Back to work... bleh

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I took yesterday off. Had a sore neck. One of my co-workers suggested that it was a result of me getting jerked around. There may be more truth to that than they realize.

Looks like the white smoke has risen. We now have a new Pope.

4 Responses to “Back to work... bleh”

  1. Blogger jade ed girl 

    again- think it has something to do with dance floor.

  2. Blogger sojourning crow 

    Did you make the squirrel stew??

    Jerked around, eh?? Yea, i tried to bite my toenails once, fell off the couch and broke my neck..but keep that to yourself.

    We have a NEW pope who was FORCED to join the Hitler youth...I smell smoke...

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    The last time I had squirrel on the menu I was about 10. I actually quite liked it. It was roasted with ginger and soy.

  4. Blogger Lelly 

    Oh dear just wasted half an hour writing my profile...and another two clicking links to other bloggers profiles! As if I don't have enough to distract me from actually doing some work...the up and the down-side of being self- employed and working form home, there is always something more interesting to do!(like surfing, texting, emailing, blogging...watching paint dry!)

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