... I stirred up a nice big bowl of zesty and spicy Gazpacho (chunky, of course... love the crunch) and cut watermelon in the fridge. And got a loaf of sourdough. I think I'll be grazing all day. In fact, I'm off for some watermelon now.

Some of my favorite Summer fixin's.

I'll update later... and include the weekend movie selection.

UPDATE: It's later.

Since KFarmer asked in the comment section... I'll share my version of Gazpacho with you.

What you'll need...

Part 1
3 cucumbers (seeded - scooped out with a spoon - then diced)
5 firm tomatoes (seeded - scooped out with a spoon - then diced)
3 bell peppers (seeded- then diced)
1 hot pepper (seeded- then diced)
1/2 sweet red onion (diced)
1 clove garlic - smashed or finely chopped

Part 2
red wine vinegar - 2 tablespoons
Worcester sauce - 2 tablespoons
squeeze of one lime
salt & pepper to taste

Part 3
1 can V8
1 can V8 spicy

Put part one in a bowl. Season to taste with part 2 and let it sit for 10 minutes to marinade. Put the seeded portions of the cucumber and tomatoes into a blender with the V8. Blend then pour into the bowl with part 1 & 2. Cool in fridge for 1 hour.

Generous servings for 4 and should be eaten with hot bread. It's the perfect anytime Summer dish and really great with Sangria...

weekend movie selection

I'm sure most have wondered on some occasions how different our lives would have gone if...
  • we had caught that bus instead of missing it
  • we had not approached that person sitting at the coffeeshop
  • we had worn the blue outfit instead of the black
I could go on and on but that is the very basis of Sliding Doors. The question of "what if?" In this case the options are played out by our protagonist, Gwyneth Paltrow on weather she catches the train or not. What's really interesting is that BOTH options are examined in parallel... almost simultanously as this movie plays out. One would expect that this could get very confusing after a while... but the clever structure of the script makes it all seem quite straight forward as both stories are interwoven with each other. Nothing too heavy here and the film is actually a pleasant romantic comedy. Definitely worth the look-see.

Here are some short quotes from the film.
James: Everybody's born knowing all the Beatles lyrics instinctively. They're passed into the fetus subconsciously along with all the amniotic stuff. Fact, they should be called "The Fetals".
Patron in Restaurant where Helen is a waitress: Hey, gorgeous. What do you do when you're not serving up mad cow burgers in here, eh?
Helen: Well, now, then, let me see. I get up at about 7:30AM making and delivering sandwiches in the West End during the day before I come here about 6 o'clock and finish at midnight. After that, if I've got any energy left, I give my boyfriend a blow job.
Helen: Would you like some mayonnaise with that?
Lydia: Gerry, I'm a woman! We don't say what we WANT! But we reserve the right to get pissed off if we don't get it. That's what makes us so fascinating! And not a little bit scary.

Cheers and have a great weekend!!

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... well absinthe does make the heart grow fonder. You've heard me speak of this before... so, I won't bore you. (don't you love the blue flame burning the suger cube though?) If you are here just for the pic.... look no further. If you actually want stuff to read... there are a couple of posts below.


now you've read it... spew forth - |

Feeling pretty prolific today... so, here's another post. I made a cryptic comment a few posts ago that several of you had enquired about. Here is Part 1.

1. "This is your first piece and you guys are writing a musical about a singing frog? I've been in the local theatre scene for years and I'll tell you why it will never work. One, this is Malaysia, man! Two, you don't have a big local name in it... OK, Mike is an emerging name... but that's in the jazz world! Three, a musical has never been written and produced by a couple of local boys - no one will pay money to see anything local!" - about "Frogway" circa August 1980, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... over 2000 tickets sold for the 4 performance run.

2. "It's called "Frogway", it's about a singing frog and it's a musical? Well... the Experimental Theater Company is set up for our students to try out stuff and also allows for the luxury to fail... not really about big box-office. In fact, our productions over the last 4 years have hardly broken even. Oh, and you will get our standard production budget... $450." - about "Frogway" circa Spring 1982, California State University, Fresno... 3 sell-out performances over a 4 performance run.

3. (from an actor) "O.K... during that exorcism scene last night... I'm pretty damn sure I wasn't on stage but people keep telling me how good I was in it!" (actor listens to my explanation) "You're shitting me, right? That was not dramatic license... that's actually a real ceremony? Fuck! So, some... entity was using my body on stage???" - about "Wax Figures" circa Fall 1986, California State University, Fresno... Masters project in playwriting & directing.

