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... should prove to be interesting to say the least. With the planned "no shows" as a protest happening all over the country in response to the latest illegal immigration issue... I just may be playing to an empty house.

I'll let you know what happens.

Well, only a quarter of our students turned up today and driving around the streets of the city was creepy empty.

When Kien was here over a month ago we had a conversation about a movie we both saw and loved back in Malaysia as prepubescent boys. It's actually pretty obscure here in the U.S. The movie was S.W.A.L.K. (aka Melody) and starred Jack Wild, Mark Lester and Tracy Hyde. Basically, the story revolved around these 2 ten year olds who fall in love and want to get married. A sweet charming story told from the kid's point of view that was Alan Parker's first produced screenplay. The soundtrack featured The Bee Gees. Truth be told, we loved the movie also because we both had a major crush on Tracy Hyde.
Anyway, I was surfing this weekend and discover that the movie has this amazing cult following in Asia. In fact, the only known DVD release was done in Japan. Here is a page of video samples from the movie. This one is one of my favorites. While surfing to all these sites I began waxing nostalgic on all the different crushes I had growing up... frankly, it made me laugh out loud at my own dorkiness. To that end I'm now seriously considering ordering said DVD. Oh Kien... here is a site you may enjoy... and most of the shooting of the movie was done around Lambeth! LOL!

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