Shadow & Skin in Sepia HNT # 2

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This continues the series I began last week. My special guest this week is my friend, Talon. I think you'll agree that she is a beautiful woman.

Cheers and Happy HNT!


71 Responses to “Shadow & Skin in Sepia HNT # 2”

  1. Blogger 212designs 

    is that really her name?

    i had heard of a little boy with that name,..
    but other than my daughter,...

    not before.


    and yes she is indeed


  2. Blogger boo 

    talon is bootiful, HHNT :)

  3. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    oh wow now that was cool! i wish my boobs are that big :)
    but u visited my site before i was finished. i hope u come back to see the finish product.

  4. Blogger Phain 

    Love the pics - the last one (back shot curved) is my fav... ;)

    happy hnt

  5. Anonymous pinky 

    i just love it here

  6. Blogger . 

    Those pics are BEAUTIFUL and DAMN you are fast. I haven't even posted that I am up yet and you already commented on my blog!

  7. Blogger Lee Ann 

    Wonderful pictures!
    Happy HNT!

  8. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    HHNT Marcel! Lovely photos!

  9. Blogger The Melody Censor 

    Happy HNT

  10. Blogger Jessica 

    She is very lovely! Send her to me when you're done! Happy HNT!

  11. Blogger miss_lissa 

    stunning photos and she is a natural beauty. Very nice!!
    Happy HNT!

  12. Blogger Evalee 

    Beautiful shots. Love them, I love Sepia pics. HHNT!

  13. Blogger cinders 

    It's nice that you and your friends play so nice... ;) Happy HNT!

  14. Blogger Aisha T. 

    Wow! Nice pics

  15. Blogger SmileDragon 

    She is beautiful, and I love the pictures!

  16. Blogger Sassy 

    Lovely! Happy HNT!

  17. Blogger snavy 

    Just stunning!!! Wow!!

    Happy HNT to you and your guest!!

  18. Blogger Mia 

    gorgeous series. i love it!

    happy hnt!

  19. Blogger Evilicious Blonde 

    Wow. She is gorgeous.

    I love love love the sepia. Those are great.

    Happy HNT!

  20. Blogger Crimson 

    Beautiful :) HHNT!

  21. Blogger The Persian 

    That is just breathtaking!!I love the browntone and the last picture is my favorite.

    Happy HNT :)

  22. Blogger Callie 

    Beautiful!! Very well done and so artistic!! HHNT!!

  23. Blogger Bellarosa 


    Happy HNT

  24. Blogger jd 

    The first and last shot look really nice. She is lovely.


  25. Blogger Trojan 

    A very nice model indeed....great curves. I always fight mine but looking apon another persons body...curves are very nice to look at. HHNT!

  26. Blogger MamaKBear 

    Gorgeous pics! She is truly beautiful.

    Happy HNT! :)

  27. Blogger whackman 

    Thanks for the shout out Marcel.
    After all those encouraging comments I shall try to work more on my improving blog rate.
    Nice pics btw. although,if i may,i think black and white would give the work a stronger effect- not that i would know anything about taking 'dirty pictures'.LOL

  28. Blogger Robyn 

    Very nice! happy hnt!

  29. Blogger shhhh 

    I'm certainly admiring her. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Blogger Wenchy 

    Absolutely beautiful. Artistic. Gorgeous and just *sigh*.

    Welld one Mr. Photographer on capturing a beautiful subject.

  31. Anonymous unshroud 

    Awesome Shots! Absolutely beautiful & artistic!


  32. Blogger D'Andre 

    Very nice and awesome shots! HHNT

  33. Blogger dusty 

    I love the last one the best :)
    HHNT marcel!

  34. Blogger Sunny Delight 

    beautiful photos, beautiful guest. HHNT!
    I am having the hardest time getting comments to upload tonight *sigh* but your photos were worth the wait :)

  35. Blogger kien lim 

    lahdshdochshdpn27*7e!! HHNT!

  36. Blogger robmcj 

    Very creative and unusual. Last week's were good too. Were they grainier?

  37. Blogger ravenstears 


  38. Blogger Gabby 

    Great photos...and yes I agree!

    Happy HNT!

  39. Blogger keda 

    Very beautiful!

    gorgeous shots, as were last weeks. its my first visit here and i want to keep reading....

    i'm off to learn about you father now!

    happy hnt*

  40. Blogger Suze 

    This series of pictures just gets better and better. Lovely sepia curves Talon.

    Happy HNT to both of you ;)

  41. Blogger JUnderCovers 

    Those are really impressive. Happy HNT!

  42. Blogger Lyvvie 

    Sepia is great! So are you.

  43. Blogger k o w 

    Well done.


  44. Blogger Mark Leslie 

    Yes, Talon is definitely a beautiful woman, and those shots are phenomenal. Nicely done. Happy HNT!

  45. Blogger truckdriver_sefl 

    Beautiful indeed!!


  46. Blogger betchacantguesswho 

    I'm liking this new sepia series. Alot. HHNT!

  47. Blogger littlefeet 

    these are just beautiful...


  48. Blogger erika 

    Awesome pictures!

  49. Blogger Becca 

    Lovely photography...

    Amazing subject ;-)


  50. Blogger bubbles 

    great lighting! Ahppy HNT and thanks to the friend!

  51. Blogger Ryan 

    awesome hhnt!

  52. Blogger Shay 

    Oh very cool and dramatic pix!!

    You're quite the photographer!

    happy HNT

  53. Blogger Shora 

    Ya gotta love sepia. Very nice! HHNT

  54. Blogger Roxi 

    good god thats adorable!!

  55. Blogger AndyT13 

    Wow! You are ON with the camera work there! HHNT!

  56. Blogger BTExpress 

    These are beatuiful shots, as is she. HHNT!

  57. Blogger Crimson 

    Love these, very pretty :)

  58. Blogger Solitaire 

    Awesome guest and awesome pics!

    I do get stuck with the underwear roles... LOL!


  59. Blogger TequilaGirl 

    Those pics are beautiful!

    Happy HNT!

  60. Blogger MG 

    beautiful pics, I love the first one!

  61. Blogger Lelly 

    She sure is Cuz, and your photos are wonderful. HHNT!

  62. Blogger Pittchick 

    Great pics! HHNT.

  63. Blogger Spill The Beans 

    Very cool pics. :) Happy HNT!

  64. Blogger BH 

    Stunning photos. I love the use of light and shadow. HHNT!

  65. Blogger Schadeboy 

    Sepia toning can take even the dullest of photos and make them art. Nice job.

    Happy HNT!

  66. Blogger HNB 

    That's beautiful

  67. Blogger MadMeer 

    Gorgeous! Fantastic! I love these!

  68. Blogger The Lily 



  69. Blogger Mistify 

    absolutely beautiful

  70. Anonymous Moosekahl 

    That is going to be a great series...very well done. Happy HNT

  71. Anonymous Tommy Gunn 

    Beautiful, Indeed Lecram. I love this series. HHNT and have a good weekend.

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