4. "Let me get this straight... you've been commissioned to adapt the piece for the stage. You accepted the gig because you HATE the original. So, you've decided to take this much beloved Hans Christian Anderson story, set it in Fresno... where there's no snow... which is paramount to the story - girl freezes to death in the show? Hello? Now you're telling me that a major chunk of this adaptation of "The Little Match Girl" will be 2 kids on the stage talking about life and death... and in the plot you kill off 3 people. And this is a holiday show for children's theatre?" - about "A Bundle Of Wishes" circa sometime in 1988, Fresno Childrens Playhouse... where I was one of 2 playwrights in residence for the next 3 years.

more to come... sometime.

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... and spent most of it finishing off a new website for Ashtree Studios. These fine folk have been hosts to a Rogue cafe venue and gallery for the past 3 years and are some of our biggest supporters. They wanted something simple, elegant and functional. I'm hoping to get it up and "live" by Friday. Aileen, the owner/artist has a new series of work she will be unveiling at ArtHop on the 9th. All pretty exciting stuff! They'll be swinging by sometime this week to check out what I've done. I hope they like it. After that I'll be creating the new pre-Rogue site... and sometime this Summer I will finally get my own site up for my plays... something I've been promising myself for the past 3 years.

Went out for drinks last night with SSM. Kowboi was there along with Katie and Rach. Jade Ed turned up as well. When she found out that I was 3 scotches to the wind she coaxed me to read palms. (Sneaky girl). If Zonthar was present he would have spit out in disgust "That Damn Malaysian's Shrine is ON!" That's what my male friends call it, "the Shrine." Apparently, I'm pretty good after 3 or 4 scotches... the women swear by it. I actually do make an effort to veer away from that these days but Jade Ed caught me at a weak moment. In days of yore there are tales that regale of times when every woman at the bar was lining up to get a palm reading from a very drunk me. On one occasion there was a line of 20-30 women reaching from the pub area all the way into the dining room. Their male companions were left to sit alone to pick their noses and stare at me with disdain while I looked at palms and blatter away... or so I'm told.

That's all I have for now. You have a good day.

EDIT: Just to make sure you got a small dose of education today... CLICK HERE!

Oh, and certain conditions have to be present before I can even consider reading palms. 1.) I have to be slap-happy drunk on scotch to where I'm incapable of saying "no". 2.) You HAVE to be physically present... because touch is a major factor in this deal.


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... but for now... go check out my friend Kien who today has begun his very own version of Musical Monday!

I've never done this before but... we'll get to that in a while. Mum needed to get a couple of shoes today and requested that I take her to Kohl's... which I did at 10ish this morning. I had been hermitizing the past week and decided that it was time for me to get out and about for a bit... so, this fit into my plans perfectly.

While Mum browsed in the shoe section I sauntered through men's wear. I wasn't looking for anything in particular... just checking out what they had. As I did... a strange yet old familiar sensation came over me as I eyed a sand colored Summer suit. I actually wanted to buy it!

This was strange because I hadn't felt this prickly little rush in years. Familiar because oh so long ago I was quite the dapper dresser. This was the pre-marriage days... before my lovely ex-wife bought me jeans. Not that I had never owned a pair of jeans before then... I had... but always considered them "work-wear". It was my ex who actually convinced me that jeans could be worn as "casual-wear"... which until that point meant at least a pair of pleated linen pants for me. Since then my wardrobe has never quite been in the mode of elegance that it use to be. So, did I buy said sand colored Summer suit? (Only $130) No... but I seriously considered it. Though it was nice to know that I still have pretty damn impeccable taste in clothes.

So, once Mum had made her purchases I suggested lunch at her favorite Chinese buffet place. She was delighted at the prospect as she had been cooped up at the homestead of late and was on the verge of cabin fever. We drive down there and are shown our table. The friendly (and cute) waitress welcomed us. She had remembered us from a couple of months ago and throughout our meal... kept coming over with tidbits of friendly chatter. She even wrote our names in Chinese on napkins. She was very sweet (I did already mention that she was cute, didn't I?) and was really making an extra special effort to connect... lavishing more attention on us than anybody else. So, what did I do? I (in a moment of measured abandon) GAVE HER MY NUMBER!

Yes, I'll admit I was quite captivated with her (remember, she's cute)... but I'll have you know... I have never done this before! Really! That is so damn forward... just not my style!!! WTF is wrong with me???

To cap it off here is Mum's comment as we walked to the car, "That girl is really quite resourceful."

