post (and a little photoshopping in between) ... total time under 2 hours. My favorite pieces have always been the ones that were fast and furious. When I am in that "zone" of creating... there is no feeling in the world like it! I also think that the marriage of all the elements (text, music & pictures) work really well. And... it's bloody silly... hell, it still makes me laugh out loud!

So, without further ado... here it is as it was originally posted Sept. 21, 2005

I'll be attempting an "audience participation" HNT this week. (Warned you I'm a theatre person, didn't I?)

What is HNT? Click on the nifty button on the sidebar to find out.

To enjoy the full effect of this you need to:
1. Click the music on.
2. Read the post out loud in a detective noir style. Guys try your best Humphry Bogart, ladies... try your best sulty Kathleen Turner.

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It was one of those late Summer afternoons when the mating habits of flies on a crusty canine turd seemed like the only game worth laying bets on. The only thing on my pith encased noodle was an HNT post that was due and I didn't have a doodle of an idea what slimy form this week would take.

I was sippin a vodka mango between puffs of a coffin nail when I eyeballed her slow, swaying, bounce saunter up my driveway. She was built like a guitar waiting to be strummed by a one handed gypsy who worked nights in a piston factory. The curvy shadow at the door knocked twice and let herself in.
"I want in on this HNT thing." she purred from her smoky lips. The moment I heard that I knew this "demando doll" was more trouble with a capital T and looking for more.

"Not so fast, sweet cheeks. What makes you think I have any idea what you're talking about?"

She sat down and the surly upturned curve from the corners her ruby pucker suckers told me she knew. She grabbed one of my Javanese shadow puppets and toyed with it like a blind rabbit playing a skunk in heat.

"I've seen your "thang" on Osbasso's list."

"My thang?"

"On Osbasso's list. I want in."

She of course was talking about that Maverick from Montana who ran the slickest skin sensation this side of Harry Connick's junior. She knew that I knew and that she had me by the curly-q-fries in hot boiling lard but I still wasn't gonna roll over like a five dollar hooker with a ten dollar habit.

"O.K. suger thighs, what do you have to show for it?"

She whipped off her silky pink blouse like a Siamese schucking mangos on the Mekong.

"How about these?" she teased, working the smoke maker between her fingers like a busty latina rolling the tightest chimichanga in a 99 cent border cantina. "I want to see what you got to show, big boy... and I want it in color!"

I warned her, "It's long and it's dark."

"Go ahead. I like being scared." she mocked.

I took it off and let it down. I turned to look and her full rubies quivered like a bowl of jello in an old folks home. She thought I was some surburban palooka with a hankering for a champagne colored SUV but found an orangutan in 501's instead.

All she could say was, "What conditioner do you use?" It was over and she broke.

But her breaking broke me. This old boy scout was about to learn some new knots to tie and some new tents to pup.

When it was over we were done and the score was even. She walked away into the evening leaving this shmoe wanting for more. So, it goes. It's a crazy business but someone's got to do it. As she faded off down the driveway I heard her say, "Happy HNT, hair man."

Special thanks to my friend Dragonfly for joining me this week and making this HNT possible.

60 Responses to “On blogging and Half-Nekkid Thursdays (plus my favorite)”

  1. Blogger Tish 

    I'm so happy to have found HNT and you, Lecram! I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing just what you'll do for your next HNT. You never cease to amaze me. And very good choice for your favorite HNT! It's also one of my favorites. I also love the Half-Nekkid Chef! Have a wonderful night and a happy HNT! Mwah!

  2. Blogger MamaKBear 

    I must have missed this one the first time around. It's very cool and I love it!

    Happy HNT!

  3. Blogger Tammy 

    Those are all fantastic.

    Happy HNT!

  4. Blogger Binsk 

    Just as good the second time!

    Here's to another great year of blogging and friendships and HNT. :)

  5. Blogger lime 

    ah, this was the first one i saw! i was so amazed by the creativity. it was so much fun. thanks for the repeat. happy HNT!

  6. Blogger Lee Ann 

    Very nice pics! Happy HNT and a very Happy New Year!

  7. Blogger Foxglove 

    Once again, you've blown us all away! and my e-mail never came!! Happy HNT, darling, and Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year!

  8. Blogger The Bastard Son 

    Kick ass post...love it...

    Happy HNT!

  9. Blogger FunkyB 

    I'm not sure how you managed to pick just one, being that all your submissions are in a catagory by themselves... and fabulous to boot.

    HHNT and HNY.

  10. Blogger bsoholic 

    I remember this one, and what a great HNT it was! Well done again.

    Happy HNT and New Years!

  11. Blogger Sasha 

    still as good as it was posted the first time. you are so talented lecram, i am amazed by you!

    happy new year!

  12. Blogger Ristak 

    I still have to say the hands is my fav! I just love that pic!

    Happy HNT

  13. Blogger Rose-Colored Beer Goggles 

    This was the first post I read on your site ~ it's wonderful! Your creativity is limitless :o) Cheers to a great 2006!

  14. Blogger MomThatsNuts 

    Happy HNT,,,as always you out did yourself!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR


  15. Blogger Marie 

    Wow, this is the most stunning and creative HNT post I've seen yet. Great work! Happy HNT and Happy New Year!

