it wasn't me... Morty did it!

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Looks like Morty's been outed by SSM in the comments from the post below. See... Morty hasn't been around in a while but in my current bliss he has been floating around freely. It's kinda how women claim to have an "inner Bitch"... well Morty is my "inner arrogant Prick". He's the one who can rip someone a new asshole without flinching, the one who will "tell it like it is" where I would demure to diplomacy, he is the master negotiator and severe taskmaster (can we say - slavedriver). He's allowed out once in a while, usually when an aggressive business move needs to be made.

He was the one who wrote the edit to the HNT post. (Shhh... don't tell him... it's not my last... I'm just going into semi-retirement - a part-time HNTer. I will go out when I'm good and ready... on my own terms, thank you. Not because of lurkers. Shhh... not so loud.) He was also the one who created the whole Fuck You Friday post this week. (And I am proud of his restraint... believe me he can be a real PunkAssBitch.)

So, fair warning... in my current bliss, you may have to put up with a little more Morty. While I'm creating he floats around protecting me from the real world. He's not a bad guy (though you wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alleyway) and he does look out for my best interest... and he can be real fun at parties... and he does mix up a pretty tasty (but evil) Devil's Brew... and a totally wicked sense of humor. (Please oh please don't get him started.)

Now back to my bliss and the next section of the 5-3-1 project.

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