No Dorky Tuesday for me this week.

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Perhaps next week... (oops, it's a one time thing? Check out my Picture Daze post for Dorky pics of me in school.) Cheers and see ya on Thursday for HNT. I'm threatening to use Monty Python's "Penis Song" for this one. Let's see how tasteful I can make it.

UDATE: 2:40 PM:
Coming back to work today was a tough thing to do. Attendence is down by half. Just to amuse myself I have been editing some previous posts here... attempting the "less is best" ideal. It's something I've attempted with my playwriting as well. Trying to tell a story more visually instead of verbally. So, now I'm waiting for the bell to ring so that I can plunge into the other gig.

Oh... and they found another flaw (hole) in Microsoft IE. I switched to Mozilla Firefox a few months ago. Love it... faster with less hiccups. You can download it here.

8 Responses to “No Dorky Tuesday for me this week.”

  1. Blogger aughra 

    Oh, you weren't dorky in your photos - you were adorable.

    See you Thursday.

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    aughra - bet you say that to all the color-blind, dyslecsic, malaysian playwrights you know. Thanks though.

  3. Blogger snavy 

    I agree!! Adorable!! Happy Dorky Tuesday!!

  4. Blogger Belly 

    Happy dorkiness!? Does hallmark own that yet?

  5. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    "editing past posts"?!? you're a revisionist historian, damn your back looking eyes!!!

  6. Blogger Lavinia 

    Sadly, I'm dorky enough to make posting dorky Tuesday pics a moot point.

    Thanks for dropping by on my HNT.

    Your Picture Daze post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Blogger art 

    Let me know when they find the part of IE that is not a hole! :P

  8. Blogger Mike 

    Oh my, the penis song... will I at least get a "warning, only scroll down if..."? lol

    They say to write well is to write simply, I think you are on to something

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