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... so, I've nothing to show yet... at least nothing I want to show yet. Perhaps I'll have something tomorrow or on Friday.

Now that I'm not holed up writing I can get back to doing chores around the homestead. I began today by mopping the kitchen. From this point on 2 hours will be set aside every morning strictly on maintenance. At least this will help keep the place up as well as give me a schedule to keep to.

My mother does not take well to the cold weather and it results in more than the usual "low RAM" days. She gets more confused than usual and even forgets if she has eaten or not. So, I do have to be more attentive to her needs now and make sure not just that the meals are cooked... but that it is served to her. I must confess that I use to mind it more before but I don't anymore. It is par for the course in the aging process.. that I have now fully accepted. She is still physically healthy and that in itself is a blessing.

Actually, it is fun to cook for her because she delights in eating something she claims she hasn't for a long time... even though I may have cooked the same dish not 2 weeks earlier. It is great though that she enjoys the food. So, I'm taking this opportunity to also brush up on some family recipes that sharpen my own skills and provide her some delight.

I just got done mowing the front yard. Figured I'd do it before the neighbors tar and feathered me. Fried chicken may be on the menu today... and if I still have energy... the December ARTHOP. Anyone up for it?

Here is a video on Diet Coke and Mentos... a fizzing good time.

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