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Yesterday was unlike the day before. Where the day before I was holed up working on the computer for 12 straight hours... yesterday I was out and about for 12 straight hours. Both good days though.

Anyway, without further ado... (drumroll)

weekend movie selection

Probably one of the most celebrated heart attacks put on the big screen All That Jazz is Bob Fosse's take on his own life. The story follows Joe Gideon, a hard drinking, drug taking, womanizing, brilliant director/choreographer into a period of his life where he is directing a Broadway musical and finishing up a movie.

Yes, it is a blatant autobiographical piece that is stunning to behold. The "NY/LA" production number alone is worth the look see. Fosse literally and allegorically rips his heart out with this one in a sardonic and unflinching honest view of his life in the New York theatre world... yet makes it so damn theatrical and entertaining at the same time. It is one of my favorite movies of all time... plus I've always enjoyed the idea of death as a beautiful woman seducing you.

Here are some quotes from the movie:

Michelle Gideon: It's just that I keep wondering, Dad. Why don't you get married again?
Joe Gideon: I don't get married again because I can't find anyone I dislike enough to inflict that kind of torture on.
Dancer Backstage: Fuck him! He never picks me!
Dancer Backstage: Honey, I *did* fuck him and he never picks me either.
Joe Gideon: Katy, I try to give you everything I can give.
Kate Jagger: Oh, you give all right - presents, clothes. I just wish you weren't so generous with your cock.

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