It's payday...

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... and I have all sorts of bills to settle.

Tonight I'll be attending the Woodward Shakespeare Festival's production of Romeo & Juliet - the timeless story of 2 horny teenagers who off themselves because their respective parental units hate each other. Ya know, I think that Bill Shakespeare guy would have a future as a writer... if he wasn't dead already. Anyway, it's in the park and it's free!

I've been seriously tired of late. I think it's the combo of doing 2 gigs at the same time and the change in weather.

Looking forward to going up to SF for the Fringe Festival next weekend. Apart from the addictive "bouncing from show to show marathon" aspect of the weekend... it's just nice to get out of town for a bit. It is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. I am convinced that an invisible "goofy beast" takes over one's being the minute you cross the bridge. One does and experiences things in SF that you wouldn't experience anywhere else. I know that SSM is going up with me and hoping APJ will join the party.

AN OBSERVATION: The one thing that sucks about hosting a barbecue is the clean-up after. The one cool thing about hosting a barbecue - a 2 week supply of BYO Beer.

Decided not to go out to the park. The week has just sucked too much out of me. I really will be too tired to enjoy the show.Thought I'd catch up on some computer work at home instead. Perhaps later I'll go out for a drink.

14 Responses to “It's payday...”

  1. Blogger airplanejayne 

    APj will be there - seeing Superman Steve's show. So yes, let's hook up
    --let's get together
    --I'll see ya' there!


  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    woo hoo... par tay!

  3. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    who's driving? oh yeah, i am.

  4. Blogger Lelly 

    I've always wanted to goooo to San, Fran, Cisco...ever since I read Armistead Maupaun's books years ago!

  5. Blogger Lelly 

    Why haven't I got UPDATED! next to my blog on Da Blog Roll, hmmm??

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lelly - took mine 3 days to kick in on the "UPDATED" status. Guess there are glitches...

    I still check yours at least once a day.

  7. Blogger patrickteoh 

    Hi Lecram. So here I am to leave a post like you asked. I went to some Shakespeare too. 2 nights ago. Theatre Babel from Scotland were here at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre with their production of the Scottish play. The production design was great. The soundscape awesome. The acting was......underwhelmingly Shakespeare 101 type lah. A few years ago the RSC came to town with The Merchant Of Venice and it was crap. But as with most of these foreign productions the Malaysian audience there the night I went were on their feet. This Indian fler next to me dressed in pure white whatever you call the garb Indian flers wear was jumping up and down and motioning that I should do the same. I had to exercise great restraint to keep from slapping the baarger lah. Unfortunately here in KL 3rd rate, worn out productions of Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Fame still play to sell out houses and get glowing reviews in the media. So not so much has changed since you left lecram. Ah yes, was in a production called Romi And Joolee Dan Lain Lain 2 weeks ago. Loosely based on that love story lah. It was a fun romp. Farcical with music and songs like I Will Follow Him, Close To You and Yesterday. A sort of Romeo And Juliet meets other Willie characters. I got to play Cassius, Othello, Iago and also did the prologue. You can read some reviews here...... and here........

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Patrick... cool! thanks for the comments. You should put a one-man show together and come do the Rogue!

  9. Blogger patrickteoh 

    thanks for your confidence, lecram. I have been thinking and thinking of how to put a one man show together. In addition to being one challenge that I'm so far been too chicken shit to try it will also mean more $$$ if I can sell it on the corporate show circuit here. Any ideas ah? Do the Rogue??? In front of all those Mat Sallehs who've seen everything? I'd be shitting bricks man.

    Reminds me of the first time I hosted a Malaysian tourism gala in LA. I almost had a heart attack and that was back when I was young and fit. There were some celebs there I remember. Among them, Marilyn McCoo and her man then, what's his name ah? Then there was Carol Connor who wrote music for Rocky, right? She also composed the Malaysian tourism theme song back then - To Know Malaysia Is To Love Malaysia. But as it turned out the US audience was very kind. After the show they were all so impressed that I could....speak English! LOL. Ah those were the good old days. Travelling Business Class, 5 star hotels, stretched limo's, $$$. Back then, from 1980 - 85 I was out of Malaysia for most of the year. And that unleashed a certain Geoffrey Nicholson to the Malaysian voice-over market. trashed will get that.

  10. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Patrick, FYI most of the Mat Sallehs here think I know what I'm doing... just to give you an indication of your potential audience.

    I'll pass some "one-man-show" ideas to you over on your blog soon.

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