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Hit "play" on the video before you read this. Yes, I'm being silly... but I'm entitled!

It has been a long hard climb back onto the playwriting horse. Something that I would have been able to crank out in 2 weeks has taken a month and a half. There was a serious and nasty hump lasting over 3 weeks that had me so stymied that I could not write more than 3 lines without agonizing for at least 4 hours. The reasons for this painful crawl are many... but now it is done... at least a first working draft.

Now through a process of rewrites and workshopping with actors the rest of the form can be chipped away to further define it's shape. Is it a great play? I don't know... great plays are not written... they are rewritten. Is it a good play? All I can say at the moment is that ... what is can become a better play.

I wanted to post finishing as my count today... which is why it is so late. It counts as play number 52 in my catalog. It counts because I slogged through even after the countless times I threw up my hands in exasperation and considered throwing the towel in. I count it because so many of you had to bear through my "insane time". Thank You. I count it because it now ceases to be an unfinished project. I count it because I can now finally move on.


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