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As some of you know.... I've been hermitizing of late. This generally means that I hole up in my abode and there is very little socializing. If you've ever heard Mose Allison's "Your Mind is on Vacation" you'll know what I'm talking about. (yeah, I've added the song on this post to facilitate you hearing it.)

So, it's come to the point when the hermitizing has to just gotta stop! Now it's time to really gear up and forge on forward. All this sitting around just ain't getting me anywhere. So, bear with me on this one.
ITEM: Missed opportunity: I really hate it when you present someone with the opportunity... they don't run with it and instead let it sit there and languish.
ITEM: Addiction to a paycheck: Why are so many people stuck in jobs that they hate? Sure, I understand the need to pay the bills... but shouldn't one move on eventually to something one feels passionate about?
ITEM: Starting over: Why does it always feel this way no matter the accomplishments one has achieved?
ITEM: dependence: Why are so many dependent on so few to make a living... and why does one put up with it despite the fact that one is miserable doing it?
ITEM: Why is honesty so tough? Why don't people just say what they mean instead of beating around the bush and spewing forward bullshit that really amounts to nothing?
ITEM: Talk is cheap: Why bitch about it? If you ain't gonna get off your ass to do something about it... just SHUT UP!
O.K.... the roads are safe to travel again. I'm over it. Indulgence over. Cya for HNT.

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