  16. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    Lecram, this post is just as good the second time around. You hve talent my friend. HHNT and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

  17. Blogger Robert van de Walle 

    I was SUPER interested to see what you'd pick. You really do take the time to make it worthwhile!

  18. Blogger Just Some Gal 

    Very nice Lecram. I love this HNT choice.

    Happy HNT & News Year sexy guy!

  19. Blogger lo sciocco 

    Perfect choice! I love this one.
    Happy HNT.

  20. Blogger Mark Leslie 

    You have an awesome sense of creativity. I love the "ode" to Noir.

    And I completely agree with your thoughts about blogs being an art form - you certainly take full advantage of it.

    Happy HNT and Happy New Year!

  21. Blogger Wenchy 

    I liked the chef one...
    Happy HNT to you!

  22. Blogger Osbasso 

    Easily my favorite of the bunch!

  23. Blogger Freiya 

    i love your creativity! fantastic,
    happy hnt and new year!

  24. Blogger WDKY 

    Absolutely outstanding post!

    Happy HNT

  25. Blogger Mz. Naughty 

    Those are some very entertaining post I actually went back and looked at the other ones they all was way kewl..

    HHNT *&* New Yr

  26. Blogger FFFrapgirl 

    Great pics! Very intersesting! Happy HNT!

  27. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    LOL Very cool, as usual! I hadn't seen this one before! Happy HNT!

  28. Blogger Furzl 

    A photostory at its best. Happy HNT

  29. Blogger Gabby 

    Great HNT! Happy New Year!

  30. Blogger Deadly Female 

    It's just got to be said, you are a master HNT'er! Happy Happy New Year to you, see you in 2006!

  31. Anonymous Anonymous 

    FANTASTIC, you ARE the man dude!
    I love your talent and YES I DID sound like Bogey, made it all the more enjoyable.
    Thanks for all you hard work on these posts.
    Happy HNT and the best NEW YEAR for you.

  32. Blogger * ! Libraaaa ! * 

    wow..this is the best by far! great job! =) HHNT & HNY'S

  33. Blogger Tess 

    Such a wonderful creative work. The photos and the writing all are incredible.

    Thanks again.

    HHNT & HNY

  34. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You're the best. I've got to start remembering to come over here more often. Have a great day!

  35. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    i luv it happy hnt :)

  36. Blogger Darkneuro 

    Bravo! Here's to the art of the blog!
    Happy HNT, HNY!

  37. Blogger aughra 

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I didn't realize that I inspired your HNT participation. I am thrilled to know that.

    I love the noir HNT. Wunderbar.

  38. Blogger Jodes 

    nice post, hhnt

  39. Blogger Flygirl 

    Above and beyond!

    As usual.

    Cheers lecram.

  40. Blogger snavy 

    I just adore reading anything you write!! Great post!!

    As always fab pics!!

    Happy Hnt & Happy New Year!!

  41. Blogger Mel 

    Awesome as usual! HHNT Lecram!

  42. Blogger kellywalters 

    I love your HNT's.. I really do..

    you are so damn creative.. you make me want to scream.

  43. Blogger Chris 

    Very clever! I love it! Happy HNT!

  44. Blogger Jillian 

    Your HNT's are the BEST!!

    Happy HNT!

  45. Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd 

    I hear you about wanting an audience of sorts, it's good to know if you're going to do something special, people will get to see it.

    This may be my favorite one too, and maybe the one where you show the most skin??

  46. Blogger gigi 

    *Fully neekid applause*

    Happy HNT!

  47. Blogger the_mrs 

    This was an awesome HNT post (although I'm quite fond of the 'pee pee' one myself, but all of yours are great!)

    Happy HNT!

  48. Blogger GhostBoy 

    These were some great choices. HHNT

  49. Blogger awaterpixie 

    I'm loving this whole 'Best of HNT's' flashbacks...

    Happy New Year and Happy HNT.


  50. Anonymous Anonymous 

    still one of my very favorites!

  51. Blogger Jay 

    happy HNT

  52. Anonymous robin 

    I just wanted to thank you for letting me know my comments weren't working, I had no idea and felt really un loved all day. I am going to read this post because it looks really interesting but it must wait until I get home. Thanks again and happy hnt!

  53. Blogger Seamus 

    Awesome! Happy HNT! Happy New Year! :)

  54. Blogger Bella 

    Those are awesomely classy pics. I wish I had talent like that. I wish I had a lot of things! lol

    Happy HNT!!!

  55. Blogger Pieces of Me 

    Those are great pics!! HHNT thanks for the visit TTYL

  56. Blogger dusty 

    o MY GOD..this is THE freaking best HNT ever..i love your story to go with it..you rock dude!

  57. Blogger Jacopo Belbo 

    Pictures with cigarettes are always sexy...

    Happy New Year!

  58. Blogger Boobabe 

    Happy HNT!!!

  59. Blogger mergrl 

    happy HNT great pics, thanks for stopping by my place earlier

  60. Blogger Trashed 

    HNT Noir has always been my fav so far. You Da Man !

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