My first Half-Nekkid Thursday

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Let me introduce you to Jimmy. Jimmy is my left hand. Jimmy was a victim of Mr. Polio when I was 4 and a half months old. Actually, half my body was affected but Mr. Polio only left one defect... Jimmy. It was my parents who named him. (The right hand is Audrey.) I have other body parts with names butthatsanotherstorynevermindanyway... I thought Jimmy was the perfect subject for my first Half-Nikked Thursday.

Over the years Jimmy and I have heard it all: cripple, one-arm bandit, handicap, disabled, etc. I prefer "inconvenienced." It seems a lot more appropriate ... at least for me. Thanks to my upbringing my parents set me on the path of independence from the "git go." For this I thank them.

Most people who meet me hardly notice Jimmy... and when they do they are all beside themselves apologizing for not noticing in the first place. It usually happens when Jimmy takes on a strange pose (like in the picture) and they freak. Then they suddenly look at Audrey and the obvious difference in size and ability between the 2 hands.

Most Popular Question: Can he feel anything?
Answer: You Betcha!

Over the years I have noticed that beautiful women like to hold, fondle and play with Jimmy. Jimmy has been a wonderful asset... and not just with the women. Jimmy has allowed me to explore abilities that I may not have considered if I was completely able-bodied. I sometimes say "If you want to find the easy way to do something... just ask the cripple guy."

28 Responses to “My first Half-Nekkid Thursday”

  1. Blogger Tim 

    crazy picture. Interesting story.

  2. Blogger Nölff 

    Jimmy sounds like a cool guy.

  3. Blogger AMS 

    welcome to HNT!!!

  4. Blogger Sam 

    Hi Jimmy! Glad to see a new HNT face/hand/parts!

  5. Blogger Rachel 

    That is a great pic. Welcome!

  6. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Geez! I thought you were just a contortionist.....

  7. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Geez! I thought you were just a contortionist.....

  8. Blogger airplanejayne 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Oops! APj's perfectly working right hand named "Oops" hit the publish button multiple times.....

  10. Blogger Osbasso 

    Wow. What an introduction! Welcome to HNT!

    I've got other body parts named, but not my hands. But that's probably more than I should have said already...

  11. Blogger Monalicious 

    Great picture and that is an awesome story to accompany it. Welcome to HNT!

  12. Blogger LE 

    welcome to the hnt family!

    jimmy is a great subject for your first entry. very cool story.

  13. Blogger The Funky Bee 

    I thought this was just another double jointed pic, but this one is so much more interesting! Welcome to HNT Da Blogs and Jimmy...

  14. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Thanks to all of you for visiting and your kind words! Hope to see you back again soon!

  15. Blogger KFarmer 

    Welcome to HNT! The most interesting one I have read/seen today. Great picture!

  16. Blogger L 

    I can see why the girls would love to be with jimmy! I'll be checking back for the other named body parts!

  17. Blogger Chick 

    Interesting story...& great description of your "inconveniences" seem to have been enriched by your struggles...welcome to HNT!

  18. Blogger staci 

    welcome to HNT! Great pix!

  19. Blogger Mrs.T 

    Jimmy seems nice. I can't wait to meet the rest of you.. LOL Welcome to HNT!

  20. Blogger HS 

    Welcome and enjoy the 'crazyness' that is HNT...fantastic first post by the way!

  21. Blogger ARM 

    OMG that's freaking me out! Welcome to HNT...excellent first submission!!

  22. Blogger aughra 

    Great pic, great story. But why, sir, does your right hand have a girl's name? Huh?

  23. Blogger MomThatsNuts 

    Welcome to HNT very interesting story and picture!!


  24. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    ...huh. the picture you didn't post where you stuffed it in your mouth was better. this one looks like the scene from harry potter where his arm bones were disintegrated. pretty cool, but not mouthstuffing cool.
    isn't it time for a poem/script duel?

  25. Blogger Big Dipper 

    Sir, A great photo. Boo for Mr Polio but Yay for Jimmy.*yay*

    Happy HNT. I like the look of your blog too.

  26. Blogger Blazngfyre 

    First, Welcome to HNT!!!
    Second, Thanks for stopping in and leaving a lovely comment!
    Third, WOW!!! What a fabulous story, and pic!

    You sir, ROCK!

  27. Blogger Moosekahl 

    Welcome Jimmy to HNT (and the rest of you too). Thanks for sharing the story as well, my mom and Mr Polio were friends when she was a child too. Look forward to meeting Jimmy's friends :)

  28. Blogger kimananda 

    That is a fabulous pic...I can see why Jimmy is so popular with the ladies...he's kinda cute!

    And may I suggest Audrey as a future HNT subject?

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