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It is so freaking hot outside! They are touting it to be 106 today around these parts and then we will have to look forward to 110 on Sunday and Monday! It's getting so that my window air-conditioner unit in my tiny office almost becomes ineffective by 4 ish in the PM... the hottest part of the day!

Really, it's enough to drive a guy to drink... in the cool of a darkened bar that is. But alcohol would not help the situation... and they frown on you and get a little irate after the 4th club soda.

I wouldn't mind it so much if it would just cool down in the evening (like it usually does around here in the Summer)... but it was 84 at 4 AM this morning! Even the ice-coffee this morning at the coffeeshop didn't do a thing for me.

I got most of my chores accomplished by 12:30. This included the weekly jaunt to the laundromat which is conveniently situated next to the pizza palor. So, it's a Hawaian Pizza with garlic and jalapenos for us today... it's too hot even to cook. Though I do have a couple of watermelons to cut up and put into the fridge. Still, even the thought of walking into the kitchen to accomplish that tires me out.

Bets are already being taken on if we'll beat the record with this latest spell that doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon. If I didn't have to find a "Mom-sitter" I would be so on the road to San Francisco right now. But the drivers on the road are cranky and reckless so one would be taking a mortality risk by just venturing out.

Still, one has to be thankful just to be alive, huh?

EDIT: 1:36 PM
He started with one red paperclip... kept on trading it and now he has a house! Check it out here!

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