I think I'll slow dance to THIS tonight.
Have a safe one tonight and a Grand and Happy New Year!

If you plan too fritter away the rest of this year... here are some activities to pass the time away:
  • Click anywhere on THIS PIC... and just keep going.
  • With a simple edit of the URL you can customize the name on THIS sentiment and send it to them for the new year!
  • Using your computer microphone... you can blow THIS STUNNING WOMAN warm...or just her clothes off!

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It had been a challenging year, that's for sure! I have lost friends... and friends have lost loved ones. Almost seems like there were more challenges this year than most.
At 12:01 on New Years I always make a prediction. This year's was "a year of major transitions"... and it has been pretty much that way.

Yet, I have to be thankful for so much. The challenges have made us stronger. There is still life... and with that hope. I have let some things go and also jumped back in the saddle of others. I have made new friends and reaquianted and reconnected with old ones. There has been the delight of the new in so many areas of my life. So, there is much to count.

I have tried new endevours and written my first new play in 5 years. I have a talented cast whom I have never worked with before and this adds yet another exciting adventure to savour.

To all of you... be well... be happy... love and be loved.


(to find out what Da Count is all about... click the flashing sign above.)

As a bonus... here is the new video I finished editing 10 minutes ago! Yeah, there's brief nudity and one cuss word. If you missed the first video... it can be found HERE!

TALE END - Page To Stage 2
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Yeah, I came back for this...

This one (which originally was also my announcement of semi-retirement from HNT) is probably my favorite one for the year. I've been back a couple of times since. (BTW...noticed I said "semi-retirement"?) I'm guessing I like it because the picture has more symbolic meaning to my personal direction in life.

I also love the ones I did for the "sepia series" in April with the help from a couple of beautiful lady friends, Talon & Dragonfly.

Cheers! Happy HNT & have a Grand New Year!

BTW... this blog is moving next month... I'll let you know when it happens!


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... that causes many I know to always assume the worst about me? I am unconventional... and not perfect... but does that make me a total loser fuckup? Geez!

EDIT: 1:30 AM, Wednesday

I apologise for the vent earlier. The details are really not important. An incident just hurt and pissed me off which soured what would have been a reasonably nice day. It's over. It's done. Time to move on.

Not going to be much of a post as I'm busy editing a video that will hopefully be up begore the end of the week.


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... in last night I decided to go out for a stroll. I needed to get out and stretch... plus I love looking at the lights in the fog. It was around 11 PM. As I walked I was once again struck by the beauty of the neighborhood in the surreal diffusion of the fog. I managed to capture some pics and have posted one here.

I woke at 8 and began cooking at 10. I was done in a couple of hours. Mum and I ate lunch together and later that afternoon a couple of friends dropped by in their pajamas. Christmas cheer was shared.

Spent the evening watching a DVD with another friend. When he left I edited a video which I am not at liberty to share until I get permission to.

All in all a quiet and pleasant day. Hope yours was too.

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... I'll work backwards ala "memento" & "betrayal".
Right now it's 7:30 PM as I sit here writing this. I knew that this year would be a poor Yuletide season when I gave up my job in June... but it was something I was prepared for. I had my reasons... but I won't go into that now.

As financially strapped as I am, I still have riches beyond belief. I have just come home from drying clothes from the laundry. There is this guy (in the picture) who always helps me load the clothes back on to the truck. Always has a great attitude. I tipped him a buck tonight... not because he asked for it but (even though it was my last) he deserved something for offering without wanting.

While waiting for the clothes to dry I had a holiday libation with SSM, Kowboi and Rach. We sat for a good hour... just kebitzing... just cuz. (and... yes, the pic below was also taken tonight.) Though I am still a bit of a curiosity to many of my friends... they still accept me for who I am. Could I ask for more... I don't think so.

Then, this morning (my Mum has been waking up every morning this week convinced that it's Christmas...) once again she wished me for the season. I made the executive decision that I would give her her present early. It was a soft velour robe. She put it on, looked at me and said, "You have been a very good son." Perhaps, it was her dementia... because I really haven't (and this is the first time she has ever said that to my face). She then apologized for not getting me anything (but she so had.) After we had lunch... I retreated into by back room and sobbed like a baby for at least 10 minutes. Then I finished the laundry and set out to get it dry.

I didn't have time to cook today as I had planned... so, it's going to happen in the morning. I am blessed... may you be too.