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... if you didn't catch "Lies My Father Told Me" onstage either at the Rogue Festival or last Thursday at Full Circle Brewing Company... it just ain't happening again. That was the last performance. The reason? Most of my friends know that I really hate being on stage. O.K. that's an easy cop out.

The actual reason is I really wasn't even planning on doing it for the Full Circle gig except that I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending during the Rogue. So, the gig on Thursday provided me with the opportunity to craft a better ending. Which I think was achieved... at least to my personal satisfaction... and still managed to keep the source material intact and fairly pure. So, now I can put that one to rest and move on.

I knew even as I was initially cobbling the show together that it didn't really have "legs" past the festival. Even though for a couple of minutes there I did entertain the fantasy that it could possibly go further. But in order for that to happen I would have to employ my playwriting tricks to "craft" it further... And that's just not something I am willing to do. These are my father's stories... Were presented that way and they should remain as such. So, in it's present form it is a mild, charming and somewhat entertaining curiosity for an audience that I hope honored my father. Who knows... Perhaps plot elements from those stories may be developed into a different form down the line. However, continuing to do the show in it's present form would cross the line into indulgence... And goodness knows I already used up my quota of that.

If you managed to catch it... Thank you for allowing me to share my inheritance with you. I had fun doing it. If you told me you were going to (especially if you live in town) but didn't or couldn't for whatever reason... Sorry... You may have actually have enjoyed it.

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I've decided to show off one pith a day (not specifying the days either) on this blog. Think of it as a pith-tease of sorts. LOL! (O.K. I'll admit that was pretty lame.)

Of the new piths I have... let me first introduce the Wolseley which was named after Army Chief of Staff, Sir Garnet Wolseley in and around 1902, at the close of the Victorian era. This was really a new and improved redesign of this type of helmet that was used during the Boer War and still retains a bit of the "beak" in the front of the brim. The major difference with the Wolseley is that the top or the bowl is a little shorter and brim at the back is longer to protect the neck from the sun. ( Here is a full side view.) These were used during the Gallipoli campaign all the way up to WWII.

Worn mainly by British forces in the desert and tropical sectors of the Empire. The cool thing about this one... when worn backward... you could look like Daffy Duck in that one episode when his bottom bill was shot off.

Here is the front view of this pith. (Damn, this dry heat is really frizzing out my hair.) In my opinion... just from a design standpoint... this is the sexiest of the pith designs. That is of course only if one could find pith helmets sexy. I have seen pictures of women wearing this accessorised with a long colorful silk scarf around the band, knotted in the back with a tail.

Other stuff updates later in the day.

It's 102 outside and climbing. I'm indoors for the rest of the afternoon. So, here's some other stuff.

market & food
This morning I went off to the farmers market for some cukes, bananas and a papaya. Got home and prepared a generous portion Thai cuke salad a put it in the fridge. This will be the grazing dish for today. I'm planning on cutting the papaya (with a squeeze of lime) for tomorrow. Withe the current whether I think it's just gonna be fruits and veges for the next couple of days.

astaire & rogers
I was watching "Shall We Dance" (1937) with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers last night. Let's face it... no one really went to those movies for the plot. They are fluffy and charming but I mainly watch them for the great art deco sets and the dancing. Good God, even by today's standards... those dance sequences are still bloody breathtaking! Astaire personified class and Rogers... woof! Isn't it amazing that Astaire single handedly introduced about half of the "american songbook" of the first half of last century to the world... and was never really recognized as a singer. Kern, Rogers, Porter, Berlin and the Gershwins all wrote for him.

no mo show
Chances are if you live in the area and missed my show on Thursday... you'll probably never see it. You'll have to come back tomorrow or Monday to find out why.

Hope your Saturday is cooler than mine.

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It was a good crowd. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Here are a couple of pics. And... yes, it does look like we fell asleep during our performances. LOL!

More updates later in the day including the weekend movie selection.

Damn! I look like a crazed voodooman in that pic.

It's going to be a long hot weekend. Projected temperatures are supposed to hit 110 tomorrow. The plan here is to get as much done outside before 10 AM then hole up in the cool of the inside for the rest of the day.

Last night was a good start to the Rogue Year Round experiment. The choice of acts was made as a deliberate effort to feel things out from both the producing and performing aspects. By experiencing it first hand we will be better equipted to inform our performers of both the pluses and limitations of the space. Conclusion? Full Circle is a great space for the bigger acts. Thereminman and I did the best we could... but we were fighting the space. So, it is done and now we move on.

