Picture Daze #4b - Not blogging from SF!

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Couldn't blog the rest from SF as the damn "free WiFi" (that was incredibly slow) went down the last 2 days we were there. So, get ready for a long post (with lots of pictures)... which will include reviews to shows we caught up at the SF Fringe. Click here for Part 1.

Lets begin with reviews of the 2 shows I caught Friday night. The Ratings Key will be as follows: yeh, ok, not quite cooked, raw.
3 Plays About Your Mom by JUST THEATER (BERKELEY, CA). 3 local playwrights write 3 short plays with "MOM" as the theme. I thought that all in all it was a very competent production. Funny, poignant, quite pleasant actually. Rating: ok

Are Ya Working? by Steven Karwoski OTHER FISH TO FRY PRDUCTIONS, (SAN FRANCISCO, CA.) Stories (all true I presume) of growing up "working class" in Philly and the foibles of job roulette. Steven is quite engaging and manages to hook the audience on a fun ride through his adventures. Rating: yeh.
Saturday began with our usual routine of getting caffeinated at our usual joint at the Powell Street BART station. Love the mocha here. Our friend Laura was kind enough to provide us with her own personal "picks" for the Fringe that we looked over during our java sojourn. We then headed to the Exit Theater to start a day of fringing. Her first 2 picks were winners!

Fear of a Brown Planet by Nile Seguin THIRD MAN (TORONTO, CANADA). Now this was one funny ass show. Nile had us in stitches at a 1 PM show! Figure that one out! So good, we are hoping he will come to our very own Rogue Festival. Rating: yeh.
go! by Michelle Talgarow & Gillian Chadsey, THE TRAIN STATION, (NEW YORK, NY). A wonderful neo-absurdist piece that was performed with precision and theatrical flair. Funny, engaging and one muthafucker of a show. Rating: yeh.

Decided to head back to the hotel for a nap. Woke at 5 PM and headed out to NAAN n CURRY on Eddy Street for dinner. This included healthy helpings of Lamb Curry. Bryani, Veges, and Naans the size of elephant ears. The food was not compromised and retained its full heat factor. That was a mega bonus. Then headed back to fringe some more!

El Camino Loco by Kym Priess, WKYM RADIO (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) One crazy ass show. Think of it as a punk musical about a multiple personality street diva. Totally in your face but a little floaty. Rating: not quite cooked

Do The Clam by Jonathan James McCurley,THE POLECATS PLAYS,(TORONTO, CANADA) A valiant effort that didn't quite make it up the hill. One of those pieces that needs more precision and discipline. Rating: raw
At this point I headed back for an early night while SSM hung, fringed and drunk with friend and SF blogger Generik.

These are snippets I overheard from street folk on the 4 block walk back through the Tenderloin that night.

"Hey muthafucker... just give me a bag!"

"You want to do What with your dick?"

After the usual routine of java guzzling the next morning we headed out to fringe again

Green Bamboo Hermitage by The Visible Theater, (BERKELEY, CA) Probably the most elegant show I saw at the fringe this year. Elegant and intellegent in the writing, acting and production aspects. I really like this show a lot... subtle and touching. Rating: yeh

Took a short break to visit with my friend Jonathan who came in to the City from Oakland. It was great to catch up and chat at the Fringe Cafe. This "down" period was essential because we were going to catch 3 back to back shows from 4 PM on ... then the big closing party after. As you can see from the pic I was already begining to melt.
LOUNGE-ZILLA!: Asian Sings The Blues by Dennis T. Giacino & Fiely A. Matias THE OOPS GUYS COMEDY TROUPE, (ORLANDO, FL) This show has to be experienced to be believed! One of the funniest and outrages hours I spent at the fringe this weekend. Material and delivery are totally amazing! Rating: yeh

nEO-sURREALIST sYSTEMS presents! Matinee Experi-MENTAL, THE nEO-sURREALISTS (SOMEWHERE NEAR URANUS) I always try to catch the neos when I'm up at the Fringe. They are kinda like the "house band". Cheese, Booze (not a show to go in sober), Love... and lots of nakedness! Rating: yeh

Here is a pic of one of the Neos in the restroom after the show. SSM will be exploring more on this in an upcoming post.
The Werewolf by John Rackham ROGUES' YARN (FOLKESTONE, UK) Interesting story about a wolf bitten by a warewolf and changes into a man in the full moon. A fun show that I thought could have gone further. Rating: ok

The after party was held at Original Joe's. It was fun chatting with Generik and sharing stories at the bar. Awards were given out to a "feel good" vibe and we all headed out into the night better and a little drunker. New friends and contacts were made. I got to see lots of theatre and eat well. Got to slum in the city and evesdrop on crazy people talk in the street. What could be better than that?

Yeah, I scored 3D glasses... and of course my pith helmet. Now back to the grind... but creatively refreshed.

Click here for SSM's take on the weekend


4 Responses to “Picture Daze #4b - Not blogging from SF!”

  1. Blogger airplanejayne 

    okay, I just gotta say:
    The glasseth and the pith helmet are thwell!

  2. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    well, i'd love to post my trip thoughts, but my blog won't let me. says there's errors.

  3. Blogger KFarmer 

    breaking away from the norm is so good for us. loving your helmet and shades!

  4. Blogger art 

    good read and love the pics

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