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... of the 5-3-1 project? Because I learned years ago that it's actually the insane projects that keep me strangely grounded. Why is it insane? Because being a playwright the form that I have chosen this project to be created in is simply alien to me... and it's the challenge of this "discomfort zone" that I'm totally digging. (yes, I'm a pretty strange individual.)

One may argue that playwriting is writing. Tis true... but the rules and techniques are different. Short stories and novels require setting down the character's thoughts and uber description. With play and screen-writing those elements are kept to a minimum... and often (especially in playwriting) totally negated... simply because it's designed to be played.

This is why I often roll my eyes when someone makes a statement like... "I hated the movie... it's just not like the book." Of course not! They are 2 different forms, people! That would be like comparing Michaelangelo's pieta to one by Van Gogh... different forms... or attempting to READ A MOVIE and WATCH A BOOK! Am I saying all movie adaptations are successful? Hardly. However, many do succeed as just plain good movies. Whenever someone makes a statement like that they just look like a pseudo - snob. O.K.... mini rant over. Next!

The other exciting aspect is that I have no fucking clue where this is heading... storywise, that is. So, my own discovery of the piece will only precede yours by only a few hours. Also, so as not to stymie the flow there is very little editing... so, you'll also be privy to bad spelling, klunky grammer, etc. So, let's see where it goes together!
Terra Naomi's concert last night was a wonderful break. This girl is talented and going places. Besides, she is also a very sweet person. It was especially sweet that she actually remembered me by name... even though we first met over 3 years ago when she played the Rogue. Our table consisted of SSM, Katie, Jag and his bevy of babes... and me. We volunteered to dog-sit her Elliot while she played. Of course, being a little dog, SSM and I almost instantaneously decided that it is the kind of dog that gay guys would have. So, we got a picture taken to further perpetuate the rumor that we are a gay couple. LOL! If blogger wasn't being a bugger today... you would actually see the picture. Perhaps later in the day I'll create a short slideshow of pictures from last night.

EDIT: 1 - Enjoy the slideshow.

EDIT: 2 - I did some writing today and have added to "untitled 5-3-1 b". Look for the "EDIT" on the post below.

EDIT: 3 - Sugasm & 39! Woot Woot to Mel!


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