Here are some more sites to check out!

This flash site does some fun things with famous names.

Speaking of famous names... (other than you... ) find out who else shares your birthday here.

Now this is snow sculpture!

O.K.... you folks across the pond... what the heck is this? You should find these places and take pics out front!

Perhaps I'll write more later today.

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... wondering where the time has gone. The past few days have been busy. Not busy with those "mportant"things... but busy with just keeping "it" all together.

Thats what its all about, isn't it? Keeping it all together. Sometimes I wonder what exactly it is we are trying to keep together. An ideal? A plan? A vision? A dream? The practical humdrum of everyday life?

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I found this pretty entertaining blog today. Will post more later

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"Lord Jim" the other day... a movie that I had only seen snippets of until a week ago. Based on the Conrad novel the major part of the action is set in the part of the world that a few of us originate from. I enjoyed the movie. It was cool to be able to understand what the "natives" were saying. I remember watching "Swiss Family Robinson" as a kid and being thrilled that I understood what the "pirates" in that movie were saying.

That elation was soon replaced with insult.
"How dare those Mat Salleh film-makers make pirates speak Malay!" Of course, this was the precious mind of an 8 year old who has since discovered that Malay is one of the oldest pirate languages in the world... and that entire cultures of pirates still troll the waters in that region to this very day. I've actually come close to an encounter with them... but thats another story... nevermind... anyway.

I do have to admit that I'm a little partial to "guy" movies made in that era... "Bridge on the River Kwai, "Lawrence of Arabia" etc. O.K., truth be told... I love big epics. I actually own quite a few of them on DVD. Biblical epics! Adventure epics. All manner of epics. But thats not why I began this post.

Lets get back to "Lord Jim." ... and the title of "Tuan." It was used several times in the movie... Tuan Jim - a title of respect.

The Malay word "tuan" has many conotations. Master, Sir, Lord or Gentleman.

Tuan, was the name the neighbors in the old 'hood' called my dad. He was "tuan" and my mother was "missy." These terms were hold-overs from the old colonial days... "titles of respect" primarily used to address the British masters and their wives. My father and mother were locals.

And another thing, we lived in "government quarters" in the Kampung Pandan area. As I recall, these were "class 4" quarters. My father worked as a "chief clerk" in several government departments over his career... middle management at best. So, the title of "tuan" did not come from a "class" perception.

I concluded some years ago that in the case of my parents, "tuan" and "missy" were respectful terms of endearment that they had earned through action and interaction.

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Students developing their "found object puppetry" piece Posted by Hello

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One of my co-workers looked at my blog today.

“Lecram Sinun? Is that a new Star Wars character?” she quizzed.

“ Yeah…“ I smirked. “He’s color blind, dyslexic and has an appendage that doesn’t work..”

“Cool.” came the quick reply. Then she frowned, “So why doesn’t his bandage work?”

I concluded that this was yet one more reason to leave.

St.John's Posted by Hello

Vertebrate had earlier shared a school-daze memory in a posted comment. It got me digging back into those dusty sections of my mind.

The first thing I remember was looking out the window close to the end of the school day and looking at the Bukit Nanas girls getting out 10 – 15 minutes before us... it may have even been a full half hour! I was convinced that this was some sort of grand conspiracy to keep us boys and girls apart. I was later told that this bell schedule helped ease out the traffic gridlock. I have never believed that explanation.

I also remember that the “hot” place to connect with the girls was the “cendol man” across the street from the main entrance of the school. The “smooth move” was to accidentally pay for her drink. Just in case you didn't know what "cendol" is... click the word.

The other memory was returning from the World Jamboree in Norway to find out that there was a “farewell party” my classmates held for me 2 days after had I left the country. This news was broken to me the weekend after the “welcome back” party … that I wasn’t invited to.

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This is Janya... my main bitch. Peeking over the fence for a little lovin.

One of my bitches - my main bitch - Janya Posted by Hello

I was in a bit of a panic today. I thought that I had lost my entire blog. So, I fiddled around a bit and republished my template and like magic it all came back! Phew!

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... the kids testing is so damn uninspiring. Half of them have already given up and are staring blankly at the whiteboard. One has his head pressed hard to the desk, mouth agape with the infant stages of a drool pool forming on the desk. Another is staring hard at the back of the chair infront of her... as if willing it to shatter and cause the person sitting in it to fall flat on their butt.

For the last 2 days we all had an early release to look forward to. Today we go back to the regular schedule once testing is over.

Oh... does anyone need to E-mail the Pope?

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... I could really get use to this.

Sitting at Javawava plonking out this post. Sipping on iced coffee (French Vanilla-just for you, Kien.)

