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Yes, the giggling half-nekkid lunatic garbed only in a sarong banging on the computer keyboard is me today... in my bliss creating something new... a bliss that I have not been privy to in over 5 years.

This post may explain a little. And if you really want to know what has brought on this wonderous insanity... check out the latest installment on the post below with links to the previous 7 parts.

Not that you're really here to read anyway... why bother, huh? It's just for the pictures, right? Right. So... CHEERS & HAPPY HNT!

EDIT! OK... so, you lurkers come by and don't even have the wherewithall to leave a comment? (Hey, I know who comes by. 87 at this writing. And those of you who know me... know that I'm really a mild mannered Clark Kent kinda guy.) Well, you know what? FUCK YOU AND THANK ME FOR IT! (And I mean that in the best way possible... really, wouldn't you rather be fucking right now?) Consider this my FINAL HNT! It's been wonderful and Os, you have created a wonderful way for folks to express ourselves... but I think I'm done. I wish you all well (in fact, the best) and... VIVA HNT! (Yeah... this is what happens when I'm mired in my bliss.... yeah, I may apologize tomorrow... but its not bloody likely. Cheers y'all!)


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