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I met her in my first year of college. She was then a Biology major and dating one of my friends. The first thing that impressed me about her was her sharp mind that twinkled through her eyes. I have referred to her on more than one occasion as a "walking brain." A couple of years later, after I had returned from a theatre Winter trip to London, we started seeing each other... casually at first and things developed over time. She had by then switched to become an English major. (Our lively discussions on Shakespeare were really something to behold. LOL! ) It was a difficult time in our lives as we were both individually going through the early 20 something angst of lost direction and ideal overload. We helped each other through that... and over the years supported each other through a lot more.

The real kicker is that she married me... twice! Once in a civil ceremony with a group of 10 chained accused not 10 feet away in a rural courthouse. The next time was the big "official" 300 guest wedding that I actually cooked a couple of dishes for. The funny thing is that even though we were legally married... we still had to sneak around for 2 years between weddings because her relatives did not know we were married.

The other reason this was also a big deal for me personally was because I never ever saw me ever getting married... my (warped) reasoning being my handicap. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that someone who is smart, intelligent, beautiful (a stunner actually) and a damn fine writer (really, she's better than me) would actually accept and want me for me. All in all we were together for just over 7 years.

Apart from being a great friend... she taught me how to share. (Believe me, this was a major issue with me being an only child.) The break-up of the marriage was devastating... but we started as friends and still remain so... that survived. Yes, I was hurt and angry but even through that difficult period I have never regretted her coming into my life and sharing some of it with me... and for which I count myself extremely fortunate.

So, Da Count for me this week is my ex-wife.

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weekend movie selection

"Badges? Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!" Yes, those immortal lines come from this movie. Admittedly "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" is really more of a "guy movie". But it is still a fun watch even today. The basic plot is about 3 down on their luck Americans who go looking for this fabled treasure. What begins as an adventurous partnership eventually fritters away into a situation of suspicion and distrust.

Co-written and directed by John Huston it stars Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston and Tim Holt . There are wonderful performances to behold in this movie. Just watching Bogart slowly go loco is worth the price of admission. Walter won the Oscar for his performance as did his son John for directing.

Watch this one with a good slug of scotch.

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