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Come back for updates later in the day.

EDIT: 5 AM, Sunday, 12/24

  • You've already seen mine... here are some other non-traditional christmas trees.
  • Ladies, I finally get it... eating chocolate in bed... YEAH!
  • Did a Costco run yesterday and was disappointed by the sparseness of "samples". That's just not right.
  • The Weather Report Today here is: Areas of dense morning fog. Some early morning breaks in the overcast, otherwise cloudy. High around 55F. Winds light and variable.
  • I'm thinking my best bet to go out to do laundry today is 8 AM... and there's a big load too!
  • Of the 2 family traditional Christmas dishes to cook... it's going to be Eurasian Chicken Stew Pie. I plan to start this this afternoon. The Devil Curry can wait for New Year's Eve. (No, these are NOT the family recipies... I value my life too much to give those away... but here is a pretty good page that features some dishes.)
  • According to my mother, the last 3 days has been Christmas... she has been wishing me since Thursday morning.
  • It's coming that time of the year to "trim" the blogroll of dead links.
  • My "hermitizing" ends as soon as this year is up... at least most of it.
Cheers and *Bong Natal to you and yours!

(*That's Merry Christmas in what should be my "mother tongue" that I was never taught growing up in the name of progress.)

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I have recieved this gift on numerous occasions over my life. You know the type - the non-judgemental, non-questioning, here's a place to stay, here's a meal to eat, cash bailout, kind ear, comforting shoulder, hand up, physical labor, here-I'll-do-that-for-you, just a smile brand of kindness... and not because "tis the season"... but just cuz.

I can only hope that I have done half as much thus far in my short time here to pay forward what you gave me... and I plan on doing more. I just want you to know that you made it count in those times when I felt there was so little to. So, this one goes out to all of you.

To find out more about DA COUNT click the flashing sign.

BTW... there is a new post on the J'Nerique site.

EDIT: 8:15 PM Thursday

I may or may not be posting over the next few days. I'm pretty sure that most of you won't be reading being busy with all that is coming up.

So, my simple wish is that the season bring you Light and Joy... be it Kwanza, Hannukah or Christmas. It is no accident that light is the common factor in all three. Cherish these times with your love ones... and may it also serve as a reminder for you to do so year round. These times we have are precious and fleeting... live them to their fullest.

From me and mine to you and yours... a big hearty CHEERS!

EDIT: 8:30 AM Friday.
As a time waster... try your hand at some ice sculpting.


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... the 2007 Rogue is titled "Suicide Lounge". Yes, it's sick and wrong... but will be so much fun to do. How? For instance... (not that this is on our set list) but, not only is that beloved standard "Night and Day" a song that celebrates what we would term as STALKING today... but I've heard it told (not saying this is true but... ) that this ditty was originally written by Cole Porter who was pining for a 13 year old Moroccan boy at the time. Just the thought of that colors the song differently, doesn't it?

We however are chosing to pick the most depressing songs ever written. BTW... this is the graphic we are using for the show. If you click the graphic it will take you to the blog site I'm currently developing for it.

I spent most of the day setting up and "harvesting"... "friends" for the new MySpace site as another marketing resource for Theatre J'Nerique. So, if you have one of those and want to get bulletins on the company and the upcoming show... HERE IS THE LINK! Go ahead and "friend" us... and tell a friend to do the same.

I am so tired and google-eyed right now... I think I'll hit the sack. Have a nice day after hump day!

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This little tradition was started about 15 years ago by Fingers B. Basically, it's about getting together at a local watering-hole, imbibing and singing carols in a drunken stupor. (The 12 Days of Christmas has often been described as the "jollyest drunken brawl known to mankind") It's a gathering of Tower types and local musicians... and it's always a lot of fun.

Solitaire and I, after our final workshop reading, (btw... she has finally chimed in on the jnerique blog) headed down to said event. The plan was not to stay for too long... we both had our individual reasons and duties to tend to. (Oh, did I mention that I finally gave a title and poster for my play? Check one post down.) But we did stay... for a drink or 5. I originally also headed down so that Fingers B, RP and I could get a promo shot for a show we are doing at the upcoming Rogue... called "Suicide Lounge". (The last picture in this series is in strong contention at the moment.) Anyway, below are some shots from last night's... mmm... er... thang.

Yeah... I think this pic will sell tickets.

