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So, do you wonder about the life you lead? I do. I wonder about it constantly. It's not normal. Never has been. Yet, I still wonder how and why I still exist despite what I do and how I live it.

If you are wondering if I have gone totally mad... I have... been that way for years. If I were to total up all that I do... it would have to add up to... "complete insanity." Just fucking bonkers. (In reality, at this point, for the good of civilization, I should be chained up and committed.) This is why normal folk give me a wide berth when I walk into a room (apart from the fact that I look like Rasputin warmed over from the dead.) This is why even my friends scratch their heads when I embark on some crazed project (apart from the fact that I have started fire-storms that threaten their comfort zones.) This is why I sit here bobbing in the quagmire of my lunacy pushing myself to the brink... just to be able to say... "it can be done." (This, despite the fact that I myself am never sure that it actually can.) Still, I don't hurt anyone (intentionally) when I do what I do (sure, I make them uncomfortable.) I guess that counts for something, huh? (Good God, I need some human contact!)

Happy Halloween! Have a good and safe one while I cross the line into the land of no return.

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