The Trike Shop CD release Party

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The Trike Shop, Thereminman's pop project celebrated the release of their latest "Pop Songs & Kyries" at Club Fred last night. A good boost of PR and a great story in the local rag brought the crowds in.

The evening started off with 2AM Orchestra another fab local band with a great sound. Magill & Schaffer followed up with a duo set of more originals. Then, the main event with Thereminman and gang. And yes... the instrument was featured on stage for several tunes including a spooky SiFi version of "Brazil." Those masters of surf The Neptunes then closed out the night.

Then I hit the sack because I did yard work all day (Yea, I tried out my new electric mower.)
Pics of the evening below.

Thereminman on guitar with said theremin lurking top left of the picture. Posted by Hello

6 Responses to “The Trike Shop CD release Party”

  1. Blogger Lelly 

    Hey Cuz you been pretty busy on the ol' blog front lately! And on the social front by the looks of things! I LOVE that pic of the guy trying to kill flies with a staple gun!(left comment there too)
    My dopey blog mate Mince Pie (now known as blitheringblog) has abandoned his previous blog and has a new one at

    He has a a piece about window blinds and writing plays (well comedy sketches) with a reference to you at the end. Your comments would be appreciated I'm sure!

  2. Blogger kien lim 

    Nice axe! Can I have it please!!!????

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Yeah Cuz,
    Been getting out again... now that my brain is back in action.

    Checked out your friend (The Blith formally known as Mince Pie...) and left a comment there.

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Kien... thought you'd get that "wanting look" in your eye when I posted the pic... much the same look I caught when you tried out that very axe last year.

  5. Blogger thereminman 

    nah, kien, you wouldn't want it. it's like 40something years old.
    (the big inside joke for you music-heads is the little yellow dot on the theremin. It's a sticker taken off a harmonica. It labels them according to key. This makes the theremin a "C" theremin--which (yes, yes, a joke explained is a lame way to tell a funny..but) makes this a C theremin (in fact, even if I could tell it well, I'm such a geek that only maybe I think it's funny anyway)--see, cuz how can an instrument that glides from note to note be in any 'key' at all.(yeah, I see I sucked the funny right out of it)--but still it makes me giggle to see the little 'c' sticker Leland put there.
    THANKS MR. LECRAM for showing such support and such for recent events, you are not just a great partner-in-crime but a real friend.
    (aw, i got all slushy, makes up for me telling a boring story about geeky fun)

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Can you still get slushies at 7/11?

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