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Still playing around with graphics... but here is what I came up with today...

Oh... and if you click on the picture you'll see the new post on the Theatre J'Nerique site.

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This sort of goes with DA COUNT this week...

You can read all about how ME and YOU made the cover this year HERE! (Psst... you can also click the pic of the cover.) BTW... Congratulations to all of us!

EDIT: Midnight.
Time to plug friends who are going to play the Rogue for the first time in March. I give you POPLORD!

Now, I'm in the mood to pop in that seasonal favorite "It's A Wonderful Life".
"Waddaya want? Ya want the moon, Mary?"

EDIT: 9:30 AM
Here are some selected Time Wasters culled from the Presurfer site. BTW there is great stuff to check out there everyday!
  • Click HERE to create the average face.
  • Click HERE to learn about "Dudeism" and become ordained.
  • Click HERE for a listing of free movies and watch them on the net.

Have a great start of the week, y'all!


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I was doing a little surfing today and ran across a movie that I originally featured on this post. Someone had actually uploaded it onto google videos. So, I watched it. Even doubling the screen size the quality wasn't bad (that is after I downloaded it to the computer... which you can do on google). So, if you want to watch it... CLICK HERE to start! Shout-out to Kien especially!

I have to say that it's still a very cute and sweet movie about puppy love... and I was actually surprised that how well it still holds together even today. Though probably because I had first watched it when I was 12 or 13 in the cinema it held a few more memories for me. Yes, all us guys had huge crushes on Tracey Hyde... and I was reminded why when I watched it again. There is also a scene where the boys take the bus to the West End of London after school instead of heading straight home... just to walk the streets and hang out that brought flashbacks of my younger self gallivanting through the city I grew up in. I remember my 12 year old mind thinking "Hey, I do that!" My present mind experiencing the scene again smirked "I remember doing that."

How the simple and mundane act of walking city streets seemed like such an adventure at that age... actually it still is. I love walking city streets and not going anywhere in particular. Any direction taken was decided on a whim and where you ended up always a delight in discovery. It didn't matter if you had been there before or not... there was always something new to see, experience and enjoy... just the journey brought pleasure.

It's still one of my favorite things to do when I go up to San Francisco these days... so, perhaps I really have not lost that part of my youth.

For something shorter and a little freaky... watch below.

jerome murat
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It is da season - the one that serves to remind us what really counts. For each of us it may seem to be different. But it really is the same... perhaps variations on a common theme.

Peace and goodwill is a hope. Connection is real... and perhaps we can achieve that "hope" and contribute to it. My count this week is knowing that we do connect. Through technology... we all commiserate. Weather you happanstanced upon this blog... or others and found that someone half way around the world or just next door feels or sees in a common light... or just clicks... it happens.
Doesn't matter if there are comments or not... someone has read and hopefully digested something you put out there. Through this medium we connect... to share our joys, pain, hopes, frustrations and stories.

Just with you reading this... we connect. Perhaps we do not fully understand, emphatize or agree... but we do connect. So, when you are with the ones you love this season... remember that life is not forever. That this fleeting moment is all there is... and that's what really counts.... simply because. That we are born alone... and chances are we will pass that way as well. The only interim is what we have now and good or bad... it counts.

Find out about DA COUNT by clicking the flashing sign above.

BTW... if you have beta-blogger it's currently not allowing me to comment... but I have been visiting... just to let you know. :)


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OK, on this rare return I'm cheating by re-posting this... but there is a "panty tree" involved... so, I figure it counts.

BTW... if you missed the video from 2 weeks ago... it's HERE... and there just may be a new one posted tomorrow.

Cheers! & Happy HNT!

Growing up Catholic in a Muslim country was really no big deal at all... at least not for me. When I grew up in Malaysia respect and understanding for people of other faiths was a matter of fact. Muslims, Hindus, Taoist, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians were fervent in their faiths, cultures and traditions and respected each other for theirs.
I have to credit my mother for initiating the Christmas decorations at our home. We were one of 2 Catholic families living on our street. So when the Christmas season came along she would setup the Christmas Tree project among the neighborhood kids. This meant that we were all decorating the tree together. It didn't matter what faith you were.

Over the years this event became quite the neighborhood tradition. Usually on the week of about the 12th of December the house would be filled with neighbor kids all working on the tree. The excitement and anticipation on "tree day" was only surpassed by Christmas Eve.

