I'm at the local java haunt today...

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... and a reporter for the local Fox affiliate saunters up with her cameraman, sticks a microphone in my face and says,

"So, what do you think about the date today being 666?"

"It's a lovely set of numbers."

"So, you're going to be out all day... you are not superstitious?"

"No, it's a nice day... the whether is perfect."

Not getting anything sensational out of me, she sticks her microphone into Charlie's face and asks the same question getting similar replies. When she walked away I wondered to myself if we would actually turn up on the 10 o'clock news tonight.

And on another note...

The question has been posed to me on many occasions. "Do you think you'll ever get married again?" My standard reply is, "I enjoyed it when I was married... but I don't see it happening." To which a "Why not?" is a common follow-up... and my usual retort is a partial tongue-in-cheek, "I'm a selfish bastard."

Partial because it is true. Let me clarify. In the short span of time on this earth I have observed 4 basic types of couples and a rough population pecentage of the types I've come across.

1. The "love birds" - the couple that lights up whenever the other enters the room. And this even occurs after more than 20 years of togetherness. 10%

2. The "perfect partners" - the couple that are perfect complements to each other. Not neccessary still in love after 20 years like the "love birds" but they know they have a workable good thing worth fighting tooth and nail for nevertheless. 20%

3. The "we're use to each other" - the couple that may not be complements to each other but have a fairly workable arrangement... though almost resigned to being with each other more out of habit than desire. 50%

4. The "dysfunctional-o-rama" - not a week goes by without at least half a dozen "dramas" in their lives with each other. 20%

And there are sub-sets of course... but these are the 4 I have observed. I'm a gambling man who has been known to take some wild chances but the odds and percentages in this particular arena of life make me a selfish bastard. Of course, I could change my mind next week. (See - I am open to possibilities! LOL!)

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