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Saturday started off with the intent of going out for coffee but I decided instead to stay in and fiddle around on the computer. At noon there was a Rogue Board of Directors meeting where I officially stepped down as Managing Producer. After starting this festival and running it for the last 5 years... I think it's time. Dr. O will now take up the reigns as I step back to develop the Rogue Year Round component of the organization. For the most part it's been a good transition. Yes, there are things still to accomplish and now time and effort will make it happen.

Later that afternoon Jade Ed and SSM came by to pick me up for a barbecue over at APJ's only to find me zonked out in the office. It's been that way of late. The pollen levels have been so high due to the wacky whether around here this year that... I've been zonkers for most days. Anyway, we got to APJ's, ate, drank and indulged in more absurd and kooky sex talk. (This group is out of control - not a line goes by with out some innuendo attached to it. Oy) By 8 PM I was getting all clogged up from being out in the country. Got a ride home and passed out in my bed while the rest played with telescopes over in the country at APJ's.

Sunday morning found me at the usual java haunt kebitzing with the usual gang of suspects. I came home... cleaned out the office and spent the rest of the afternoon surfing, watching movies and working a bit on the computer. It's been pretty dead around town... I suspect that folks are taking advantage of the great wheather to do out-doozy stuff before the onslaught of triple digit heat hits. So, that's been pretty much it for the weekend. Nothing spectacular... but a pleasant one anyway.

Oh yeah... I did put this up... so, I guess I did accomplish something... other than cleanup. Hope yours was a good one.


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