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From The Front
So, I'm sitting in a staff meeting at the moment. Pancakes are the order of tthe morning. Everybody seems to be wearing fake smiles after the long summer break.

More updates later...

So, I'll be working at the job until September 15th... it's official now. On the 16th I leave for SF for the Fringe there. It was interesting being at work today. It's as if all the worries and stress related to the job has melted into thin air. Mainly because I'll only be there for 4 and a half more weeks and NONE of the inherent issues relate to me any more. Of course, I'll be doing double duty as I'll be starting my other gig next week just to create a transition in the income stream... so, in effect I'll be doing double duty. But, I think this will be a pretty good period to squirrel away some money as well. This next step will afford me less cash but more freedom to get back on track.

3 Responses to “Back for a while”

  1. Blogger Trashed 

    Yeah, when one makes the move out, it always seems like a load is taken off.

    BTW, I have to ask - what's the next gig, Lecram and will it still be in Fresburg ?

  2. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    as for the money, which of my squirrels are you using? you know i get vig off that, right?

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    SSM- I'm using Squirrel of Lloyds
    Trashed- Starting a food business here in Fresno - catering to professional types who want a hot meal and can't/won't cook.

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