some final thoughts and musings on 5-3-1

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Well here I am back in real life. I was reminded yesterday how it always feels like saying good-bye to a lover when my bliss leaves... yet the next day it also feels like I've returned from a vacation.

I knew by last Thursday that my bliss would be leaving soon... which also is the cue to wrap things up. In the past I've tried to continue creating past the presence of the bliss only to court major frustration. This is one of those times I did not fight it. I have learned that the period of the bliss is to knock it all out in a raw and rough state... then comes the work of rewrites, shaping, edits, etc... which I will undertake in a few weeks or so. (I need to fall out of love with the piece first.)

What am I going to do with it once completed? I have no idea. At this point it is a story that could turn out to be a good candidate as a treatment for a movie. I'll let you know when and if that or something else happens to it... not that I seriously think it will be made.

Yes, my bliss also makes me a bad blogger... not responding to comments, surfing to visit blogs, etc. Thank you all who came by to follow it's creation and commenting. If nothing else comes of it I'll know that at least the piece was read. For that I am immensely appreciative. :)

As I finished it on Saturday I also realized that whenever I write on the subject of death... it always signifies the beginning of a major shift in my life. One was a one-act entitled "A Bundle Of Wishes" and the other was a full length play entitled "The Dead Guy Show." (Perhaps I should market all three as a package called "Dead Pieces.) A friend asked the other night if these shifts were good or bad... my answer was that if anything... it was different. So, I guess I should buckle up for a ride.

So, expect regular-irregular programming to resume soon!

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