I've been looking at my new piths. I'll post pictures of me in them soon.

weekend movie selection

Another favorite of mine. Based on a true story "Searching For Bobby Fischer" tells the story of a young chess prodigy who battles the "collective wisdom" of society to win the championship. The "collective wisdom" in this case is the now widely accepted (and seemingly becoming the only) tactic of crushing the opponent in order to win. Instead, the main character of Josh quietly wins on his own execellence and with the grace of sportsmanship. At one point he even refuses to accept kudos for his accomplishments as compared to another (in this case, Bobby Fischer) and asserts that he be accepted for himself.

The movie has some wonderful supporting talent including Ben Kingsly, Joan Allen and Laurence Fishburn. Yet it is the quiet dignity and performance of Max Pomerance that keeps one transfixed to the screen. Do catch it if you get the chance... if only to be reminded what "winning" really means.

Have a great weekend!


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... I haven't replied to recent comments because I'm being "the crazy guy in the back room talking to himself" at the moment. I guess it's a little better than "the crazy guy in the truck talking to himself" which is what I was when I first did this show. Please know that I do appreciate the visits and comments. Regular irregular programing will resume sometime on Friday after the show is done. (And perhaps by then my new piths would have arrived too!)



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... and I want to get an early start so I can get most of it accomplished before the heat hits. So, short post tonight.

Reworked and rehearsed the show today... it flows a little better now... at least I think so. The only way to really know is to see if it will tango on Thursday.

Observation: I think I tend to freak out my theatre friends sometimes. LOL! (I'll elaborate some other time.)

Not sure if I'll have the time to post HNT this week. We'll see.

BTW... sweet post on Mustang's tonight.

You all have a good day.

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Which is what I'm planning to do over the next couple of days. Yes, I am reworking my show... can't leave well enough alone, ya know. Hopefully we will get a great crowd on Thursday. Thereminman will be great... then folks can watch me slowly twirl in the wind on stage. LOL!

With my whole pith obsession (two posts down)... I'm seriously thinking that I should market them as some sort of fashion wear. What do you think?

My friend RP is headed off to England on Thursday. I'm hoping that Kien will be able to hook up with him there. I'm sure I'll hear all about it when he gets back.

Not much for now... perhaps more in the morning.

EDIT: It's morning.

OK... it's closer to noon. I'm at a bit of a loss today... not in a bad way... just floaty. One of those days that seems made for more but one can't quite grasp just what that is. I think that's the reason I posted that jungle bridge picture last night. It's heading somewhere but one is not quite sure what is beyond. I thought going down to the coffeeshop (which I did) would help kick start things... it didn't. And it's not like I have a lack of things to do... I just am not in an "accomplishing mood" at the moment.

Oh, I did check the extended forecast and discovered that it's going to hit 103 degrees on Thursday - which is when we perform. Oh joy.

If I get the inkling I may update later. If not (and weather I do or don't) go over to KFarmer's and check out the latest installment of her "Just Fishing" story. It's really quite good... and those who know me well know I don't give out kudos easily. If you haven't already started reading them you can catch up on episodes from a link in her sidebar... or just CLICK HERE!

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Here... I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Here... I'll let the pictures do the talking. And boy, do I need rehearsing before thursday!

Anyway, one more time before Thursday...

Just to give you time to make travel arrangements... unless of course you live in and around the area... then turn up, dammit - and bring lots of friends! And for more info just click the pic!

EDIT: 1:08 PM
Thanks Dusty for the plug on your blog!

Oh, and there was a blurb in the local paper yesterday with a picture and all! Here is the text.

Coming full circle

(Updated Sunday, June 18, 2006, 5:24 AM)

Didn't get enough of Fresno's acclaimed Rogue Festival in March?

Then you'll be happy to learn that the city's fringe festival is seeping into summer.

Rogue Year Round brings back two popular acts 8 p.m. Thursday to the Full Circle Brewing Co., 620 F St.

Blake Jones' "Ill-Advised Solo Show," which deals with what its creator calls "the decidedly non-dinner-table subjects of politics and religion," features Jones on guitar.

And Marcel Nunis presents an encore of "Lies My Father Told Me," a storytelling exercise.

It can be hard to catch every show at the Rogue because there are so many options and venues; this is your chance to catch up on a couple of the festival's well-known names.

Tickets are $5. Rogue Year Round plans monthly performances at Full Circle. Details: www.roguefestival.com.