So, this whole blogging phenomenon is catching on like a virus in heat. Lelly, a long lost Cuz in the UK blames me for getting her hooked. Kien, a long time bud, is responding to several sites. Vertebrate, another long time bud... has also been pulled in by this undertow. Dyerama, a local bud, is experiencing squirrel anxiety. Blog on, dudes!

I really began this blog to get my writing engine going again. Haven't written a lick (creatively) in 5 years and I was champing at the bit. (Was reminded not too long ago that "champing" is the correct word for the phrase and not "chomping".) Trouble is after a 5 year haitus... one needs to chip off the rust and get greased up again. So, here I am blogging.

A lot of the process is in the actual physical act of writing. Whacking on a keyboard with the hope that the brain is still connected to the hand. Sort of like a musician composing on an instrument. Its important to "forget" technique while one is creating.

I am really looking forward to this Summer when I can once again "zone in" without the constraints of having to be somewhere at some certain time. There is a crazy joy that comes with the act of creating.

My friends claim that when I'm in the "write zone" that I become a half-naked, wild-eyed, giggling maniac. This is true. It may also be true that part of the reason for this antic disposition is that I'm all hopped up on Coca Cola or some other caffine inducer. No matter... when I'm in the "write zone" I am insanely happy. I have missed being "there" for far too long.

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The Scary Squirrel Man picture has gotten more comments than anything here yet. Glad you guys are having a good time.

Work as been a wash the last couple of days. With all the testing thats going on there has been no need for lesson planning... which is just fine with me.

I began looking at my plays yesterday. Editing them for posting on my website. I discovered that The Dramatic Exchange is down. Too bad. It was a pretty good resource for original plays. I had about 5 of my plays posted there over the years and got quite a few productions by various companies from around the globe out of those postings. Hopefully my site will do some business for me in the royalty department. Perhaps I'll open it up for other playwrights as well.

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I took yesterday off. Had a sore neck. One of my co-workers suggested that it was a result of me getting jerked around. There may be more truth to that than they realize.

Looks like the white smoke has risen. We now have a new Pope.

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Scary Squirrel Man Posted by Hello

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Start praying, buddy. Someone has you in their sights... and its not for love.. Posted by Hello

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Yesterday the dogs were arguing in their igloo. Back and forth, back and forth... and all this while I'm trying to catch a nap. I finally capitulate and pull my weary ass off the futon to investigate the reason for this war of the bitches.

The last time it happened was 2 weeks ago and they were fighting over exclusive rights to a dead squirrel. Surely it couldn't be the same reason. I look in the igloo and... Lo and behold... it is! A big fatty at that. For several moments pride wells up in my heart. My babies have grown up to be rodent killers. Watch out all ye rodents who venture into my yard... Guido and his rodent killing posse will send you to your maker.

To end the arguement I take the limp body of the squirrel out and into the trash. Its still warm. The kill is fresh. I'm thinking that the last 2 weeks have not been good for squirrels. They have been dropping like flies in a room bombed with Raid. What could be the cause? Perhaps just a streak of bloddy bad luck.

So then I begin surfing and I find this site propogating death to squirrels. Then there is this poem to a dead squirrel , websites dedicated to the scary world of squirrels.... and if that wasn't enough there are even sculptures of dead squirrels. Now I'm thinking that there actually may be a sinister plot against these furry rodents. Does the Homeland Security department know about this?

More later... maybe.

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Been on the surfing trail this morning and found some goodies.

First... since I posted the suicidal squirrel story, a friend sent me a site about this Supermodel Squirrel. Perhaps if our late rodent friend had met her earlier... things might have been different. Thanks to Zonthar for being on the squirrel search this week and bringing this site to our attention. Your work with this little known Homeland Security department is much appreciated.

Think your job is shitty... lucky you are not working as a "Groom Of The Stool." Check out this site that lists the Worst Jobs In History. Enuff said.

If you come across a site or blog that you hate... get your frustrations out by invoking some form of disaster to it. Net Disaster features options that run the gamut from egging to nuking. Go nuts! Go postal! Watch it get what it deserves and laugh like a crazed scientist on steroids!

Celebrities caught in mid-blink... yeah, there is a blog to that too. Personally, Naked Celebs... passe... I'm waiting for the Nose Pickin Celeb site. Check out this pic of Donny Osmond looking like he is trying to do a Don Corleone .

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... its my Dad's birthday. He shuffled off this mortal coil when I was 12. In the few years I got to know him he was sickly. Nevertheless, he was a knight. Fighting the fight and yet maintaining courage and dignity throughout with gentle humor.