In my memory there was only 1 traditional tree that ever graced our home. Mum was quite the crafty person so ideas for the Christmas tree was always a little outside of the norm.

In the picture above Mum was inspired by the a Winter scene with leafless branches. So, a branch of a Guava tree was cut, sprayed white and decorated. Looking back I have to admit that there was a certain elegance in it's starkness.

One year we scrapped the idea of a tree altogether and went with a cotton snowman instead. It was cute and all but not a particular favorite of mine. I guess I was ready for a new motif and it came the following year.

When I was 8 or 9 she totally scrapped the idea that the Christmas tree should have anything to do with Winter. She had a point because we did live in the tropics. That year, bamboo was sprayed silver and served up as the central ornament representing Christmas. I have to say that Mum's idea of going "local" had quite the stunning effect. So much so, we repeated the same idea the following year (this time in gold) and the results were breathtaking.

The usual neighborhood "Christmas Tree Crew" had by now dwindled to a stalwart 4 or 5. They included my neighborhood buddies including Tambi, Ganeshen, Balan and yours truly. We would begin at 3 PM and 5 or 6 hours later step back to admire the results. Relatives and friends had by now come to expect to see something different at our home for Christmas... and they usually did. Sometimes a little more different than they were ready for... more on that later.

By the time I was 12 I had taken over "creative control" of the tree decorating duties. One year I decided that 3 "payongs" (paper umbrellas), opened in 3 different stages would make up the tree. Here are a couple of pictures of said tree... one without lights and the other one lit.

At this point I guess I should explain how we celebrated Christmas. Christmas Eve was always my day. When I was younger the neighborhood kids would all come by and each of them received a present from my parents. Nothing fancy... usually a little toy or trinklet of sorts. After all, during Chinese New Year all us kids got "ang pows" (little red packets of money) from the parents of our Chinese friends. So in the big scheme of things us kids always scored "big time" during all the major festivals celebrated in the country.

When I grew older, my "crew" (now about 15-20) came by on the evening of Christmas Eve. By 10 PM we would walk about 5 blocks the local church for Midnight Mass. I went out of religious obligation... my non-Christian friends went to check out the girls. (O.K. I did too but don't tell my Mum.) We would be back home by 1 AM for the Christmas feast prepared by her. The menu always included Eurasian Chicken Pie, Devil Curry, Curry Puffs, Sebak (a sort of Eurasian salad), Pineapple Tarts and Sugee Cake . Then games would be set up at various areas of the house. Once we were tired from playing carrom, monopoly or blackjack we would all stretch out on the floor and fall asleep... usually by 4 or 5 AM.

By 9 or 10 the next morning everybody would get up and straighten out the house. Usually 3 of my crew would stay. The reason for this was simple... Christmas Day was when my parents had their friends and workmates over, so my friends and me became the "waiters" for their do. This practice continued even after my Dad passed away when I was 12.
I posted the picture of the "horn" or "saipan" hat above only because I couldn't find a picture of the Christmas tree I made by stringing 4 of them together one year. That was one of my all time favorites.

This tree made of halved coconut shells on a rattan tree was the second last one I designed back home. By this time we had moved to the new house. Mum had retired from government service and we had to leave the old neighborhood behind.

Yet, Ganeshen and Balan would still come by to help set up the Christmas decorations for Mum even after I left for the US. Mum delighted in their company and the fact that the little tradition she started with the neighborhood kids kept going into their middle age. They continued to visit every year to help decorate until Mum finally moved here to join me 7 years ago. We still hear from them at Christmas. It is this sharing of the season with my friends that I now miss the most... but times and places are different. The memories stay and we move on.

I'll end with this picture of the very last (and most controvertial) Christmas Tree I designed and created in Malaysia before I moved here in 1980. Yes, it is constructed out of panties! This particular tree over the years has become legend and is now part of the lore among friends and family back home.

Our Christmas is celebrated quietly now. I decorate the mantle over the fireplace in the living room... no trees. However, I make sure that the Devil Curry and/or the Eurasian Chicken Pie is still on the table for Christmas dinner. And now, it is I who does the cooking.

For other editions of Picture Daze... look in the sidebar.


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... Mum's doing much better. Thanks.

I'm planning on doing a replay for HNT later.