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So, part of my madness this weekend is this. I could have spent the time cleaning up and rehearsing for the barbecue tomorrow. To be fair to myself (and I try to be most of the time) I did go to the local farmers market, bought a mess of fresh veges and cooked up a great dhall curry for Mum and me for lunch. After which I watched the first bonus disk of the "Gladiator" extended edition (great stuff btw) and napped.

When I got up I began surfing the net for pith helmets! WTF? Some of you know that I already own one... exactly like the top one here to the right... infact I'm wearing it in my avatar.

I was looking for something like this (similar to the ones used during the Boer Wars) because frankly, I always kinda liked the shape of it. Found several sites with some wildly differing prices. But being the frugal shopper that I am... I kept looking. My heart pounding faster and my breath quickening as I surfed from site to site. With each site my obsession grew. The challenge was to see how many models were really available on the market. I noticed that mostly army surplus and the higher priced hat stores were carrying these.

Then I found this, a Wolseley Pith - it was instant love! I had to have it! I kept surfing and even found the site to the company that makes them in Vietnam. (They have a new line that made my head spin... can't wait for those to hit the market!) I already knew a little history about the pith helmets and that these were all the real deal made out of cork. Remember, I own the top one... and I had been burned in the past by replicas made out of pressed paper. Great to look at but useless from a practical standpoint. Yeah, like pressed paper was going to stand up to a tropical downpour... Jeez!

Anyway, when I came across this... I was having a serious case of the vapors! (Truman owned one of these - in white!!) Now if I could only find a site that sold them at a reasonable price. Would I? Could I? I DID! Yes, I bought all three of them... and it only set me back about $60 with shipping! I wanted to light a cigarette from the afterglow. Perhaps I should have... but I continued to surf.

Then I came across this (on the bottom) ... the Indian Pith, sometimes known as the "bombay bowler"... but the 3 sites that carried it... had priced it way beyond my present budget. This was the pith of all piths! This was what I was really looking for in the first place (O.K.... next to the one that was used in the Boer War)! I mean, look at the elegance of that beauty!!! (Anyone want to buy this for me... yeah, I didn't think so.) Now, I can only pine until I get it. ::sob:: ... I should have cleaned up and rehearsed instead.

Don't look at me like that! You have your... shoes... or baseball cards... I've got my piths!

EDIT: noon: There seems to be some interest in the piths. I may be starting a bit of a fashion trend here... LOL... go figure! So, here are a couple of links to some sites where you can get them. This one has a great selection but the prices are almost double from this one that has less of a selection... and they come from the SAME manufacturer! Perhaps I should go into business myself. Am I a frugal shopper or what?? If you do buy one... send me a pic of you wearing it

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EDIT: 11:24 AM
I have always loved this version of the song... and this weekend it speaks to my mood. Enjoy!

Powered by Castpost

I got a late start on Thursday. I decided that I would sleep in for a bit then go get the laundry done. Now that it's all official (see post below)... I figured I'd just ease into my new freedom on my own time.

The celebatory drinks the night before were sweetened by the company of Mustang and RP - both of whom were wonderful and supportive (though I did catch a glimpse of "poor stupid bastard" head shaking for an instant there). Kowboi and gang also turned up and the patio bar became quite the lively venue.
There was a moment of panic though when I arrived home with the wash today to find (or in this case NOT FIND) my mother at home. Over a year ago, something similar happened and I received a call informing me that she had fallen and was in the hospital. I didn't panic this time. I waited - hoping perhaps one of my friends had come over and taken her for a drive (which she quite likes and often pesters for one). Turns out she was at a neighbors. Phew!
Well, this weekend I am holding a barbecue (on Sunday) for an invited audience where Thereminman and I will perform snippets of our upcoming show. (Yes, we will be doing that in my garage theater!) We hope this audience will :-
  • Be so bowled over by the snippet they experience that they will bring a ton of people to the show.
  • Our preview will be so bad they will bring a ton of people to our show just to watch us bomb big-time on stage.
Either way it's a win-win. Was on the horn with SSM earlier and I think we're serving tri-tips and fancy sausages for Sunday's gig.

Oh, and I received an email from a local reporter who stated that he loved the press release (and there would be a small something in the paper on Sunday). I think the fact that I included the text from this had something to do with it.

weekend movie selection

This is one of those movies one picks up at the rental place purely out of morbid curiosity just because of the make up of the cast. I mean Alfonso Arau (who directed "Like Water For Chocolate") directs a movie with Cheech Marin, Sharon Stone and Woody Allen - WTF? Then, you take it home pop it in... and it's a funny and entertaining movie!

