Night of the burning meat

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The evening started off with a Rogue Core meeting. Certain changes and aspects of the coming festival were explained... blah, blah blah... Once business was accomplished the party got underway. The pics below were taken by SSM.

Devon, Rubi & Gina soaking it all in. Posted by Picasa

Amber and Devon holding up the truck. Posted by Picasa

Karen & RP advertizing their beer of choice. Posted by Picasa

Randy loading up as RP loads in. Posted by Picasa

RP and Lecram discussing the merits of roasting chicken in a barbecue. Posted by Picasa

Cindy telling a whopper. Posted by Picasa

Captain Whiffle (right) discussing the merits of the whopper. Posted by Picasa

Jade, John & APJ sit around as Cindy performs her Egyptian moves. Posted by Picasa

Thereminman the latest victim of the Devil's Brew. Posted by Picasa

7 Responses to “Night of the burning meat”

  1. Blogger Captain Whiffle 

    Most excellent BBQ/partay, Mr. Sinun. Let's do it all again real soon. This time I want to be Blake.

  2. Blogger airplanejayne 


    ha-ha SSM, I beat ya' to it!

  3. Blogger Lelly 

    Do you live in a 'typical' house in a 'typical' street, cuz? (as opposed to a vast estate like AJp!) :-)
    Cos its quite different from the urban environment where I live. For a start y'all seem to have detatched houses, whereas terraces are the norm in Brighton (even for really posh areas)
    If we attempted to have a BBQ out front we'd be blocking the directly outside the front door is the pavement and the (one-way) trees, no grass, but lots of seagulls!
    We have had BBQ's out back, but as I think I've mentioned before we are unusually lucky in having a 'proper' garden about 40 ft long x 13 ft wide with a patio, lawn and some trees! Visited a neighbour recently a few doors away and her 'outside space' was about 4ft x 9ft.
    And yet we live in one of the most popular areas of town...

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lelly, I live in one of the older 'hoods in town. The houses are detached with some generous space both back and front. I'll post a pic of the street soon.

  5. Blogger Trashed 

    Don't ferget the dogpatch, Lecram. And you even had a stage in there somewhere some time back, I am told.

    One of the older 'hoods no doubt but its got the trees and quiet roads - quite a peaceful place to contemplate the navel.... and burn the meat.

  6. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    so sorry i had to ditch the party as soon as i did, but my bad allergies turned out to be a summer cold that, thanks to an old lecram family remedy, was winging its way off again in two days (the old "butt in the really hot shower and vick's vap-o-rub behind the ears"...actually, i put the vick's anywhere that seemed congested). by the way, tonight's blog will be a request for any and all remedies for colds or flus that people swear by. so, go to my blog and give it your medicinal best so that we may all try to stay as health as possible without paying a doctor way too much.

  7. Blogger CindyLouWho 

    I had a wonderful time at the bar'b my dear friend. The company was wonderful and I never had to yell, get off the meat once...well...maybe once. But we should have told Blake, get off the Devon meat. teehee, hope he made to the gig is the City on time. That damn Devil's brew and Gertie...bad girl.

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