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Those of you who have been following the 5-3-1 project... do not despair... there will be more later in the day.

Actually, on that subject... I have had a grand time the past few days. Being completely immersed in it I was once again reacquainted with my bliss... something that I have not felt in a long while. Every time I begin a new section I have no preconceived idea as to where it is headed. By the end of one section I think I know but the next day brings something new yet again... and more often than not, an extermely different direction. It's almost as if I'm only the instrument being used to write it.

When I'm in my bliss I also get extremely horny. I have been told that when I'm in this mode my lovemaking is somewhat... otherworldy. Any takers? LOL!

There are several differences between this and my usual modus operandi. The first being that as it unfolds to me it's unfolding to you. This is major. I almost usually always plot things out before I commit to physically writing anything. I usually refuse to write until I see it play out like a movie in my mind. On this one I'm flying blind.

On a related topic, I never show my work until it is completed... with at least 2 of the 10 editing sessions I will take on a project. On this one... you are getting the first original drafts... posted moments after completion... warts and all. For me it's a great way to have a record and timeline of creation by posting as it happens.

Next, this is not the usual form that I create in... so for me there is an edge present in the process. The rules of engagement in prose and narrative form are quite different from play and screenwriting... so it's keeping me on my toes.

And here are answers to a couple of questions that some of you have posed.
  • I still have no idea where the story is going though my gut "writer's" instinct tells me it will probably be resolved within 3-4 more sections.
  • I have no current plans once it is finished.. except for editing. This is yet another anomaly in my process. I have always refused to create a project unless I know (at least where plays are concerned) that it is going to be produced. (Yeah, I'm a bit of a spoilt writer that way.)
  • Though I've incorporated a lot of the essence of a culture in the piece please remember that this is a fiction. A lot cultural practices, attitudes and mindsets are interwoven with invention to create the world of the story that should in no way be mistaken for fact and reality... as much as the towns in Twin Peaks and Shangri La were.
For those who have been following on a regular basis... thank you for your company on this journey... you are all great travel companions! For those who have only just come by... theres a little catch-up but welcome aboard anyway. For those who have come by looking for the usual and not finding it... regular-irregular programming will resume as soon as this is completed. (Please see test pattern)

And now... to create the next section...


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