"Picking Up The Pieces" starts off with a man who kills his somewhat slutty wife - disposes of the body - all except her severed hand that is frozen in the "bird flip" position - which through a series of mishaps becomes- a religious icon!!! Yep, pretty damn funny! One of those movies to watch with a beer or three (coronas are good) and a healthy helping of chips and salsa.

This is a wonderful piece of the absurd played out fast and furious to fun delight. I would even go so far as to call it a "party movie". Check it out if you can. No quotes from the movie... but here is a link to the trailer.

Have a Great Weekend!


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This was delivered at 11:30 AM this morning. I also turned in the laptops and the keys.
Figured this was pretty nekkid. Click for a bigger picture to read the text.
I'm out for a drink... to toast new beginings. (Hopefully I can pull it off.)



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... a monthly meeting of the local arts coalition in the morning. Once it was done I sauntered across the street to the farmers market and picked up five dollars worth of produce. Got home and cooked. I decided that the menu for the day would be a sour curry with pork and chinese squash served up over a bed of garlic rice. What a pleasure it was. Almost like being reacquainted with an old friend. I was surprised by my own ease with which I fell back into it. The cutting and prep all the way up to the final touch of garnish - all accomplished with a quiet joy. Then of course it was lunch and a nap.

More updates later on this hump day.

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... there are times when I wonder if I am a total idiot for giving up my regular employment. It pays good... (to be frank) a little better than OK. The hours are great. Benefits. Yada, yada, yada. So, what did I base my decision on? The bad days out weight the good. I actually turned in my letter of resignation last year... and was talked into staying.

In a way I'm glad I did stay. It gave me a year to try... which I did... but the bad days still out weighed the good... but now I leave without malice. (long story... some other time perhaps.) I would have stayed if it had evened out. Until last week they were still trying to keep me. My honest answer was " The kids will be short-changed if I do." Even though they are at wits end to replace me, teaching is NOT something one should do just for a paycheck. Never ever! There are too many lives at stake.

Today I thought that it was time I set a routine for my new chapter. After gabbing at the java haunt and getting hopped up on the bean I came home and worked a bit on Junglewebs. I then began work on reworking the poster for the gig and updated the website. The new graphic I think is better than the old. (so much so, I have one pinned on the wall in front of me... and I hate pictures of moi.) Went to the printers to make a batch of them. Ran down thereminman on the street and gave him his share and created an article on a local e-zine to promo the show. (Really, the "exchange" looked like a drug deal to the pedestrian.)

Of course, I can't do anything the way most sane people do... so I created this and I'm sticking to it. My target is to get 50 paying people to the show. I'm even going to send it to the local paper in that format.

Somewhere in there kamotion called from the east-coast and we gabbed about arts marketing... and how most folks in the fine and performing arts are total BOZOs about promo and marketing their product. (WARNING! Short rant up ahead.) See folks, this is what happens when you put the arts into academia and they forget that it is a CRAFT that is dependent on GIGS to live! Look, I'm thankful for the education I got in collage (you can analyze a piece to death... but how is it played with honesty?) but the bottom line is GIGS! I really don't care how great the "art" you created is... but it doesn't exist if you do not have an audience!!!! It is the sharing of expression of the human experience that makes it live. Ever wondered why it's called HUMANITIES??? (O.K... rant over. Short, sweet and to the point... don't you think?)

So, that's been my day. There are other things floating in my noodle but I'll get to those once I can articulate them in some coherent fashion. Just indulge my lunacy for the moment... please! (I'm thinking that perhaps this is stress over actually having to rehearse my show again... and making it better! OY!) And people actually wonder why I don't have a "significant other" in my life at the moment... Puleeze! LOL!

now you've read it... spew forth - |

Saturday started off with the intent of going out for coffee but I decided instead to stay in and fiddle around on the computer. At noon there was a Rogue Board of Directors meeting where I officially stepped down as Managing Producer. After starting this festival and running it for the last 5 years... I think it's time. Dr. O will now take up the reigns as I step back to develop the Rogue Year Round component of the organization. For the most part it's been a good transition. Yes, there are things still to accomplish and now time and effort will make it happen.

Later that afternoon Jade Ed and SSM came by to pick me up for a barbecue over at APJ's only to find me zonked out in the office. It's been that way of late. The pollen levels have been so high due to the wacky whether around here this year that... I've been zonkers for most days. Anyway, we got to APJ's, ate, drank and indulged in more absurd and kooky sex talk. (This group is out of control - not a line goes by with out some innuendo attached to it. Oy) By 8 PM I was getting all clogged up from being out in the country. Got a ride home and passed out in my bed while the rest played with telescopes over in the country at APJ's.

