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This week's Fuck You Friday goes out to all JUNKMAIL SCAMMERS! Especially those who prey on the elderly to part with their money. I so despise what these people do that one flip can produce 2 shadows.

Get a life you sad, sad, assholes! Better still... get an honest job! Oh, forgive me... I forgot... they don't have jobs for the lowest forms of life. Here's some advice... if you see a penny on the street, don't bend-over to pick it up... with your karma you're liable to get sodomized by a runaway rusty bulldozer.
(this paragraph provided by Morty.)

If you are participating in Fuck You Friday or want to... go here or here and these sexy ladies will help usher you in.

Dang, I just read that and I'm thinking, Morty needs to get his own blog.

Now on to other matters...

Here is a feature that I have not posted for a couple of weeks due to the fact that I've been involved in my bliss. So, in a total 180 degree fashion here is the...

weekend movie selection

Of all of Charlie Chaplin's films... this one is my all time favorite. City Lights tells the story of a tramp (Chaplin) who is mistaken by a poor blind flowergirl (Virginia Cherrill ) as being a rich man. He uses this to his advantage and proceeds courting her. There are all sorts of misadventures as he attempts to help her settle some family debts which finally lands him in jail. If you are not moved by the final scene... just go to the nearest parlor and tattoo "heartless wretch" on your forehead. LOL!

If you don't know anything about Chaplin... he wrote, directed, acted, produced and even composed the music to almost all his movies... including this one. Yes, there are all the incredible and funny physical comedy that his tramp character is famous for... but this movie, I think finds Chaplin at his poetic best. Do yourself a favor and watch this sometime... even if it is the only Chaplin movie you'll ever see.


Noodle # 1. How do the idle rich spend their time? I mean... really? I'm not rich but I've been experimenting with being idle and it just makes me bored and restless. I am most miserable when I am purposeless.

Noodle # 2. I've said it before and I'll say it again... who decided that God needed help? And why are these people "helping" by destroying the Almighty's creations... like life? Hello? Hello?

Noodle # 3. News (like History) are only versions of the facts. The Truth? HAH! The best we can hope for others and ourselves is honesty... and that is only a small segment of the truth.

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