Betting the ponies, playing the mules... Woo Hoo!

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The Big Fresno Fair begins tomorrow! Time to check out the award winning livestock, fruits, crafts... stuff my face with corn dogs, cinnimon rolls, hot links... and bet the mules!!!!

The time of the year when heart attack food rules! The season of possible fast track money. Think I'll check out the Average White Band/Tower Of Power concert while I'm at it! Actually, the line-up this year isn't too shabby... perhaps there'll be more than 1 concert in the works for me.

20 Responses to “Betting the ponies, playing the mules... Woo Hoo!”

  1. Blogger airplanejayne 

    I'm going to ZZ Top, Seal....would like to see A.W.B.

    But don't know how many I can afford.....

    -specially since I can't go to the fair without doing the eating part:
    cinnamon rolls, corn dogs, funnel cakes, teryaki chicken sticks, pulled pork.....


  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    APJ - I may go to Seal too. Hey... hey... watch that pork you're pulling!!!

  3. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    is tomorrow night average white band and tower of power? call me. i'll be off work by 3:30.

  4. Blogger Ms Bees Knees 

    and the carnies babe. we *musn't* forget the carnies. say hello to sugarfoot for me if you see him. he's the guy with the missing front teeth and the meth addiction. HOT!

  5. Blogger airplanejayne 

    ms. knees,
    please stayaway from sugerfoot. He's MY man.

    SSM - nope, tonight is ZZ.

    Lecram -First you tell me to ride the bike, then you tell me to watch the pork...I'm getting very confused....


  6. Blogger aughra 

    That should be a fun concert.

    Oh, and you are more than welcome to use elements of my Dad in any script - he's the type of person who is, indeed, larger than life, so feel free!

  7. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    oh man now i want a funnel cake! pick one up for me, thanks ;)

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    SSM - I'll do better... I'll swing by. (Can I pose a threat or what?)

    APJ - Perhaps we could set up a mud wrestle between you and ms. bees for dibbs on sugerfoot. It'll be a fundraiser of course.

    ms.bees - I'll pass your love if I see him. They stopped bringing the geek show several years ago... I miss it!

    blue1aqua1 - One funnel cake coming up!

  9. Blogger lecram sinun 

    aughra - Hey, when the script is done... you'll be sure to get a copy. Thanks! :)

  10. Blogger airplanejayne 

    GEE!!! Mud wrestling.....what a truly original idea.....


  11. Blogger lecram sinun 

    APJ - How about jello wrestling then?

  12. Blogger Trashed 

    AWB AND TOP ???? Aaaaaarghhhhhh, I can't make it

  13. Blogger lecram sinun 

    trashed - it's next tuesday, dude!

  14. Blogger airplanejayne 

    okay - so Seal on Monday, TOP on Tuesday.

    Jello an all new meaning to shaking your groove thang!

  15. Blogger Trashed 

    Aaaarrrghhh, I still can't make it

  16. Blogger thereminman 

    aaaarghhhh(I just wanted to say 'argh')

    For me, besides the soft tacos and cinnamon rolls, it's all about taking my son to hold the 900foot python in the (whatever they call it this year) exhibit. One time, on the midway, I swear I remember seeing a man who was about 12 inches tall in a little podium-box thing talking into a microphone and inviting folks to come into the freak show---now BACK ME UP here any of you long-time FresnoFair goers. What's up with my memory. (I was completely chemical free, so no stoner jokes)
    Really---a guy in a suit about 12 inches tall...but that's not really possible is it?(some friends have said I was wierd enough without drugs)...but reallly...a really small adult human. I need back up here.

  17. Blogger airplanejayne 

    you lost me at 900ft python.....

    didn't know whether to scream in fear or -


  18. Blogger thereminman 

    after APJ recovers from her shopping trip---y'all BACK me up UP on the midway thing....

  19. Blogger lecram sinun 

    thereminman - I didn't see the 12 inch guy... but I DO miss the geek show!

  20. Blogger airplanejayne 

    12inch guy.....

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