His stories are what I remember most. Fantabulous tales that he would spin from his sick-bed. My cousins and I would be totally engrossed with the wonder of the worlds he could create. The only man I knew who could send chills through the veins on a sunny afternoon and with the next story weave a tapestry of magic that embraced you with the longing for a lost love.

I raise a toast to Harold Carlos Nunis. I am honored to be your son. Happy Birthday, Dad.

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So, I murdered a squirrel yesterday. Just ran over the little furry bugger with the truck. To be fair... I'm pretty convinced that the squirrel had suicidal tendencies. He was waiting on the side of the road under a tree. Then, he suddenly darted out infront of the truck. He would have made it across the street too ... if he had not decided halfway to double back - 3 feet infront of the truck. It was then I felt a wee bump. Looking back in the rearview mirror I saw his little carcess limp on the asphalt... just as the 3 cars behind me squished him to oblivion.

Suicidal Squirrel - RIP Posted by Hello

I have often seen a dead squirrel on the road and mulled over the circumstances of its demise. Now I know. They are depressed and suicidal little creatures and there is nothing we can do about that. Look, I can understand that is not easy being called cruel things like..."a rat with a bushy tail." Its not like they can go seek help at the the Squirrel Shrink.

Then again, perhaps they do have a shrink... but he's no bloody good. Instead of listening to your issues... all the Squirrel Shrink does is chatter away -- complaining about the price of nuts, the rising rent for the hole in the tree where his office is, etc. Then you get a bill for 500 acorns for a session that leaves you more depressed than when you got there. The way I see it... as a squirrel there is really no option... but to off yourself.

So, one day... you get out of a session. You've just been informed by Herr Squirrel Shrink, that starting next week, sessions are going to cost 250 more acorns!! Sure, the Spring is here but you busted your furry little tail last Fall to amass the small stash in that secret hideaway. But since these sessions... its been depleted to where there is an echo in the room. Just you try to impress a romantic possibility... with an echo in the room! It just kills the mood. You know you're not going to get any until you fill the room up again.... and the earliest that is going to happen... is in the Fall!

Then you see an unsuspecting truck turn the corner... closely tailed by 3 cars. You know the driver of the truck has no choice but to barrel ahead. You make your move... and its over.

So... now... because of this deranged, depressed, needy squirrel... my KARMA IS TOTALLY SCREWED! Its just pushed my rodent killing account over the top! It stands now at 50 odd roof rats... and 1 squirrel. I could have gone with 500 more dead rats... but that one little squirrel just put it over the top and totally busted my karma account. One stupid little squirrel that didn't have the balls to suck it up and forge ahead - not having the guts to believe that "Its just nuts!" and "theres always a tomorrow!"

Damn that dead squirrel! I'm just dreading and wondering what my karma payback is going to be. Oh, woe... oh, woe is me.

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Found this blog with pics of this crazy building. For more pics of this wacky place click HERE. Posted by Hello

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So, instead of lesson-planning... I'm surfin blogs. No matter... I'm doing research... yeah, thats what I'm doing!

Among my travels this morning I came across:

* Check out THIS SITE. It has all those products that make life a dream. I went to Monterey a few weeks ago and there is an entire store dedicated to these "AS SEEN ON TV" stuff.

* Also came across this article about sex in college from

* There is also a wonderful site that will analyze your personality from your PIG DRAWINGS. Go ahead... draw that pig and see how you do.

Went out to the DP last night just to unwind. Ran into SM there and we had a minor discussion on sound systems for the old Memorial. Later went over to the Starline... but they were barely open. Decided to go home and watch network TV.

That is something I've been doing that quite a bit lately. The mindless stuff can be fun. The programs of substance can be engaging. Its interesting to see the thrends that cycle through the life of network TV. Most of their seasons are coming to an end and we will soon see in which direction each network decides to meander down in Fall.

My mind is slowly coming out of vacation mode. Its been there since the end of the festival ended. Sort of a sensory overload that caused a short circuit to cogent thinking.

more later...

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Dionysus: Greek God of Party & Theatre. Posted by Hello

So, it took a long, long time and a lot of pretentious energy for theatre to now be perceived as "boring."

I also read this post that... quite frankly scared the heck out of me... especially the "pig heart" part.

Then there was this other blog that was an open letter to Prince William that was sick and wrong.. but pretty damn funny. Actually, I thought it would be the basis for a new rewrite of "Richard III."

Continuing my afternoon surf I find this site where you can find the Japanese version of your name.

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Past, present & future winner of the "Village Idiot" award. Posted by Hello

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The good folk of Story, Ind., have spoken. Read all about it here.

E-filed the Federal taxes today. Will send off the State tomorrow. The returns are spent anyway so...