Sunday morning found me at the usual java haunt kebitzing with the usual gang of suspects. I came home... cleaned out the office and spent the rest of the afternoon surfing, watching movies and working a bit on the computer. It's been pretty dead around town... I suspect that folks are taking advantage of the great wheather to do out-doozy stuff before the onslaught of triple digit heat hits. So, that's been pretty much it for the weekend. Nothing spectacular... but a pleasant one anyway.

Oh yeah... I did put this up... so, I guess I did accomplish something... other than cleanup. Hope yours was a good one.


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Yesterday was unlike the day before. Where the day before I was holed up working on the computer for 12 straight hours... yesterday I was out and about for 12 straight hours. Both good days though.

Anyway, without further ado... (drumroll)

weekend movie selection

Probably one of the most celebrated heart attacks put on the big screen All That Jazz is Bob Fosse's take on his own life. The story follows Joe Gideon, a hard drinking, drug taking, womanizing, brilliant director/choreographer into a period of his life where he is directing a Broadway musical and finishing up a movie.

Yes, it is a blatant autobiographical piece that is stunning to behold. The "NY/LA" production number alone is worth the look see. Fosse literally and allegorically rips his heart out with this one in a sardonic and unflinching honest view of his life in the New York theatre world... yet makes it so damn theatrical and entertaining at the same time. It is one of my favorite movies of all time... plus I've always enjoyed the idea of death as a beautiful woman seducing you.

Here are some quotes from the movie:

Michelle Gideon: It's just that I keep wondering, Dad. Why don't you get married again?
Joe Gideon: I don't get married again because I can't find anyone I dislike enough to inflict that kind of torture on.
Dancer Backstage: Fuck him! He never picks me!
Dancer Backstage: Honey, I *did* fuck him and he never picks me either.
Joe Gideon: Katy, I try to give you everything I can give.
Kate Jagger: Oh, you give all right - presents, clothes. I just wish you weren't so generous with your cock.

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... to post here. I have some running around to do today so the Friday post will be up later in the day... including the weekend movie selection. I'm leaving you with this for now. For some other fun time wasters go to the Generator Blog.

Cheers for now!

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I got the garden watered, laundry done, bills made out and mailed, breakfast aquired and even managed to lollygag with the gang at the usual java haunt... all accomplished by 10:05 AM. Yep, just call me Mr. Efficient... just because the cloud cover in the Big No is threatening a higher level of humidity this afternoon... and it's something I'm trying to avoid working in. And as a reward for accomplishing so much in such a short span of time... I just may buy myself some ice-cream and take me out to a movie... not bad for the first day of freedom.

EDIT: Didn't do the ice-cream or movie. Instead a friend came by and whisked me off for Happy Hour... figured it would be a good HNT pic... me and a scotch and soda!

Go over to to my lovely cuz Lelly's and give her some birthday love too!
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... and a reporter for the local Fox affiliate saunters up with her cameraman, sticks a microphone in my face and says,

"So, what do you think about the date today being 666?"

"It's a lovely set of numbers."

"So, you're going to be out all day... you are not superstitious?"

"No, it's a nice day... the whether is perfect."

Not getting anything sensational out of me, she sticks her microphone into Charlie's face and asks the same question getting similar replies. When she walked away I wondered to myself if we would actually turn up on the 10 o'clock news tonight.

And on another note...

The question has been posed to me on many occasions. "Do you think you'll ever get married again?" My standard reply is, "I enjoyed it when I was married... but I don't see it happening." To which a "Why not?" is a common follow-up... and my usual retort is a partial tongue-in-cheek, "I'm a selfish bastard."

Partial because it is true. Let me clarify. In the short span of time on this earth I have observed 4 basic types of couples and a rough population pecentage of the types I've come across.

1. The "love birds" - the couple that lights up whenever the other enters the room. And this even occurs after more than 20 years of togetherness. 10%

2. The "perfect partners" - the couple that are perfect complements to each other. Not neccessary still in love after 20 years like the "love birds" but they know they have a workable good thing worth fighting tooth and nail for nevertheless. 20%

3. The "we're use to each other" - the couple that may not be complements to each other but have a fairly workable arrangement... though almost resigned to being with each other more out of habit than desire. 50%

4. The "dysfunctional-o-rama" - not a week goes by without at least half a dozen "dramas" in their lives with each other. 20%

And there are sub-sets of course... but these are the 4 I have observed. I'm a gambling man who has been known to take some wild chances but the odds and percentages in this particular arena of life make me a selfish bastard. Of course, I could change my mind next week. (See - I am open to possibilities! LOL!)

