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Sunday. Ahhh… I really needed this 3 day weekend. If for nothing else, to keep some of my sanity intact. The rest of my sanity gave me the pink slip years ago.

There are tomato plants budding all over my vege garden. Little terrorist tomato underground holdovers from last years crop. It’s both cool and annoying. Annoying because they are cropping up all over the place – the random chaos of nature I suppose. I’ll probably pot most of them and give them away to some of my apartment living friends.

vege garden 05 Posted by Hello
The rest of the garden is taking off quite nicely. With the recent unexpected rains the growth rate has accelerated. Have to keep an eye on things... pretty much had a jungle out here last year... an edible one... but a jungle nevetheless. Lets see… I have cilantro, Fresno chilies, burpless cucumbers, sweet peppers, zucchinis, and 2 types of tomatoes. A good salsa or gazpacho garden. Should be getting the first of the produce in June or so.

14 Responses to “Its growing!”

  1. Blogger kien lim that a little garden table the glass and plastic cups are standing on, and a chair (or two) that's taken up residence next to your patch? Or just my wishful imagination?

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    The garden table is actually a stool... but everything else is right on the mark.

  3. Blogger blitheringblogs 

    Well Lecram, two weeks ago and i wouldnt have looked twice at your plot with all its green stuff in it... but now that I have finally started a garden... yes.. a proper grown ups garden with real plants as opposed to weeds, and a slate chippings path, and real bought edging.....

    I too like the idea of sitting in a chair with one of your stool/ table (could that be a "stable"?) watching te green stuff grow with a glass of vino el collapso and a bowl of olives.... ahhh.. summer!

    I'll have some of your rogue tomatoes thank you vey much, (and yes that will be TOW - MART - OWES not "tammaytaz" thank you kindly).

  4. Blogger Lesley Hughes 

    Yes, well, sounds like Blithers had rather too many glasses of vino collapso before writing his comment! I know what you call zucchini is what we call courgette, but what the ecky-peck is cilantro?? is it an herb? is it in you photo? We try in vain to grow veg in our mainly shady garden but without mich success. Have managed tomatoes though. Oh and have lovely miniature cherry tree which produces fruit every year...a 30th birthday present from my beloved. We just have mud (dirt) in our garden(yard) at the moment, but good loamy stuff (apparently - apart form all the cat turds!) and having new turf delivered on Friday...very exciting! Will try and post before and after pics!

  5. Blogger Lelly 

    Ooo bugger! Seem to have posted that last comment under my real name! (and yes the cherry tree is quite old now, thank you very much!)

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Yeah... looks like you'll have to vacate the batcave now, Cuz. Ahhh... cilantro is what we use to call "chinese parsley" back home... top left of the pic.

    Hey Blith... I concur that its quite nice watching the greens grow in summer with a drink in hand. We usually slurp the "devil's brew"-- half gallon of cheap white wine, splashed with fresh lime juice and a half bottle of voddie... stirred and served with ice. (in the old days it was a version of the "california cooler")

  7. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Lecram,'d ya' grow that beautiful wine glass on the stable? Every time I try to grow them, they break.
    But seriously, your garden looks good. I've got fruit and nut trees out at my place, but the birds always get more than I do.

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    APJ, wine glasses can only be grown on a stable.

  9. Blogger airplanejayne 

    ohhh, so THAT'S my problem....stability....hmmmmm

  10. Blogger blitheringblogs 

    Well done Lelly.... not only did you use that strange OTHER name, but you managed to then give it away by confessing it as your real name!

    ... and why did you think I'd had glasses of vino?! blithering cheek if you ask me!

  11. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    i could have done without a picture of your stool.

  12. Blogger vertebrate 

    Let's back up a bit. Burpless cucumbers? You all know about these? I couldn't even dream of creating such an unlikely image. How life outstrips art.

    Oh, and cilantro/chinese parsley. What would that be in England?

    Other than that, how nice it would be to sit looking at your vegetable garden, drinking something corrosive.

  13. Blogger lecram sinun 

    I started growing the burpless about 4 years ago. Apart from the fact that they taste great... the average size is between 12-14 inches - real screamers!

  14. Blogger kien lim 

    I like a good burp when I eat my cucumbers.....

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