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... I started this blog. At first, commenters were almost exclusively from a small pod of friends. As time went on, they were joined by others who I may not have known personally in my real life but were welcome to the party. Now, the original pod hardly ever comments. For a while after this drop-off I valiantly continued commenting on their blogs. But the laws of returns were paying low dividends and now I too have become an infrequent commenter. I still visit and they do too... but comments remain few. Not a complaint... just another observation on change.

I have also been a bad blogger and commenter across the board for the last month and a half. The fevered insanity that hermitized my existence was not limited to the blog world but extended to my immediate world as well. Now I will attempt to shift gears again. Though I do have to say that this write did feel like a life transition in more ways than one. It forced me to consider where I was and examine my capabilities in various areas of my life. The one thing I did discover is that my yearning to explore has never stopped... even in what seemed like a stilted period. For that I am thankful. At least I know that if I am ever thrown into solitary confinement... I will still be able to amuse myself.

EDIT: 10:20 AM
Time for a shower after which I'll prepare lunch and get down to more webwork. It's bright and sunny outside and I'm tempted to go to the coffeeshop... but I'll restrain myself until this work is done. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have something new to show you.

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