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Thank you everyone for visiting this week... and thank you for your great comments. For the most part, I thought the "theatrical experiment" went well. I will be removing the link to the song after this weekend so that I do not suck up more bandwidth than I need to from my hosting server.

I'm threatening to rip-off from the Monty Python boys again, for next week's HNT edition, with their much beloved "Penis Song." Cheers! Now the challenge will be to create a tasteful post.

Need to waste some time? Find out what the hit song was on the day you were born. Mine was The Chipmunk Song by the Chipmunks (America) and It's Only Make Believe by Conway Twitty (Britain).

4 Responses to “Post-HNT #”

  1. Blogger Mustang 

    "Tom Dooley" by the Kingston Trio..I still like my Super Hero name..Doc Cyclone..

    Anyway..cya Sunday ya' flabby one-eye'd Malaysian theatre-person..and I will sit on you!

    M (aka Doc Cyclone)

  2. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    i already know mine is "house of the rising sun" thanks to ron triguero way back in college. he had a photographic memory (made it to the champions final on jeapordy)and it was his hobby to memorize top ten song lists as far back as he could go. it was his one party trick that i'm allowed to talk about.

  3. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    by the way, "tom dooley"? that was one of my favorite songs growing up by one of my favorite bands, but they hadn't played together in, like, 20 years. you are old, dude. and "doc cyclone" reminds me of "doc savage", which is almost as old as the kingston trio. will you have your own walker for the barbecue or should we rent one?

  4. Blogger Mustang 

    Doc Cyclone needs no walker!!! I will arrive in a swirling maelstrom of testosterone and Ben-Gay, distributing Viagra and Corona to those who drop their beer and get boners over strange men kissing beautiful women..


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