Picture Daze #2

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The story of Mum & Dad

As part of the Picture Daze project that I've chosen to undertake I have decided to profile my parents, Gertie & Harold.

Here is a family portrait that includes: Top Row from right to left - Harold (my Dad), Anselm (my mother's brother), Cuthbert (my father's older brother), Desmond (Ruth's husband)

Bottom Row from right to left- Gertie (my Mum),Nancy (my mother's mother), Arthur (my cousin), Betsy (my mother's older sister) Ruth (my mother's younger sister.) Yup. If you haven't caught it already - two brothers married two sisters.

Dad was quite the sportsman. Here is a picture of him as the captain of the school football (soccer) team. He's the one sitting on the far right center.

Mum played field hockey as well. Couldn't find any pictures of her on a team but I kind of like this sporty pic of her. Pretty daring for the "age of skirts."

I heard a story that they started "courting" during the Japanese occupation of Malaysia in World War II. (notice they courted back then... not dated.) Anyway, on one of their early "courts", my father rode his bike over to her place. They then (on separate bicycles of course) rode to a local movie theater.
After the movie they caught dinner at a street stall. I can only guess that the date went pretty well. On their way home (at 7 PM) my Dad suggested a little detour. They rode to one of biggest roundabouts in town and parked their bikes. This roundabout was decorated with 6 foot wooden stakes that held up the recently beheaded - the work of the occupying Japanese force of the time.

They walked around looking to see if they recognized anyone. Then they rode home. Now, isn't that a charming romantic story? My Dad really knew the moves on how to get the girl.

Dad passed away in 1971 when I was 12.

My mother never remarried. She has been my rock through the years. A dainty rock at that. She is in her 80's now - slowing down but still has a great spirit about her.

I'll close this Picture Daze edition with one of my favorite pics of my Mum that was taken 1n 1975 on a vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Hope you enjoyed it and see you at the next edition of Picture Daze.


9 Responses to “Picture Daze #2”

  1. Blogger Lelly 

    These are great pics, cuz! Remember Uncle Cuthbert(was also my godfather)auntie Betsy and cousin Arthur quite well, despite leaving Malaysia when I was 10.
    Your dad looks so handsome (always thought he was the best-looking uncle in the family photos)Wish we'd known your family as well as we'd known Theo and hers. (Am puzzled by that)Still, you are the only cousin I have (ever had) regular contact with now...and there must be hundreds of us!
    Never knew you'd been to the UK!!! Guess Surrey (where ma and pa still live) is quite a schlepp from Edinburgh. Please give my love to your 'dainty rock'...does she remember me?

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lelly, yes the "dainty rock" remembers you. When I showed her the pic you sent she said "Yes, that's Sissy's - she has a lot of Nunis in her." That is actually quite a compliment. Getting to know you now via cyber means - I have to concur.

    I've been to the UK a couple of times. The last time was in 1980 around Christmas.

    I for one am glad that we have managed to re-connect. I'm only in sporadic contact with the others at home. So, your regular presence in my life now has been quite a comfort. Cheers!

  3. Blogger littlefeet 

    such great pics...and the stories that go with them... :)


  4. Blogger Mallory 

    Dainty or otherwise, your mom definitely rocks!

  5. Blogger Trashed 


    She definitely rocks but still worries endlessly.

  6. Blogger aughra 

    Your mom is quite the looker.

    Man, your parents must have told you the best stories growing up...

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    monkey - and most of them are true too!

    mallory - ditto!

    trashed - ditto, ditto!

    aughra - yeah, I'm lucky that way and I'm trying to write them down before I forget them.

  8. Anonymous vince 

    Can your mom remember ME? I'm sure she can, I was the dark patch on your carpet you guys kept tripping over.

  9. Blogger dusty 

    how great that you have pics from so early in your families history ")

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