Where is Lecram?

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Been getting requests as to where I am in those black & white pics I posted on Saturday. I'll even list where Kien, Vert and Jonathan are in those pics.

Starting from top to bottom:

1. Thats me before I was potty trained and grew a beard.

2. Class photo - Standard 2 at St. John's Primary. I am the one far left in the second row from the bottom (lucky bastards who were seated.) Jonathan is the one third to the right of me. (the pissed off looking one.)

3. Class photo - Form 2 at St. John's Institution. I am far left in the top row. Vert is fourth from the far left. Kien is seated (lucky bastard) far left of the bottom row.

4. Picture of KISMANTAB formation. From left to right.... lecram (MAN). kien (TAB), vert (KIS).

5. Pic that looks like Kien buggering Vert in broad daylight. You guess who is who.

Oh lelly, RL (Ludd Boi) is 2 years my junior and is not in any of these pics. He may turn up in another edition.

5 Responses to “Where is Lecram?”

  1. Blogger Trashed 


  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    trashed - lol!

  3. Blogger Trashed 

    I see that we are now given the "eye".

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    yup. it's a none seeing eye.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Ah Ha! so you were one of the 2A Express gang eh? that explains why you're able to skilfully surf the net while i trundle around in a covered wagon and why i always thought you were only one year ahead in age but two years ahead at school.It also explains why your musical tastes seemed lightyears ahead of the kids in my year.Dang! how could i have overlooked the express factor?

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