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... I am, I am, I am. Some of you know that I love watching documentaries. Of late I've been running out of them on PBS... since their HD channel tends to repeat them over and over. This is one of the reasons I DO NOT get cable or dish... I would never leave the house! So, to get my fix I pull out random DVDs and watch the extras. In fact, when I get a new DVD... thats the first thing I watch. I need help, I tell ya!
I actually got all my bills paid today. As much as I hate this particular activity (don't we all)... it is such a relief when it is accomplished. Like a huge weight is lifted off the shoulders. Now with my pockets much lighter I don't feel so daunted to move around. There's something inherently wrong with that too I'm sure. Really, it just can't be right to feel better with less money. Perhaps I need help for that too.
There could be updates later... really, there could be.

UPDATE: 9:45 (told you it could happen.)

OK... this is pretty funny. I was playing around on the Generator Blog again and this one will place tats on various parts of the body. (Click the image for a bigger view.) The cool thing is the animation that plays once it is rendered. I guess it's for some kind of PS game based out of the UK... from an advertising standpoint... brilliant! I can see see lots of guys self-stroking their egos with this one. (Yes, the entendre is intentional.)
And there could still be more updates... it's already happened once, hasn't it?

EDIT: noon (See, it happened again.)

Perhaps you want to make plans for this... details to be linked later.

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