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I found out recently that the "Faraway Tree" books by Enid Blyton are now available for sale here in the US. These books gave me such pleasure when I was a kid that I highly recommend them to you if you have any young ones. There were a series of 3 books and I read them over and over again. They really provided the seed that cultivated the joy of reading in me.

Basically, it is a series of adventures that involve a brother and sister. They go to spend the Summer with their grandparents who live at the edge of the Enchanted Wood. Of course they are forbidden to venture in... but they do. In the middle of the wood is a tree that grows so tall that it goes up into the clouds. Every few feet up the tree, different fruit sprout and wondrous folk of the tree such as Moonface live in it.

So, why am I counting this? (No, I'm not getting a cut from the sales of these books.) Because it is a part of my childhood that never left me. So much so, there is a tree next door that I call the Faraway Tree. (I may just post a picture of it later in the day.) It's one those things from my childhood that gives me a touchstone of from whence I sprung. It's these type of things that serve to remind us that there was a time when the world of possibilities were limitless... and if we believed it then, isn't it still true? Or have we merely succumbed to being jaded through the bruises our ego has taken over the years? I'm counting it because just the thought of those stories still puts a spring in my step... and perhaps the world of possibilities are still limitless.

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As promised... here is the picture of my faraway tree that grows in my neighbor's yard. It doesn't grow through the clouds... but... hey, when it's foggy it looks like it does.

BTW all three books can also be found in one collected volume... and if the cover is any indication, just may contain the original illustrations.

You can find the synopsis of the books here... and finally, here is a site dedicated to the books.


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