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Since, I made a deal yesterday about announcements... I guess I better deliver. First, I want to Thank each and every one of you who came by... especially those of you who dropped comments of support. I really appreciate your thoughts and care. This next chapter may be an insane move but it's something that I have been thinking about for quite a while.

It's one step at a time, I guess... and here are the first 2.

Oh... a little fun at the bottom once you've read the post.

Announcement number 1

Yes, Thereminman and I are remounting our Rogue shows from this year. It's all part of a new program called Rogue-Year-Round with the diabolical intent of saturating this city with more arts happenings than you can shake a crooked stick at.

You can read a description of HIS SHOW HERE... and AUDIENCE REVIEWS HERE. You can also read a description of MY SHOW HERE... and AUDIENCE REVIEWS HERE... and a review of my show by the LOCAL PAPER HERE!

Have I used up my quota of obnoxious caps in this post yet? No? O.K. Have no clue what the Rogue is? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

So, if you are in this neck of the woods... come on by and check it out at FULL CIRCLE BREWING a micro-brewery with some oh so tasty brews. Remember, the more you drink... the more brilliant we will appear to you on stage.

Announcement number 2

So, I've entered into the fast paced business of domain reselling from a very reputable registrar who I have bought from for years. It's something I can do from home. This is important because my mother is getting on and needs a presence (mine) at the homestead more and more. Am I relying on this to create a steady stream of income... eventually... hopefully. It's a start in a pretty competitive business and I'm giving it a gung-ho stab. Of course, I will be looking into other options for income streams as well. (I'll be sure to let you know as they come along.) But you can support me at the moment by:-
  • buying products for your web needs from Jungle Webs.
  • sending people to buy their web products from Jungle Webs.
  • inserting an attractive Jungle Webs banner on your site or blog to help me get the word out. (to get your very own banner go HERE to copy and paste the code for your blog.)
It's something I will continue to develop to get traffic and business hopping. It's all about volume. There are some great deals and I'll be offering some great "sales" in the weeks to come. If this goes well... and steady in the months to come... I'll be able to support my theatre habit. And you can help me with the exposure. Mega THANKS if you do! Oh... and more FUN banners will be coming soon.

I'm tired so my take on the weekend movie selection will have to wait for morning. But, for now... here is the poster.

Cheers & Goodnight!

EDIT: 6:20 AM - Friday

weekend movie selection

I have followed the work of Chinese director Zhang Yimou for several years now. Ju Dou was one of the first films that made me a follower. Starring the beautiful and ultra talented Gong Li the story is set in a small town in rural China in the early 1920's. She plays the young wife of the owner of a dye factory and is beaten almost every night by this sadistic bastard who is wanting an heir for his fortune. She in turn produces one through an affair she has with his "nephew" who also works at the home factory. The rest has to be watched.

To say that this plays out like a Greek Tragedy would be an understatement with a plot that has more twist, turns and reversals that will make your head spin more than once. The acting is powerful and the visuals breath taking. An amazing cinematic achievement for all involved only to be banned in the country of it's creation. They have recently re-released it on DVD and is well worth the rental.

Cheers and have a good Weekend!

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