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... I made the decision that this blog will move come early January to my new site. I plan to unveil it on my birthday. I don't really celebrate my birthday but I thought it would be at least a good day for an unveiling. I will try to keep at least a post up here to notify those who come by that I have moved to my new digs.

On a related note... my domain reseller business, Junglewebs (which has been languishing for the past few months) is getting a spruce up. I have been doing research on a niche market and I think I finally struck on one that I will be targeting (OK...2) Arts groups and Bloggers.

Arts groups (who would have thunk...) because most of them are so timid with using this new medium to push their vision. (And a lot of their sites are pretty static.) Bloggers because it is so much easier and convenient to be in real control of your content. The site will also be a "how to" resource on how to migrate and set up your blog on your own domain. (With pictures and all!) Think about it... you can finally become a dot com! Plus our prices are affordable and competitive. (How is that for being assertive?) Over the next few days you will get to see more on the site... but if you want to see the renovation underway... just click the graphic.

On another note... my mother fell yesterday morning. She is fine. Nothing broken... just a little shook up. Kowboi was kind enough to get out of his warm bed and come by to help her up and get her back into her bed. Thanks Kowboi... you are a Godsend! I've been checking on her every few hours and making sure she eats and is resting. It just goes to confirm that I made the right decision at least in the area of giving up my regular employment so I can be around the homestead. Since I have... she has fallen about 8 times. However, the result is that the coffers are low and I have to fix that soon.

Now, it's off to mopping and cooking and then webwork... and perhaps putting the next in the video series of "from Page to Stage" for the Theatre J'Nerique site.

On the menu today: steamed chicken soup with ginger, garlic, white pepper and soy.

BTW... did you know you can put an answering machine on your blog. Tish featured this on her post yesterday.

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... my favorite curries. Depending on where you are from it is called parripu or dhal - basically a lentil curry with vegetables. Almost every family has a version of the recipe and mine is adapted from the Tamil version. Made sure Mum got her serving and I just finished my helping in about 5 minutes. I made it extra spicy which is perfect for the cool overcast whether we are having.

So, I'm fat and happy now. Perhaps I'll treat myself to something I haven't done in ages... pop a DVD in and lounge out the afternoon with a flick. Now to decide what I'm in the mood for. Decisions... decisions.

Hmm... my soda of choice for years has been Coke (especially ice cold out of a can.) I was thinking about going down to the store to get one... but lazed out of it. (All part of being fat and happy at the moment.) I just read this on what happens in the first 60 minutes when "the real thing" enters your system. It's not going to stop me drinking it... just not drinking as much as I used to.

And now... to make that big decision on what to watch.

Hope your weekend is going well.

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I found out recently that the "Faraway Tree" books by Enid Blyton are now available for sale here in the US. These books gave me such pleasure when I was a kid that I highly recommend them to you if you have any young ones. There were a series of 3 books and I read them over and over again. They really provided the seed that cultivated the joy of reading in me.

Basically, it is a series of adventures that involve a brother and sister. They go to spend the Summer with their grandparents who live at the edge of the Enchanted Wood. Of course they are forbidden to venture in... but they do. In the middle of the wood is a tree that grows so tall that it goes up into the clouds. Every few feet up the tree, different fruit sprout and wondrous folk of the tree such as Moonface live in it.

So, why am I counting this? (No, I'm not getting a cut from the sales of these books.) Because it is a part of my childhood that never left me. So much so, there is a tree next door that I call the Faraway Tree. (I may just post a picture of it later in the day.) It's one those things from my childhood that gives me a touchstone of from whence I sprung. It's these type of things that serve to remind us that there was a time when the world of possibilities were limitless... and if we believed it then, isn't it still true? Or have we merely succumbed to being jaded through the bruises our ego has taken over the years? I'm counting it because just the thought of those stories still puts a spring in my step... and perhaps the world of possibilities are still limitless.

To find out about DA COUNT just click the flashing sign above.

As promised... here is the picture of my faraway tree that grows in my neighbor's yard. It doesn't grow through the clouds... but... hey, when it's foggy it looks like it does.

BTW all three books can also be found in one collected volume... and if the cover is any indication, just may contain the original illustrations.

You can find the synopsis of the books here... and finally, here is a site dedicated to the books.


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... so, I've nothing to show yet... at least nothing I want to show yet. Perhaps I'll have something tomorrow or on Friday.

