Half-Nekkid Thursday #5

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Thought I'd do something a little different this time around. In my past HNT posts you have been introduced to Jimmy, Audrey, Stan and my left eye (great suggestions for names from many of you, but I haven't decided quite yet.) I have written (some rather long winded) stories that many of you have expressed enjoyment reading. Thank You. And for the most part the posts have been somewhat civilized. (Nothing wrong with that... I rather like being civilized.) I'm also posting early as I'm mired in 2 gigs for the next few weeks

This time however, I thought I'd allow my theatrical side dictate... since I am a theatre person. I decided not to post a story for this edition. I instead decided to post something simple, subtle and understated... but theatrical nevertheless. To enjoy the full effect of this... MAKE SURE THE SOUND ON YOUR COMPUTER IS TURNED ON before you click the link to my HNT contribution for this week.


Enjoy. And for more HNT go to the Mighty Osbasso's Site. He's the guy who started it all and you can find links to other HNT crazies there! BTW today is also Malaysia's Independence Day!

12 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday #5”

  1. Blogger Mustang 

    OK, so I sit on your face..but doesn't that cover up "The Eye"?


  2. Blogger MacManus 

    Lmao...now thats talent! YAY for HNT!

  3. Blogger Tish 

    Hahaha! Happy HNT!

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    mustang - you sitting on me is one hell of a frightening thought.

    paul - cheers, mate!

    tish - glad I got a chuckle out out you!

  5. Blogger just.a.girl 

    classy song... :)

  6. Blogger Lelly 

    Cuz!! I am shocked!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!That's really funny...you obviously went to a lot of effort this HNT, whereas I just pulled my skirt down! :-)

  7. Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd 

    Worth it, even after I waited for my slow dial up connect

    and nice picture, looks like there might be more of it somewhere..

  8. Blogger littlefeet 

    that is a great pic!!


  9. Blogger Chick 

    Thanks so much...I was the fool for clicking on it...AT WORK!

    What the hell did I expect...anyway.

    BTW...I'm not fired...yet...

  10. Blogger Kristi 

    Ditto "Chick"

    Great idea though. I enjoy the originality of all the HNT bloggers

  11. Blogger lecram sinun 

    just.a.girl - it belongs to the classy Monty Python boys.

    lelly - shocked huh? now that I've ruined the family name I guess I'm out of the will. lol!

    ray ray - you know that addage " good things come to..." thanks!

    monkey - glad you liked it.

    chick - oops, forgot to put the "do not open at work with speakers at full blast" warning. glad you're not fired yet.

    kristi - thank you.

  12. Blogger Caracola 

    Hello!! i just started on this hnt thing...hope i can manage myself to keep it updated....thank you for visiting me btw!! ;-)

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