Labor Day Meat Burning

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The coals were ready by 4 PM but the camera only came out at 10.
Fun and games ensued after copious amounts of beer and the Devil's Brew was consumed.

Actually... this picture pretty much explains the entire night!

And a fine time was had by all.

You too can enjoy the wonders of the DEVIL'S BREW: 1 can of fresh, frozen, concentrate limeade + 1/2 gallon of the cheapest white wine (jug or box.. hmmm) + several generous splashes of really, really cheap vodka (several generous splashes = 1 bottle). Stir, serve over ice and whip out the camera to capture the results!
(recipe provided courtesy of WeedWacker Theatre Productions.)

4 Responses to “Labor Day Meat Burning”

  1. Blogger Lelly 

    Nice party...can I come to the next one? :-) Have similar recipe for fun evenings...only switch the Limeade (not commonly available in UK) for Lemonade (common as muck!) and ADD some cider too!
    You participating in Dorky Tuesday? I have!

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lelly - Can't do Dorky Tuesday this week... perhaps next week.

  3. Blogger Lelly 

    Think its a 'one-off' Cuz. Didn't realise 'limeade' woz just limes and water...I can manage that! Isn't the brew a little tart tho, without and sugar?

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    just add suger (or honey) to taste.

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