Now that I'm not holed up writing I can get back to doing chores around the homestead. I began today by mopping the kitchen. From this point on 2 hours will be set aside every morning strictly on maintenance. At least this will help keep the place up as well as give me a schedule to keep to.

My mother does not take well to the cold weather and it results in more than the usual "low RAM" days. She gets more confused than usual and even forgets if she has eaten or not. So, I do have to be more attentive to her needs now and make sure not just that the meals are cooked... but that it is served to her. I must confess that I use to mind it more before but I don't anymore. It is par for the course in the aging process.. that I have now fully accepted. She is still physically healthy and that in itself is a blessing.

Actually, it is fun to cook for her because she delights in eating something she claims she hasn't for a long time... even though I may have cooked the same dish not 2 weeks earlier. It is great though that she enjoys the food. So, I'm taking this opportunity to also brush up on some family recipes that sharpen my own skills and provide her some delight.

I just got done mowing the front yard. Figured I'd do it before the neighbors tar and feathered me. Fried chicken may be on the menu today... and if I still have energy... the December ARTHOP. Anyone up for it?

Here is a video on Diet Coke and Mentos... a fizzing good time.

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... I started this blog. At first, commenters were almost exclusively from a small pod of friends. As time went on, they were joined by others who I may not have known personally in my real life but were welcome to the party. Now, the original pod hardly ever comments. For a while after this drop-off I valiantly continued commenting on their blogs. But the laws of returns were paying low dividends and now I too have become an infrequent commenter. I still visit and they do too... but comments remain few. Not a complaint... just another observation on change.

I have also been a bad blogger and commenter across the board for the last month and a half. The fevered insanity that hermitized my existence was not limited to the blog world but extended to my immediate world as well. Now I will attempt to shift gears again. Though I do have to say that this write did feel like a life transition in more ways than one. It forced me to consider where I was and examine my capabilities in various areas of my life. The one thing I did discover is that my yearning to explore has never stopped... even in what seemed like a stilted period. For that I am thankful. At least I know that if I am ever thrown into solitary confinement... I will still be able to amuse myself.

EDIT: 10:20 AM
Time for a shower after which I'll prepare lunch and get down to more webwork. It's bright and sunny outside and I'm tempted to go to the coffeeshop... but I'll restrain myself until this work is done. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have something new to show you.

now you've read it... spew forth - |

... I'll have more to write about in the morning.

EDIT: 10:45 AM
It is going to take a little time for me to get back into the swing of regular posting again... at least in any coherent manner. So, just bear with me.

I have to go out to do laundry now. If anything occurs while I'm away... I will report it here.

EDIT: 2:45 PM
Just got back from the laundry. Woo Hoo! Nothing much to report. I did go over to the coffeeshop to wait while it was washing. Been a while since I've been there. It was nice to sit in the sun for a bit.

Now that I've had my Hawaian Pizza with garlic and jalapenos... back to webwork.

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We had the first reading of the script today. You can read all about it HERE.

This week meets me with my koffers close to nothing with no stream of income in the immediate future. (Yet another testement to my insanity.) So, I'll really have to get creative on that count. Perhaps, I can sell the rights to some of my 52 plays... anyone interested? (That should buy me 2 liters of soda.)

There is lots to do and I have to get on the ball. The good thing is that I do it with the warm glow of finally finishing this script - a feeling that is somewhat akin to the afterglow of really good sex.

Here is wishing that your week kicks off well.

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Hit "play" on the video before you read this. Yes, I'm being silly... but I'm entitled!

It has been a long hard climb back onto the playwriting horse. Something that I would have been able to crank out in 2 weeks has taken a month and a half. There was a serious and nasty hump lasting over 3 weeks that had me so stymied that I could not write more than 3 lines without agonizing for at least 4 hours. The reasons for this painful crawl are many... but now it is done... at least a first working draft.

Now through a process of rewrites and workshopping with actors the rest of the form can be chipped away to further define it's shape. Is it a great play? I don't know... great plays are not written... they are rewritten. Is it a good play? All I can say at the moment is that ... what is can become a better play.

I wanted to post finishing as my count today... which is why it is so late. It counts as play number 52 in my catalog. It counts because I slogged through even after the countless times I threw up my hands in exasperation and considered throwing the towel in. I count it because so many of you had to bear through my "insane time". Thank You. I count it because it now ceases to be an unfinished project. I count it because I can now finally move on.


To find out about DA COUNT... click on the flashing sign!


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