This blog will be up for a few days before it too is eventually moved. In the meantime... click the graphic and come on over to my new digs!

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... and migrating blogs. At least that is out of the way... most of it. You'll be able to see my handywork come Thursday. Figured it will be a particularly good day to launch some new and exciting things. I still need to work on more setup for my internet business. If I keep my deadlines... you'll see it then too! (Oh yeah... ArtHop is Thursday as well!)

Damn, it was cold today... so, staying in and working things off my list was the perfect thing to do. Oh, there's still more on the list and there is still lots to work off but I think pacing is what it's all about. So far it's been a good start. Didn't cook today (went out for some fried food instead)... but come tomorrow I think I'll spend some time in the kitchen.

I'm excited that we will have our first rehearsal on Monday. Then, in about 3 weeks I get to preview the play in front of an invited audience. Dang, I need to find a heater for the rehearsal space!

I'm a little punch-drunk and google-eyed from sitting infront of the computer all day... think I'll hit the sack.

So, how was your second day of the year?

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It was a pretty relaxed day for the most part. The cold fog outside just added to the inclination to stay snuggled up in bed for just a while longer. Considering that I got to bed around 2ish... after receiving a few drunken and sweet "Happy New Year" calls from friends I was up early... 8 AM. I supposed it helped that I didn't get blotto last night... though it was fun dancing 2006 away.

Brewed some coffee and did a little contemplation on what was and what I hope will be... all of which will only be determined by forward action. Then a strange yet not unfamiliar thought floated by... the fact that for most of my life I have never really fit in. I thought it strange that this would come up this morning. It is true that I created my own universe and invited people in... and yet that thought did manage to float through despite that. Perhaps it's just part of the "re-creation and reinvention" prediction... perhaps there needs to be a make-over involved in said universe. It wasn't daunting... just curious.

Anyway, at about 10 AM I cooked and by 11:30 PM Mum and I shared our first meal for 2007. A simple but hearty meal that was complimented with a glass of Irish Cream to toast the upcoming year. I observed that her short term memory is hazing out more... merely from the fact that everytime she lifted her glass to sip... she would initiate the same toast she offered 5 minutes earlier. There is almost a blessing to this decline in memory as it is also hazing out the bitterness from her life that she carried for a long time... and in it's place is now an emerging sweet gratitude. She smiles a lot more... so that's good.

There is a quiet optimism I feel for the upcoming year. Not just in my life... but in general. I think that some very real difference will evolve for the better. Of course, sitting around and waiting is not going to make it happen. There is a direct correlation to the effort put in and the result... but this year I do feel that the dividends may just pay off higher than usual. For my part, I've spent the last 6 months pulling away from a lot of what was. There'll still be some of that occuring but the primary focus is now to take strides ahead and into the new.

Anyway, enough blathering... this blog (at least the posts) may disappear for a day or two and re-emerge anew. It may happen Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Just fair warning.

Hope the start to your year was good. Cheers!

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... letting go of what was. "Re-creation & reinvention" is what it's about this year.
That is my 12:01 prediction.

Updates with pics... after I cook.

UPDATE: 1/1/07 noon.

Here are some pics from the New Year's bash last night. Looking at them today... I've decided I really need to get some new product for my hair.

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I think I'll slow dance to THIS tonight.
Have a safe one tonight and a Grand and Happy New Year!

If you plan too fritter away the rest of this year... here are some activities to pass the time away:
  • Click anywhere on THIS PIC... and just keep going.
  • With a simple edit of the URL you can customize the name on THIS sentiment and send it to them for the new year!
  • Using your computer microphone... you can blow THIS STUNNING WOMAN warm...or just her clothes off!

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It had been a challenging year, that's for sure! I have lost friends... and friends have lost loved ones. Almost seems like there were more challenges this year than most.
At 12:01 on New Years I always make a prediction. This year's was "a year of major transitions"... and it has been pretty much that way.

Yet, I have to be thankful for so much. The challenges have made us stronger. There is still life... and with that hope. I have let some things go and also jumped back in the saddle of others. I have made new friends and reaquianted and reconnected with old ones. There has been the delight of the new in so many areas of my life. So, there is much to count.

I have tried new endevours and written my first new play in 5 years. I have a talented cast whom I have never worked with before and this adds yet another exciting adventure to savour.

To all of you... be well... be happy... love and be loved.


(to find out what Da Count is all about... click the flashing sign above.)

As a bonus... here is the new video I finished editing 10 minutes ago! Yeah, there's brief nudity and one cuss word. If you missed the first video... it can be found HERE!

TALE END - Page To Stage 2
Uploaded by dathang


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Yeah, I came back for this...

This one (which originally was also my announcement of semi-retirement from HNT) is probably my favorite one for the year. I've been back a couple of times since. (BTW...noticed I said "semi-retirement"?) I'm guessing I like it because the picture has more symbolic meaning to my personal direction in life.

I also love the ones I did for the "sepia series" in April with the help from a couple of beautiful lady friends, Talon & Dragonfly.

Cheers! Happy HNT & have a Grand New Year!

BTW... this blog is moving next month... I'll let you know when it happens!


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... that causes many I know to always assume the worst about me? I am unconventional... and not perfect... but does that make me a total loser fuckup? Geez!

EDIT: 1:30 AM, Wednesday

I apologise for the vent earlier. The details are really not important. An incident just hurt and pissed me off which soured what would have been a reasonably nice day. It's over. It's done. Time to move on.

Not going to be much of a post as I'm busy editing a video that will hopefully be up begore the end of the week.


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... in last night I decided to go out for a stroll. I needed to get out and stretch... plus I love looking at the lights in the fog. It was around 11 PM. As I walked I was once again struck by the beauty of the neighborhood in the surreal diffusion of the fog. I managed to capture some pics and have posted one here.

I woke at 8 and began cooking at 10. I was done in a couple of hours. Mum and I ate lunch together and later that afternoon a couple of friends dropped by in their pajamas. Christmas cheer was shared.

Spent the evening watching a DVD with another friend. When he left I edited a video which I am not at liberty to share until I get permission to.

All in all a quiet and pleasant day. Hope yours was too.

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... I'll work backwards ala "memento" & "betrayal".
Right now it's 7:30 PM as I sit here writing this. I knew that this year would be a poor Yuletide season when I gave up my job in June... but it was something I was prepared for. I had my reasons... but I won't go into that now.

As financially strapped as I am, I still have riches beyond belief. I have just come home from drying clothes from the laundry. There is this guy (in the picture) who always helps me load the clothes back on to the truck. Always has a great attitude. I tipped him a buck tonight... not because he asked for it but (even though it was my last) he deserved something for offering without wanting.

While waiting for the clothes to dry I had a holiday libation with SSM, Kowboi and Rach. We sat for a good hour... just kebitzing... just cuz. (and... yes, the pic below was also taken tonight.) Though I am still a bit of a curiosity to many of my friends... they still accept me for who I am. Could I ask for more... I don't think so.

Then, this morning (my Mum has been waking up every morning this week convinced that it's Christmas...) once again she wished me for the season. I made the executive decision that I would give her her present early. It was a soft velour robe. She put it on, looked at me and said, "You have been a very good son." Perhaps, it was her dementia... because I really haven't (and this is the first time she has ever said that to my face). She then apologized for not getting me anything (but she so had.) After we had lunch... I retreated into by back room and sobbed like a baby for at least 10 minutes. Then I finished the laundry and set out to get it dry.

I didn't have time to cook today as I had planned... so, it's going to happen in the morning. I am blessed... may you be too.

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