Did a Costco run today and was struck by the "culture of buying." Actually I've been thinking about this off and on for about a week. How we buy just for the sake of it. It doesn't matter if the items are needed or not. We just buy.

Sure there are times we will mull... just to justify what we intend to buy. Then there are those other times we "flash buy." How often have I found items still in their original wrapers.. from when they were bought over a year ago and thought to myself "Now, what did I buy that for?"

Thought of the Day:
We are all "winners" of the Village Idiot Award more times in our lives than we want to admit.

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The Strainer and the Hose - A Love Story

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hungry man unable to eat food in front of him - a wedding guest from chuck and cam's?

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I stayed up to watch the funeral. I'm glad I did. Now we wait for the white smoke.

Yesterday I helped break off a fight between 2 students... girls at that... little girls. It began as they were walking upstairs. Then one of them got the other down on the steps and just started pounding away. S and I got to them and pulled them apart... but they were still going. I fell on my butt while holding one of them. We finally took them outside and I left them to go back to class.

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My ICQ number... that is. Its like finding an old friend. I remember that I use to be on all the time. Its been years though.

I've also started a countdown on smoking. Figured that it was about time to kill the habit/addiction. So... I'm down to 10 a day today. One less everyday and late-nite helpings of vineger to leech out the nicotine in the system... and I should be fine.

Thought of the Day:
How perfect is every leaf I come across... different... but perfect.

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I was told this today after work. They couldn't find "space" for the performance. All this after the following exchange. (See... "Lack of motivation... " post for part 1 of this exchange)

how might the agency/school have done more? I guess I was at a loss M,...and you are right, my "thought juices" are a lot "tapped" right now... I am really proud of the students, and perhaps we can re-present their act at the openhouse on April 7th...I would like that very much!! What do you think?... L

To answer your question.. "how might the agency/school have done more?" I think just by supporting the kids by attending the show. But that is a moot point now and lets move on to the bigger and brighter future. Yes, I think it would be great for the kids to present their show at Open House. I will chat to them about it.If any calls come in for "outside gigs" how do you feel about them doing those? There is a teacher at Tehipite that is very intersted... and she is dealing with a similar demographic to ours.... m

I would support that...L

Needless to say... this has put the final nail in the coffin... so to speak. I am now officially looking for a new gig.

Things have gotten to the point of the ridiculous. The "Open House" was supposed to highlight the kids... instead its just turned into just another "internal stroking" phenomenon.

Be it as it is. I will make it up to the kids with gigs outside of school.

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I was just informed of this a few minutes ago. This is yet another "make us look good" gambit on the part of the agency. Suffice to say everyone around here is in the dark about it... and its only 2 days away!

This is going to set in motion varying levels of chaos in an already chaotic arena. What does not allow them to put aside their hubris and just admit that they are wrong? Yes, I do realize that they are an agency that deals with social work... but the best social work they can do is to allow the school to be a school and give the kids the best education possible.

It almost feels that they would rather this component fizzle out instead of sucking it up and getting a principal.


Thought of the Day:
If you have your head stuck so far up your ass... does your body form the number 6, 9, the letter b, d, or are you just a comma?

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I was a total slug on Saturday. It was as if my body just decided to lay down and not get up. I also was watching the coverage on JP II on the tube. I do have to admit that I was moved. He ( and the Dalai Lama ) are personal heros of mine.

The first half of Sunday was no better. Although by the afternoon I got into gear and finished cleaning out... or at least making the office a little more livable. There were all these scraps of papers in my pockets that I had to go through. I couldn't help but think of what Dotts use to say " Pockets filled with stuff... thats a sign of insanity." Could very well be true.

Today its back to the grind at work. There is at least a 40% absence rate. Perhaps its just the daylight savings malady/excuse. Then again most of these kids need very little excuse to be absent.

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The bells tolled mournfully. JP II ... have a good journey.

He was a man of respect... one rightous dude.

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The career fair at school today was quite the success. Kudos to Sam for making it happen. I know its been a long time dream of his.

Us, the teaching staff were somewhat uninformed of the plan for the day but that is just par for the course. At least we got out early and thats always a plus.

Was going to head home right after but detoured to Javawava instead. Needed to get caffinated before I hit the computer at home. We have a HARD CORE meeting later today that I had to prepare for. Its time to restructure the operational structure of the Rogue Festival and begin a 3 year and 10 year plan. Time for the organization to "grow up."

Its going to be a funky transition. Lisa leaves on Thursday and Number 1 needs to move into my skin... so to speak. There is some reshuffeling to be done and I'm sure that this will piss some of the folk off. Oh well...

Thought for the Day:
If you ain't doing it for money... its a hobby... or at least a grand obsession.

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