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... some extra blogging could very well happen. (Really, it could.) If it does... the edits will appear on this post. Then of course there is also Fuck You Friday... which will be a separate post entirely. But for now, here is the...

(I'm adding a selection from the soundtrack... just to give you more of a flavor of the movie.)

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weekend movie selection

O.K. lets just get past the title already. If you are looking for an all out sex romp... this isn't it. However, if you are looking for a sexy romantic comedy... rent this. O.K. the title "Woman On Top" does address a sex position... but it's not a sex movie. See, the protagonist Isabella (Penelope Cruz) was born with a condition causing motion sickness unless she is... in the drivers seat *so to speak)... and sex is one minor facet with this... er ... unfortunate condition.

Apart from the fact that the story is told from the point of view of a contemporary fable... my other favorite aspect is that this is a FOOD MOVIE! (OK... there is this chilie pepper scene that's pretty damn steamy... but it's not a sex movie dammit!) Well, the plot does set her up as a culinary genius who runs away to San Francisco after she walks in on her husband cheating on her. (He got a little tired of her being... in the driver's seat.) So, there's lots of food in this movie... and a great Brazilian soundtrack that may just get you samba-ing down the street or doing the bossa-nova in the dark. (How may times do I have to tell you... this is not a sex movie!) It's a light, good natured romp of a movie that doesn't pretend to be anything than what it is... light frothy fun. (Hey, I saw you smirk at "frothy"... just get your minds out of the gutter!)

Here is a quote from the movie:
Toninho: Isabella, I swear on my mother's grave, you are the only woman I ever loved.
Isabella: Your mother is still alive.
Toninho: That's not the point.
If you've turned on the soundtrack... have you broken out into an easy samba yet? I have... and I'm in my sarong. ::coo coo kachoo::

EDIT: 12:43 AM
(Told you it could happen.) Last week a friend at the coffee shop asked me :

FRIEND: So, you as someone who came to this country to improve your situation... do you think it was a mistake or....

ME: Not at all. But what you're really asking me is if I see with what's happening... is if I think this is the fall of the "Roman Empire"...


ME: Yes. But, I don't think that it's neccessarily a bad thing.

Cheers and have a Great Weekend!

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