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... not in a particularly spectacular fashion. One of those days that come and go without fuss and you only realize how "well" it was late at night or days later. Really, there was nothing out of the ordinary... no specific event... it just went well.

This gave me pause to think about the appreciation we have... or may not have for the days we live. Even the trying ones. Perhaps especially the trying ones. Do we stop to appreciate that we are living through it? Do we realize what a gift it is to be able to feel and experience even that which is unpleasent? How many days like that do we wish never happened? And if those didn't happen... then neither did we... then days that went well like mine did today couldn't either.

Just another one cigarette thought.

(pic may follow when blogger is not being a bugger)

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Here are the last of our theatre kids to graduate. The graduation went off well yesterday and we were all proud of them!

Way to go guys!

This morning I went over to one of my usual java haunts. I would have left earlier... but didn't. The reason? The annual Gay Pride Parade. Enjoy the slideshow below... just happened to have my camera handy.

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Since, I made a deal yesterday about announcements... I guess I better deliver. First, I want to Thank each and every one of you who came by... especially those of you who dropped comments of support. I really appreciate your thoughts and care. This next chapter may be an insane move but it's something that I have been thinking about for quite a while.

It's one step at a time, I guess... and here are the first 2.

Oh... a little fun at the bottom once you've read the post.

Announcement number 1

Yes, Thereminman and I are remounting our Rogue shows from this year. It's all part of a new program called Rogue-Year-Round with the diabolical intent of saturating this city with more arts happenings than you can shake a crooked stick at.

You can read a description of HIS SHOW HERE... and AUDIENCE REVIEWS HERE. You can also read a description of MY SHOW HERE... and AUDIENCE REVIEWS HERE... and a review of my show by the LOCAL PAPER HERE!

Have I used up my quota of obnoxious caps in this post yet? No? O.K. Have no clue what the Rogue is? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

So, if you are in this neck of the woods... come on by and check it out at FULL CIRCLE BREWING a micro-brewery with some oh so tasty brews. Remember, the more you drink... the more brilliant we will appear to you on stage.

Announcement number 2

So, I've entered into the fast paced business of domain reselling from a very reputable registrar who I have bought from for years. It's something I can do from home. This is important because my mother is getting on and needs a presence (mine) at the homestead more and more. Am I relying on this to create a steady stream of income... eventually... hopefully. It's a start in a pretty competitive business and I'm giving it a gung-ho stab. Of course, I will be looking into other options for income streams as well. (I'll be sure to let you know as they come along.) But you can support me at the moment by:-
  • buying products for your web needs from Jungle Webs.
  • sending people to buy their web products from Jungle Webs.
  • inserting an attractive Jungle Webs banner on your site or blog to help me get the word out. (to get your very own banner go HERE to copy and paste the code for your blog.)
It's something I will continue to develop to get traffic and business hopping. It's all about volume. There are some great deals and I'll be offering some great "sales" in the weeks to come. If this goes well... and steady in the months to come... I'll be able to support my theatre habit. And you can help me with the exposure. Mega THANKS if you do! Oh... and more FUN banners will be coming soon.

I'm tired so my take on the weekend movie selection will have to wait for morning. But, for now... here is the poster.

Cheers & Goodnight!

EDIT: 6:20 AM - Friday

weekend movie selection

I have followed the work of Chinese director Zhang Yimou for several years now. Ju Dou was one of the first films that made me a follower. Starring the beautiful and ultra talented Gong Li the story is set in a small town in rural China in the early 1920's. She plays the young wife of the owner of a dye factory and is beaten almost every night by this sadistic bastard who is wanting an heir for his fortune. She in turn produces one through an affair she has with his "nephew" who also works at the home factory. The rest has to be watched.

To say that this plays out like a Greek Tragedy would be an understatement with a plot that has more twist, turns and reversals that will make your head spin more than once. The acting is powerful and the visuals breath taking. An amazing cinematic achievement for all involved only to be banned in the country of it's creation. They have recently re-released it on DVD and is well worth the rental.

Cheers and have a good Weekend!

EDIT: 8:17 PM - And just for the heck of it ... make kowboi's eyes move with your mouse! Hold... it may take a little to load. To start... mouse over the blank spot below... and if you don't have it yet... download a flash player.

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