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This begins another series. Perhaps not as sexy... but half-nekkid in more personal ways. In the weeks to come you will find out in pictures and text about the theater I had. This first set is of the north window of the theatre from 2 different views.

In 1998, I had a theatre company (Theatre J'Nerique) but no space to produce. Over the previous year I had worked off and on at the Sanctuary, an old synagogue, that housed an at-risk youth program.

I woke up one morning and decided to have a chat with the Big G. I said in a pretty assertive tone,

"Look, I've struggled for years to get my profession going. Yeah, I've had gigs here and there but nothing really solid. Now, I don't wanna waste your time or mine. So, here's the deal... I want a sign if this is truly the path I'm supposed to have in this life. Not a feeling... not an inkling but a solid sign. You have 2 days to let me know."

So, the next day, I went over to the Sanctuary to speak with the program director. I looked at her dead in the eye and said.

"I'm here to talk to you about the theater space which is now being used for storage... "

"I'm glad you came... we''ve been wanting to talk to you about that too."

"O.K., here's the situation... there are too few theatre spaces in town. And my company... "

"Needs a space to perform in. We really like the work you've been doing. So, if it's O.K. with you... you set up a youth theatre program for us during the day your company can use it at night."

"O. K. ... lets talk about rental... "
See. I figured I had the bargaining power now to get the space for cheap.

"You guys manage the space. We'll pay you to run the youth theatre program... whatever you rent it to outside groups for... we'll split it 50/50."

"O.K., but my theatre company... "

"Will use it rent free, of course. Just train our kids to tech your shows so that they can get real world experience. We can't pay you right now to do that. We really should pay you for doing that... maybe we'll apply for a grant so, we can. Is that O.K. with you?"

I walked away from the meeting totally bowled over but thanking the Big G for the prompt answer all the way home. I really did not expect the "solid sign" to be a spectacular art deco, red brick, 200 seat theater that was the envy of the theatre crowd in this city. Not only that... but the Big G had set me up in one of his/her old places.


BTW... check out Kien's video HNT and my lovely long lost cuz, Lelly.

To be continued next week...


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