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OK... I'm a little pissed off tonight... but there is still loads to be thankful for.

This week I count patience. Patience in others. Patience in myself. Patience in allowing situations to unfold instead of forcing them.

Now, patience may not always bring the results that we may desire. It may not even pay the dividends that we think we deserve. But what patience brings to us is the knowledge that nothing is as important as we like to think it is. That our urgency for something to happen RIGHT THIS INSTANT is really not that essential in the big scheme of things.

That there will be a tomorrow... and new opportunities to realize our wants and needs. That as long as there is life we have the chance to make a difference.

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EDIT: 9:40 AM
Yesterday, I was stuck at a point in the script. Not that I didn't know where it was going but I was at a stump as to how to get there. So, I was scheduled to go for a meeting in the evening. At 3 PM I packed up the laptop and decided to turn up at the meeting venue 4 hours early. Sitting there in the patio of the restaurant I cranked out 6 pages. The change of scenery helped. The downside of that was I woke this morning all gunked up from allergies because I was surrounded by foilage for 5 hours. As a result I had to miss the funeral of a friend's mother this morning.

Applications for Rogue 2007 are pouring in. You can check to see what shows have already applied HERE. Seriously though... it would be a great venue to organize a Blog Meet of sorts. We are equidistant from 3 national parks... and besides you'll have a chance to check out some great shows (at very affordable prices) including the premiere of mine. Give it some consideration, will ya?

EDIT (again): You really have to check out these PICS.

And now... the much anticipated write-track.

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