Damn those Spammers!

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Forgive me, I have decided to try the "word verification" function for posting comments. Too many spams are turning up on the comment feature. Hope this does not inconvenience you too much.

8 Responses to “Damn those Spammers!”

  1. Blogger Lelly 

    Testing testing 1234...

  2. Blogger Lelly 

    Your Blogroll links are still missing, cuz...

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lelly, I'll check on it... the blogroll.

  4. Blogger airplanejayne 

    --feels like a Monty Python skit:

    Spam, spam, and more spam!

    got spam n eggs, spam n toast, spam n spam......

  5. Blogger Foxglove 

    Me too, babe. They're out in force and apparently have good taste if they're aiming for you and me!

  6. Blogger Kristi 

    I turned on the word verification as well and it's been a success. Might be a pain, but better than spammers!

  7. Blogger snavy 

    My "dummy" post has saved me thus far but I think word verification is next!!

  8. Blogger Maverick 

    I don't know how many more word verifications I can type :-(

    down with SPAM

    Spitting in a Wishing Well

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